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4 comments on “George Frew”

  1. George, You are a remarkable man. You told me to read your book which I have done. It is an amazing read. Your love of heritage was summed up when you said “Adhuc Hic Histerna” The things of yesterday are still with us, and your other terminology “Savoir Cest Pouvoir” Knowledge is power. We had many discussions on business in Gippsland and where to site Motels. Your work ethic and view that the customer is always right were a basis for successful business. You are an inspiration to all and you would be proud of what your family and friends have said and done for you. You are fortunate to have Natalie in your life. Thank you to Natalie for putting this service on line.

  2. George,
    I remember cutting a deal with JM, & you said “it was the funniest meeting you had ever witnessed in all your years of business & you would never forget it”. Well George like that meeting I will never forget you…

  3. George, It is a beautiful service. I guess you like it. Very happy to know you in my life. You will be remembered in my heart fondly.

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