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  1. How true are the words spoken at the funeral service that despite having passed away, George’s light continues to shine. His legacy is huge, having an ongoing impact on health professionals all over the world in supporting adolescents’ and young people’s health.

    Our thoughts are with Susan and her family.

  2. Susan,
    Lyn and I watched the funeral from afar, here in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful tribute, full of love for George. It helped us feel closer and our hearts go out to you. There was a special beauty in the pictures of George’s life, and the music that was so expressive of the human heart’s capacity for love. Till we meet again, friend.

  3. To Susan and the 2000 Stories Team,

    Our sincere sympathies to all!

    We each crossed paths individually with George several times over the space of many years. His quiet manner belied his passion for Adolescent Medicine.

    He will be missed.

    Dr Hannah Mendelson
    Dr Ian Haywood

  4. Sending my deepest condolences to Susan and all of George’s family from San Francisco. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute for an incredible scientist, mentor, and human being. George was truly inspiring for an entire generation of students, trainees, and young professionals in the field of adolescent health. I recently re-watched his lecture for the International Association for Adolescent Health Young Professionals Network from 2021 and am amazed by all of the kernels of wisdom he was able to pack into a single talk, all with an incredibly soothing voice. Although he will be sorely missed, his incredible impact will live on through his writings, lectures, and mentees.

  5. A beautiful service for a wonderful person. What a rich life, he brought so much to so many people, It was lovely to share parts of his life achievements and hear from George’s lovely family. Rest in peace dear George
    Christine Fitzgerald

  6. To Susan and George’s family
    Condolences. George was so full of vitality and generosity of spirit he will be greatly missed.
    As a colleague and friend he was a gem. Susan is a gem and my love goes to her at this time.
    Marienne Hibbert

  7. Dearest Susan,
    Our deepest condolences to George’s family, Susannah, Thomas, Imogen, Jonathan. What a beautiful service. We are sorry we could not be there with you.

    George’s work and research in adolescent health was inspirational and will continue to have a powerful impact. It is an honour to have known him. As the Minister said “death is not an extinguishment of light”, George will always be a guiding light in adolescent health and to all that have known him.
    Love and a Big hug
    Smita and Ralf

  8. A very moving service that you all should be very proud of.
    I had the honour of working quite recently with George on two Lancet papers on nutrition in adolescence. As you reflected, his kind, gentle, erudite guidance was second to none. Most recently he helped us corral a large group of senior academics through contentious subject matter right though to consensus – we simply couldn’t have done it without him.
    Wishing all his family and friends strength through the painful days and months to come as you grieve. I hope you are comforted somewhat by the enormous legacy he leaves behind.

  9. The funeral service was very moving. As a cousin who had only seen George from time to time as adults, I felt that George’s story was told and celebrated beautifully. I was grateful to hear about his journey in life. He was a very kind and thoughtful person and had a great impact on many people. Best wishes and love to his family.

  10. My deepest condolences to Prof. Susan and Family.
    Prof. George was an incredible trailblazer.

    Dr. Jeanne Patrick
    Ministry of Health

  11. To the family, friends and those nearest and dearest to George,

    Thinking of you all as you celebrate the life of your much loved George. May your happy memories give you peace and comfort during this challenging time.

    I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with him and learnt from him. A gentle giant of the academic world and much loved outside of it by all.
    Deepest sympathy,
    Eliza Miller

  12. A beautiful and moving service for a truly incredible man. To have accomplished so much in love, life and work, to have had such positive impact on so many lives (those he knew and so many more he didn’t), and to have done it all with a spirit of humility, kindness and generosity at his core….there can be no better measures of a life well lived.

    Vale George. My heart is with your beautiful wife Susan, your children and extended family- your light and legacy will live on in all of them and all of us. Rest in peace.

  13. George will be so missed. He was a wonderful mentor over my career and a wonderful collaborator for our whole team. Such a loss to us all. I was honored to work with him, such a clever, kind, wise and generous man.


    Professor Rebecca Ivers
    Head, School of Population Health
    UNSW Medicine and Health.

  14. A beautiful service with moving, meaningful tributes.
    Extremely saddened to hear of George’s passing.
    He was a giant and luminary – a brilliant, kind, caring and generous man and his huge loss will be felt amongst his family, friends and colleagues around the world.
    It was an honour and a privilege to know, work with and be supervised by George over many years. He is remembered with fondness and gratitude.
    My thoughts and prayers to Susan, his children and all his family.

    Warmest regards, Maria McKenzie

  15. Sending my heartfelt condolences to Susan, George’s family, and all those who loved him. Working with George was truly a privilege and though he will be sorely missed, it’s clear that he will also be remembered with great fondness and by so very many, to whom he was such an inspiration.

  16. Dearest George – you will be missed by so many!

    Very fond memories of studying with you in the Grad Dip Epidemiology at Melb Uni back in 1990-1991, then being a colleague on the Tall Girls Project 2000-2003.

    Your warm smile, friendship and willingness to help academically and personally will be remembered forever. Thinking of Susan, your grown up children and their families and Christina at this time of gigantic sadness.

  17. I will remember George fondly as a generous mentor and inspiring academic. George was a chief investigator on my very first big research grant, well before I joined MCRI, and was hugely supportive of my work across my academic career.
    My heart goes out to Susan, his children, and extended family. Such a loss.

  18. I am sending our deepest condolences to Professor Susan Sawyer and family. I feel very privileged and lucky that I had a chance to be in one of Professor George Patton’s lectures, learning on adolescent health. His works definitely contribute to global adolescent health. I will remember him as an inspiring, kind and great Professor.

    Bernie Endyarni Medise, Child Health Department, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia

  19. Vale George – we are greatly indebted to you for your inspirational research and taking adolescent health to the world stage advocating in a powerful way for recognition of adolescent health issues and for us all globally to rise to the challenges ahead.
    Your warmth and compassion were apparent to all and you will be truly missed

  20. We couldn’t be with you but it has been a privilege be able to join this service on line and to share in the memories of George so movingly expressed by friends, colleagues and his family. Our thoughts are with you.

  21. I am so grateful for George’s intellectual and human generosity – even after a very long time and especially recently.
    Sending love and thoughts to Susan and Georgs’s family at this sad time of painful loss.
    An inspiration and a life so fully and well lived. Thankyou

  22. Dear Susan and family,

    That service was beautiful and I am so pleased I could make it from New Zealand. George made such a mark on my life and career, I will remember him always. I’ve missed him since August, and will continue missing him now. A mentor in every sense of the word.

    Go well George xx

  23. Dear Susan and family,

    What a wonderful celebration of and farewell to George.

    George has been such a key figure in my life for pretty much my entire career. I will ever be thankful to him for all he gave me, and for all of his contributions to the field and the world. George’s generosity with many researchers here at NDARC was incredible, and he is mourned by many of us here.

    I will miss him.

    My thoughts go out to you all at this very sad time.


    Louisa Degenhardt

  24. To Susan and all of George’s family, my deepest condolesences. That was a very moving service, thank you for inviting us to take part and celebrate his life.

    I feel immense gratitude and privilege to have watched him in action for so many years. George was inspiration to myself and many for the open, shrewd, fundamentally optimistic, and creative lens through which he viewed the world

    He is truly missed.

    Warm wishes, Ivy

  25. George was truly an incredible mentor who led with intellect and kindness. He leaves behind not just a legacy of research that impacted lives but a legacy of researchers who he inspired and who will continue his work. He will be so missed. My deepest condolences to Susan and all of George’s family.

  26. Deepest sympathy to Susan and family. I admired and drew inspiration from George’s work in adolescent health. I am grateful for his leadership and life.

  27. Deepest condolences to Susan and all of George’s family. A huge loss to humanity and adolescent health. George will be sadly missed!

  28. A beautiful ceremony for a kind, humble, brilliant and generous man.

    I only had the chance to meet George on a few occasions, but on each he was incredibly welcoming and kind, particularly while I was trying to settle into a new city and find my way. On the few moments I was able to receive feedback from him on my work, a few brief words of advice from George gave me direction and helped to solve issues that had seemed intractable up to that point.

    Sincere and heartfelt condolences to Susan, George’s family and all George’s many friends and colleagues.

  29. Deepest condolences to Susan and all of George’s family. A huge loss to humanity and adolescent health. You will be sadly missed.

  30. My deepest condolences to Susan, Susannah, Thomas, Imogen, Jonathan and all of George’s family, friends, and colleagues.

  31. A beautiful service to celebrate the life of a wonderful man who meant so much to so many. Heartfelt condolences to Susan, George’s children and grandchildren, family and friends.


  32. What a lovely service that beautifully reflected George, he is a great loss to you and adolescent health.

    I read the notice on the RCH website, the impact he has had globally on understanding adolescents is an incredible legacy.

    I have many fond memories of George, while we often came from different perspectives you could always tell his passion, extensive knowledge and interest in young people and I count myself lucky to have worked with George.

    I am thinking of you at this time while your family and friends are wrapping around you at this time.

    Liz Davies xxx

  33. Deepest condolences to Susan and the rest of George’s family and friends. He was an incredible mentor. Brilliant, humble, and generous, he gave so much to others – much of which I’m sure he didn’t even realize. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t met George and Susan. I am grateful for having had him in my life – even from halfway around the world. He will be missed.

  34. A great leader, colleague, doctor, scientist, researcher, pioneer, helper and inspiration! George was my post doctoral supervisor some years ago. I learnt so much from him and will always remember him. My deepest sympathy to Susan, and all his wonderful family, colleagues and friends.

    An absolutely amazing man.

  35. Sending love and strength to Susan, George’s children, and everyone who loved and was loved by George. A huge loss.

  36. My greatest condolences to Susan and George’s children and family. George was an incredible man. He was so generous with his time, attention and mentorship. I was so lucky to know him. His legacy lives on in you all.

  37. Sincere, sincere, condolences to all and may God the giver of life comfort and strengthen Susan, the children and the entire immediate and extended family.

    May God teach us all to number our days so we can apply our hearts to wisdom. Psalm 90:12.

    Truly in God, “death is not the end”.

    Rest in peace George. It was an honour to have worked you, albeit too briefly.

    Adesola Olumide (Daisy)
    Institute of Child Health, University of Ibadan


    Society for Adolescent and Young People’s Health in Nigeria (SAYPHIN)

  38. There have been two academics I have met in my life who have been models for me in my personal and professional life — my old Professor of French at Sydney Uni, and George. I wish I had told George that before he passed. Susan and George have been so, so kind to myself and my colleague, Dot. We won’t forget him.

  39. Sending much love to George’s family, friends and colleagues. I will always be grateful for his extensive work supporting young people and his warm collegiality.

  40. To the family of Professor George Patton,

    George was not only a brilliant researcher but also a generous and kind-hearted person who always took the time to help and support others.

    We are saddened by the loss of such a respected and accomplished leader who has been making huge contributions to adolescent health.

    His contributions to the field and impact on colleagues and mentees will not be forgotten, and his memory will be deeply cherished by all who knew him.

    With condolences,
    Janni Leung
    The University of Queensland

  41. George was a true mentor and a great inspiration to many. Always kind, generous and supportive. He will be deeply missed.

    Sending my deepest condolence to Susan and George’s family.

  42. George was a kind, gentle and caring person. During his life, he had a major impact on the care of adolescents and young people; this will be one of his enduring legacies. He will be sadly missed. My most sincere condolences to his family.
    May he Rest in Peace.

  43. Sending love and condolences to Susan and George’s family. I’ll remember George as an inspiring researcher and generous person. It was such a privilege to work with him and to learn from him.

  44. George was a highly valued friend and a great human being. He was a colleague and collaborator for over 20 years during which he made an outstanding contribution to the field of adolescent health. he will be sorely missed by his students, colleagues and the the field.


  45. Farewell to George Patton, a giant in adolescent health.
    Condolences to all who loved him.

  46. Sending love and condolences to Susan, George’s children, Yvonne, and his whole family at this very sad time. Thinking of you all from Aotearoa New Zealand.

  47. Our condolences to Susan and George’s family.
    We at Communities That Care benefitted greatly from George’s insight and motivation to establish our organisation. His impact will live on indefinitely.

  48. Many fond memories of George in my time at the Centre of Adolescent Health. A trailblazer and genuinely lovely person who always had a smile. My condolences to all of George’s family, friends and colleagues around the world.

  49. My deepest condolences to Susan and all of George’s family.

    George was an incredible colleague and mentor. I feel very privileged to have worked with him and learnt from him.

    He is deeply missed.

    Warmest, Jess

  50. Sending my heartfelt condolences. George will be remembered as an amazing mentor and inspiring scientist. He has left an enormous legacy that will continue to live on in the researchers he has inspired and the lives he has changed in this generation and the next, on national and global scale. It was such a privilege to work with him and be a part of his work. He will be greatly missed.

  51. To the family, friends, and colleagues of George,
    Wishing you all strength and comfort at this sad time, from London, UK.

    George was an inspirational colleague whose work was incredibly important to the field, but he was not only a fantastic leader and thinker; he was also a charming, supportive, kind and generous colleague whose conference calls I so looked forward to and learnt so much from. I very much appreciated my time with him when I was in Melbourne. I and our team will miss him.

    Prof Louise Howard, Section of Women’s Mental Health, King’s College London

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