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3 comments on “Gerard Beckingsale”

  1. Hey Mrs Beck, Tim, Nick, Jane, Fran, Sally Pearl & Rachel, Sue, Edel, Bob, family & friends

    So so sorry!!!…..but what a wondeful tribute to Gerard ! You all honoured him so well. “Beck” sense of humour alive & well keep the facial hair coming.

    Love & hugs Jo & Martinxxxxx

  2. Hi and thanks all of you for letting me share in Gerry’s came together superbly you guys, trusted family to honor Gerry, the dad,the bro’, cool uncle, #1 son, connoisseur of all things fine and all round top dude! You remembered him vividly and touchingly. Going to miss him heaps too. fortunately I’ve got his “honeyed, aged in oak” laugh instilled in me. Best laugh ever!
    Love to you all, Doug

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