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16 comments on “Gisela Kurz-Feyl”

  1. Dear Sabine, Lindy & Kiara, so sorry to hear of the passing of Gisela, friend of my beautiful husband Bill Henderson (who passed away in June 2020) for many years. Our thoughts with you all at this very sad time for you. I only found this by chance when looking for your contact information Sabine.

  2. Such a beautiful, elegant farewell ‘ladies’ to Gisela, a woman before her time. Thanks Sabine. All my love to you, Kiara and Lindy. Chrissy.

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate the life of your Mum, Sabine. The tributes from you, Lindy and Kiara were beautiful, and I was moved by the stories and pictures of her life. Thinking of you xx

  4. Love to you all .What a lovely service and beautiful photos of your Mum”s full life .I have fond memories of your Gisela’s cheeky side ,lots of love Frances xxx

  5. Dear Sabine, my thoughts and condolences are with you. A beautiful ceremony. You must be very proud in many ways.

  6. My Darling Sabine my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your dear mother. I hope you are ok .i will call you in a few days . Much love as always Paulie x x love to Kiara as well

  7. Thinking of you Lindy, Sabine, Kiara and Gus… thank you for sharing the service. To join you in celebrating Gisela’s life with you has been really wonderful xx Cazz

  8. Thinking of you Sabine, Lindy and Kiara today. I have very fond memories of my time with Gisela at TTHA. I am very grateful for that time. My heartfelt condolences to you … thinking of you in this difficult time. Love, Michaela xxx

  9. Love to all of you wonderful women from the Gisela: Dear friend Sabine, Lindy Moo Minder, Kiara wunderbara. I have picked a posy in the honour of the spring and you garden loving folk. Also the good thing about a virtual funeral is that I have pulled my last bottle of Grandma Uli Glenfiddich for funeral bottle from Caleb’s cupboard and am having a small sip now. Love Andrea and all the Griswalds (who are not in the 4am club like Lindy and I sometimes are so not watching (yet) in Germany/London)

  10. Thinking of you Bine, Lindy and Kiara today. Remembering the good old days in Mannum, Melbourne, Castlemaine and Noosa with Gisela and later you. So many memories, such an amazing life. Love to you all, Erich and Jenine xxx

  11. Enjoy the best memories of your Mum’s achievements Sabine, and of her greatest years. Well done you, for all the love and care you’ve provided. Thinking of you and your family.

  12. Thinking of you Bine, Lindy & Kiara today, fond memories of dinners at Kerr St with G, love to you all, Kirk xx

  13. I was lucky enough to enjoy the welcome and delights of German Christmas eve at Gisela’s house a couple of times – it was a long time ago but it has stayed with me. Love to you all today, xo

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