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  1. I second what my sister Margaret said. Glenn was a key and treasured member of our parents’ close circle – lifelong friends who shared the growing up days of their young families, ordinary days of everyday life, special celebrations, school events, holidays, weekend card games, going to the races, socialising with their wider group for annual events such as New Year’s Eve gatherings and Christmas mornings and so much more…always there for each other and part of the fabric of their lives.
    I remember Glenn as always being interested in others – a deeply kind and considerate man. Ian and I had some lovely conversations with Glenn over the decades and we will always remember him fondly.
    We send our love and condolences to all members of the lovely Waldron family at this sad time.

  2. Glenn … thank you so much for the multitude of lessons you provided, everything form beach cricket to debating. I will miss your wisdom most of all. My condolences to Mark, Cas, Lizard and your families.

    1. Jo Jo, I didn’t know Dad gave you lessons in debating! Thanks for participating… Lizard1 😉

    2. Thanks for sharing in Dad’s service Jo Jo….I didn’t know Dad gave you debating lessons!

  3. Yesterday’s service was a moving tribute to a very fine man. I endorse all of the words of my former colleagues from the County Court. Arriving as a new judge, Glenn was supportive, warm and encouraging. He always found the right words of guidance and encouragement. He lead the Court with integrity, intelligence and strength.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I know Dad loved being Chief Judge, lovely to hear all the “insider” views from his years there. It is lovely that so many years post his retirement, his impact is still remembered.

    1. Thanks Joan, so glad you were able to share in the service online. A funeral is a sad time, but is a great way to remember and reflect.

  4. Yesterday’s service was a very moving tribute to our former Chief Judge. I endorse the comments that have already been posted by my former colleagues from the County Court. Glenn carried out his role as leader of the Court with dignity, integrity and loyalty to his judges. I have remained ever grateful to him for my personal experience of his support and guidance and wisdom as a judge under his leadership.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I know Dad loved being Chief Judge, lovely to hear all the “insider” views from his years there. It is lovely that so many years post his retirement, his impact is still remembered.

  5. Such a great service, thanks to everyone involved and to all the family for participating. Losing Grandpa has been a gigantic loss to say the least. My heart goes out to Grandma, Dad, Caz, Liz, all the cousins and the whole family in general. It’s a shame we couldn’t celebrate Grandpas life all together in person, but I feel lucky to be able to participate online from NSW, and looking forward to the day we can all grieve together in a united group. Grandpa was always kind, fair, witty, encouraging, generous and thoughtful every day and in every way. I feel to lucky to have known him and be a part of his loving family.
    Miss you and love you always Grandpa xx

    1. Nina, so lovely you could watch from Sydney….next family gathering we will need to share all our memories of Dad. Family was everything to him, so he would be happy if we could do that!

  6. Dear Mark, Caroline and Liz. I was fortunate to have known your Dad through both of our family’s friendship spanning many years. I know our Dad’s shared lots of great memories from university days and the Bar, and remember our parents enjoying happy dinners and great conversation. Glenn was very sincere, considered, humble and kind with a dry wit and always interested in everyone. I know he had an incredibly sharp mind and was highly respected. Lovely service in these difficult times. He would have been very proud of your words and his talented grandchildren singing and playing the cello. Love to you all and Bev.

    1. Thank-you so much Anthea. I think our fathers are probably up there in heaven making new memories together. They had such a strong bond. Thanks for attending Dad’s service, he would have been so honoured.

  7. The Victorian bar is a remarkable institution. It produces men like Glenn Waldron at rare intervals.
    It is a place where fierce competition can result in long standing friendships and mutual respect.I knew Glenn for over 50 years. He was a quality human being and a great Australian.
    My wife Diana and I will miss him. Condolences to Bev and all the family.

    1. Dear Jeff, I am glad to hear that you saw the service. The quality of the eulogies was not quite up to the standards of the Victorian bar, with the exception of Eugene of course. I know Mum and Dad really valued your friendship over many years as I valued Andrew’s friendship when we were young. I would say 2 quality families who had the good fortune to work, live and educate together. There is no doubt that Dad felt that competition was at it’s hottest when appearing against you! Kind Regards Mark Waldron.

    2. Thanks Jeff, lovely you could see the service. It always strikes me how many of Dad’s closest friends came from the law. It must be from the professional respect that evolved into a personal respect. Very happy you were able to share in the service.

  8. To Bev, Mark, Caroline and Elizabeth, our condolences to you all and it was a lovely service for a fine and upstanding gentleman. At our family gatherings I was in ore of Bev and Glen arriving in a chauffeur driven car (to country child is was amazing) and he always had a kind word for all. I was especially thankful to Bev and Glen for welcoming my mother into their home when she was sick and I being only 21 and able to. Bob had great conversations with Glen re: the law and remembers him well. Rest in Gods care. Denice And Robert Hood

    1. Dear Denice and Bob, Thank you for the kind words. There’s no doubt that the Cantillons do “family” well. We are all bound by that sisterhood to all our mutual benefit.Dad remembers Cantillon girls as electric company in his memoirs and all articulate and highly intelligent. Lets hope a little of that has rubbed off on all of us. The Christmas parties were always fun and if nothing else good for the memory having to take in all those names. I sure remember you guys very well as being in the same ilk as Dad in terms of being great company.
      I’m 61 now and finding the going a little tougher physically. I hope 2020 finds you in good knick. Love Mark

    2. So lovely you were able to join us Denice & Robert, I only wish that we could have had a chat after the funeral.

  9. That was a beautiful service this morning. I have been told many things about Glenn’s achievements and commitment to the law by colleagues who served under Glenn’s leadership. Today I enjoyed very much listening to the personal, and at times moving, accounts of Glenn’s private life, and commitment to family and friends.

    1. Thank-you Peter. Dad would have been honoured that both past and present Judges of the court “tuned in” to his service. He was proud of his service to the court and we were proud to show the legal fraternity the family side of GRD Waldron.

  10. As a former Deputy Registrar of the County Court and Civil Listings Officer, it was a privilege and pleasure to have worked with Chief Judge Glenn R.D. Waldron. I will always remember his kindness, guidance and support.

  11. Such a beautiful service for Glenn and our love to all the Waldrons, Clarkes and Pountleys . Glenn was so proud of his family and you have provided such a loving and fitting tribute today for this erudite, humble and brilliant man. Glenn holds such a special place in my family’s heart. Glenn and Bev have been close friends of my parents’ Ian and Elaine for nearly 40 years, sharing everything from summer family holidays at Anglesea and Lorne to being regular Bridge partners and other traditions that evolved over the years. I particularly recall with fondness election nights where the 4 of them would get together every state or federal election and I would find them either celebrating or commiserating together (with either lots of hearty conversation and glee or shouting at the television and a deep gloom if the results were not what they hoped to see!). A great family man, the eternal optimist, witty, quietly passionate, supportive and interested in everyone, his loving & talented family his biggest legacy; our memories run deep. Vale Glenn, with love from Ian and Elaine, Debbie, Margaret, Julie and families

    1. Thank you Marg!! The Waldron’s are indeed lucky to have been moving in the same circle as the Sutherland’s for the last 45 or more years. That’s a spooky stat. We love you all very dearly- it is always good to catch up with you. I hope that Pierre is doing well too. Love Mark.

  12. It was a privilege to be able to share in the streamed service. We cousins experienced Glenn as a warm caring person and were proud of his achievements in the County Court. I recall the cricket matches in the backyard with Keith and Glenn and parents under the monkey tail tree after a sumptuous Sunday lunch cooked by Myra, with seconds always on offer. I inherited Keith and Glenn’s old bike which I rode for many years. Glenn’s example will remain with us as a living memory.

    1. Yes my memories also were the cricket matches in the back yard, fights with the monkey tails, Aunty Myra’s sausages with dark brown gravy that I loved and the Patterson cakes that looked so delicious. More recently family gatherings in parks or cousin’s homes. A lovely cousin.

    2. So lovely to have the Waldron’s “virtual” attendance at the service, so sad we couldn’t have the usual after service chats….so lovely to hear the family memories from Dad’s early days.

      I wish I was old enough to have memories of Nana’s gravy, sounds delicious!

  13. Beautiful service, sad to not be there in person to bask in Dads performance and share my grief with those that were there.

    Thanks Dad, Eugen, John, Caz, Liz, Matt, Alice, Emily, Sophie, Rachel, Emma and Lucy for taking the time to put into words and music how we all feel for Grandpa on behalf of us all. My love and thoughts to Grandma, the rest of the family and friends who have all known and will miss Grandpa. Hopefully we’ll soon get the chance to give him the proper wake or memorial such an outstanding man deserves.

    Love and miss you Grandpa

    1. Yes Pat, I love and miss him too. I take solace in trying to live to his values. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  14. I am so fortunate to be able to feel a part of this moving tribute to my cousin Glenn.
    Living in Pennsylvania, it is amazing to smile and cry along with friends and family.

    I have memories of being taken to lunch in the limo on one of my visits to Melbourne many years ago. I can still “hear” Bev’s laughter as Glenn described how I used to dance around as a little girl!

    Thank you for sharing how Glenn died – so much love.
    Please give Bev a hug from me. Loving sympathy to you all.

    1. Thanks for sharing your memories Catherine. COVID restrictions in place prevented more that 10 physical attendees at Dad’s funeral, but overwhelmingly the positive that has arisen from these harsh restrictions is that family and friends from around Australia and the world could be there virtually. So happy you could share Dad’s service with us. Hoping you are staying safe in these crazy times.

  15. We have lost a true gentleman, a wonderful family and a scholar. Glenn was always interested in our family (and there are many in the Cantillon extended family! ). When conversing with Glenn he always gave you his full attention – making you feel valued , he really cared. To Bev, Mark, Caroline, Elizabeth & families we send our sincere condolences . Glenn made the world a better place, he made a difference.
    RIP .
    Diane, Jim & all the Murphy Clan.

    1. Thanks Diane, it is always good to be in “team Cantillon” I feel like I am being cared for myself today by all of the family. It’s good to think of all the fun times we have had together going all the way back to the sing songs around the piano with your Dad.We are just a small cog in the vivacious, intelligent, caring and loving Cantillon family. Love Mark.

    2. Thanks Diane, so lovely you could “virtually” join us in remembering our darling Dad. So many people have remarked how he always gave them him full attention….something I must admit I have not before openly observed, but upon reflection, realise that was how he was. The positive thing about grief is sharing and reflecting upon memories, so thanks for sharing yours.

  16. Thank-you for a truly beautiful honouring of a great man, father, and our Uncle Glenn.
    Beloved brother to our father Keith, we feel so blessed to have had the gift of loving, kind, respectful, intelligent and fun fathers.
    Guy and I have such fond childhood memories of our family get togethers, holidays, picnics and partying on in Waldron style.
    Sending love and comfort to you all at this time of transition and integration.
    Mark, Caroline, Elizabeth and extended family you all should be proud and happy with the beautiful special tribute you all created.
    We appreciate being able to attend today online with you all sharing tears and laughter with you all as we enjoyed the varying facets of your amazing dad and his bright colourful life.
    Thank you and blessings from your cousins up Alora, Guy, Lorien and extended family that will watch later. Love and hugs from QLD.

    1. Thank you Alora. I agree whole heartedly. Who knows where we go after this life but as Dad was dying I was wishing and meditating on Keith guiding his little brother one more time.
      To see Dad slowly fading away was healing and remembering his legacy and writing a little about it was good too. We’re both lucky to have the Waldron heritage.
      Talking about cricket in the back yard in St Kilda has certainly triggered some memories from a host of Glenn and Keith cousins – the good times live on. I certainly remember mucking around at Weatherall Road too. Love Mark.

    2. Thanks Alora, so happy you could share the service with us. We are indeed blessed to be part of Team Waldron. What a great legacy we all share.

  17. To Mark, Sally and family,

    I am sorry to hear of the passing of your father I know what he meant to you. I send you my condolences and deepest sympathy at this sad time. He truly was a great man, a pillar in our community someone who will not be forgotten by many people. Bless him, may he Rest In Peace. It was a really nice service but truly touching seeing Lucy play for her grandfather, well done Lucy you did an excellent job.

    Take care all.

  18. Tim and Angela Smith send their very warm wishes to all the members of the Waldron family. They felt privileged to be present at his funeral today. Tim has very warm memories of his time on the County Court under the extraordinary leadership by Glen. He will always be immensely grateful for Glen’s considerable guidance, support and wisdom.

    1. Thanks Tim and Angela, despite the Covid restrictions, it was wonderful to know so many were watching online.

  19. Glen was a true egalitarian, treating everyone with respect and kindness. He was totally supportive when I joined the court using his skill in putting others at ease to give me confidence as a new Judge that he would be available whenever needed.He is my exemplar of good leadership.

    1. Thanks Margaret, so lovely to hear the professional side of Dad was so well remembered. Lovely to have you watch the service.

  20. One of my Dad’s gifts was being able to judge a man’s character and he greatly loved and admired Glen, thinking him one of the brightest, funniest, and most likeable men he ever met. He enjoyed his company so much and I remember the many ‘Glen’ stories Dad told us. This service has reminded everyone how very fortunate the world is to have been graced by the life of Glen Waldron. With love to Beverley and family.

    1. Thank you Sarah. I remember gatherings with the Carews being great fun. The family bbqs at your place were a real treat. It’s amazing how friendships forged when we are young have such special place in the heart. I think that certainly applies to Bill and Glenn. Apart from anything else we had the benefit of your fathers legal expertise for many years and Dad still uses the firm to this day! I hope you guys are well. Love Mark Waldron.

    2. Thanks Sarah, such lovely words. Dad always valued Billy and Sheila’s friendship so much and in one of his lucid moments as he was passing, he managed a lovely smile when I showed him the lovely flowers sent by Shiela. He must have been also quietly reflecting on what a great friendship it was….lovely memories to take him to the next place.

  21. A much loved and dear friend of the late John Cain and wife Nancye and family. Heartfelt sympathy and love to Beverley, Mark, Caroline, Elizabeth and their families.
    A beautiful service and celebration of a wonderful life.
    Nancye Cain, Joanne John and James

    1. Thank you Joanne,
      John and Nancye were indeed life long and valued friends both of Dad and Mum and indeed all our family. Dad was very sad to lose your father , but was most impressed by all your family at the memorial service. Thank you for your kind words,
      love Caroline Waldron

  22. Sharing tears of appreciation and sending loving comfort to our cousins Mark, Caroline, Elizabeth and the large extended family in this time of integration.
    We were so grateful to be able to join you all on line to celebrate and give tribute to a truly great man, father, and our uncle Glenn.

    Loved brother of our beautiful dad Keith Waldron we are so fortunate to have had such kind loving role models as our fathers.

    We send you all our love and respect from us all in QLD and Northern NSW from Alora, Guy and Lorien Waldron and extended family that will be watching later.
    May we be inspired by Glenns powerful example of how to live a full great and well rounded life.
    Thank you sending love and hugs to you all.
    It was a truly special, honouring, ceremony.

  23. Such a beautiful tribute to the best Grandpa. I wish we could have all been there together.
    I’m going to miss Grandpa incredibly, and am so grateful to have been able to see him and cuddle him in the last week. So much love to Grandma and everyone who spoke, that was such a lovely send off.

    1. That’s really lovely Dude. I am glad you got together with Luce today.
      Grief really saps the energy doesn’t it. I’m going to miss him too.
      I certainly agree with you about the time spent in the last week – it was healing in some way to me. I sure it was just what grandpa needed too in his last days a bit of old fashioned love and hugs. Love you darling Dad.

  24. Dear Bev, Caroline, Elizabeth and Mark
    A beautiful service for a wonderful man and true and loyal friend to our family. At a time of despair for our family, Glen, and you Bev, showed great kindness and unwavering support to all our family and to my Dad despite his foibles. Glen focused on people’s qualities not their flaws. As so many have remarked Glen had an abiding and sincere interest in all of us. An optimist always with an infectious laugh and friendly smile.
    With my love
    Ian Read (Darwin)

    1. Dear Ian, thank you for the kind words. I reckon Dad was pretty good at surrounding himself with quality people- John and Hilary definitely included. I had the habit of bumping into your Dad in the court when I visited and always enjoyed talking to him. We had a couple of terrific visits to the beach house with some tennis included. All good times. I am sure that Beverley and Glenn were richer for working, knowing and socializing with the Reads. Kind Regards Mark

  25. Glenn Waldron’s leadership of the County Court reflected his own qualities of diligence, integrity, and respect for people. When I joined the court he had already led for 20 years, it was clear that he instilled in judges and court staff a sense of responsibility and commitment to the Court’s work and role, and also to each other.
    My sincere sympathies to Glenn’s family on your sad loss.

  26. What a beautiful ceremony, so fitting for such a beautiful man. It was wonderful to be reminded, by those who knew him so well, how loved he was and how well he deserved to be loved. We are thinking of you all at this time. As we have learnt, the sadness does soften with time. We feel very lucky to have known him and enjoyed his and Beverley’s friendship. With our love

    1. Thank you Sheila,
      I know Dad was very sad also to hear of Bill’s passing. I am glad to hear that your pain is softening. You and Bill were special friends for Mum and Dad, and I was glad that you were able to watch the service. Thank you for your kind words,

  27. Glen and I shared the same birth date and our friendship goes back to our Under14A cricket and football days at Wesley. We also shared our support for the Bombers and Glen was first to give me the nickname of “doc”.
    Unfortunately our lives parted after leaving school but I have always followed and been aware of his wonderful career.
    Well done Glen.
    John “Doc” McDonald.

    1. Lovely memories John….we have many photos of the school cricket teams, I will have a look out for the younger you! Thank-you for joining the service, I know Dad would have been truly honoured to have a school friend there.

  28. A fitting service for a kind and generous man.He was a strong leader of the Court, but always had the time to advise individual Judges. Such advice was tempered with respect. He was good company ,a skilled speech maker and possessed a great humour. It was a pleasure to have known and worked with Glenn.
    Our condolences to all

    Michael & Roslyn McInerney

  29. A lovely service for a dear man.
    Liz, I have such sweet memories of spending time with you & your family. Your Dad was such a lovely man, always so kind & welcoming to me, love & best wishes from Andrea Cooper xxx

    1. Thanks Andrea, so lovely you could attend. Dad often asked after you. Thanks for the roses you sent too.

  30. Our deepest and sincere condolences to Beverley, Mark, Caroline and Elizabeth on the sad passing of their beloved Husband /dad, Glenn. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, and your immediate families, at this sad time. “Don’t think of Glenn gone just look in your heart and you will find him there forever’ . Warmest Regards, Manni and Victoria Kalisperis

  31. A very warm and touching tribute to a man who was so loved by his family and friends. It was great that his 3 children all took part in the eulogy and Mark spoke for a long time covering many aspects of his father’s early and then later life. It was pleasing to hear the 23rd Psalm read in original English as opposed to modern versions. After watching this funeral it is easy for me to see how my Doctor, Caroline, has been so caring and knowledgeable while looking after me during the past 30 years as she had a loving and caring father to guide her in her growing years.

    1. Thank you Valerie for taking the time to watch the service , and thank you for your very kind words . Very much appreciated, Caroline

  32. Dearest Caroline, this was a beautiful tribute to your Dad. It was especially pleasing to see the family photos. Shirley Cullity is right, ‘everyone loved Glenn’. I have fond memories of our summer holidays at Anglesea and Lorne. But most of all, Nemeer and I will never forget the delivery of his beautiful speech made on the celebration of our marriage. Our love to you, Mark, Elizabeth and especially Beverley. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    1. So lovely you could watch Cath and Nemeer. It is such a shame that Covid keeps us physically apart. I hope you are both well.

  33. Glenn was a wise and inspiring man whom we loved dearly. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to Bev and the family.
    We’ll cherish our memories of Glenn.
    Gerard and Barbara

    1. Thanks Gerard and Barbara, I hope things are going well for all the Volks up in Sydney. Thanks for joining the service virtually, Dad would have been so happy that you took the time to share in his life celebration.

    1. Dear Margaret and Tim,
      thank you for your kind words and also thank you for all your kind deeds to Mum and Dad over the last few years. You definitely were extremely kind and valued friends,
      Caroline Waldron

  34. My deepest sympathies go out to Liz, Mark, Emma and Rachel Pountley and their extended family. Your father was an inspirational man and great role model to many and left an amazing legacy at the County Court. You all have such lovely memories of him which will bring you all much comfort during this difficult time.

  35. A wonderful tribute to a remarkable man. Our interactions with Glenn were limited by distance. But he was always genuinely interested in each one of us whenever we were privileged to be in his company. His family and friends have done him proud today. With love to all. ClarkesWest

    1. Hi Richard and Trish,
      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to watch the service. I know Dad really enjoyed he whole Clarke clan, especially how they were generously included on Christmas days,
      love Caroline

  36. Deepest Sympathies are with Beverley, Mark, Elizabeth and Caroline and their families at this very sad time. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. The world has lost another great gentleman. Love to you all,
    Margaret and John, Anthony and Amanda, Leanne and Nathan, Brad and Anna and their families.

    1. Thanks to all the Ferraro clan, so lovely you could share the service with us.

  37. A beautiful service for a truly incredible man. He would have been so very proud of his family today.
    As part of the wider family Glen was always amazing to be around. He and Beverley never missed
    the larger family gatherings. He was always there with a joke or a tip on the horses but more than that he was always interested in what you were doing and how it was going.
    It was a pleasure and honour knowing him. Deepest sympathy to Beverly Mark Caroline and Liz.
    A life well lived and well shared.

    All our love
    Michele and Norman

    1. Thanks Michelle, he is definitely missed, but he still inspires me every day, like he always did.
      Thanks for tuning in, I hope you and yours are all well during these crazy times.
      PS did you spot yourself in the photos?

  38. Judge Waldron was a dear friend and mentor to my recently departed father Chester Keon-Cohen. I know my Dad thought enormously of Glenn and they shared a great deal together during their time on the bench and also with their health struggles over the last few years. Glenn’s letters to Dad and Mum this year were very special and something we will cherish. 2 great men of impeccable character and honesty who gave themselves wholeheartedly to their family and community. They will be enormously missed. May you both rest in peace, I miss my Dad every day and although life will never be the same, we are all the better for having such amazing men in our lives. To Glenn’s family, I send my love and support.

    1. Dear Ed, I know that Chester and Dad were very close of many years with Chester being part of conversations in the family over decades- both at the bar and in the judiciary. I know Dad had 5 barristers read with him but your dad was the only one I ever heard mentioned in dispatches. Over later years I played golf with your Dad down at Barwon Heads GC and enjoyed his company on every occasion. My jaw hit the floor when Dad told me about Chester’s battle with MND. I thought he was indestructible and very fit for his age. I can’t imagine your grief at his sudden and untimely demise from a horrible illness. We all remember your Dad with great affection. Kind Regards Mark Waldron.

  39. A very moving and beautiful service for an extraordinary man. Our sincere condolences to Liz, Mark, Rachel, Emma and your family. The world has lost a truly remarkable man but he lives on in all of you. Sending love and hugs Di, Johan and Mariella.

  40. Great memories, albeit not enough of them, of times with Glen and the extended family.

    An honour to be able to watch the service from afar.

    Love and best wishes to Beverly and the extended family.

    1. Thanks Paul, yes, we could have spoken for hours on our memories of Dad, unfortunately that isn’t possible, but we will always have the memories. Lovely you could attend, I hope you are well.

  41. What a terrific man he will be greatly missed. I do remember going to Carlton V Essendon games, he was very one eyed . A lovely service and tribute to your Dad Liz.

    1. One eyed! Surely you jest Miriam Page!
      Thanks for tuning in Mim, and Go Bombers in 2021!

  42. Vale, Glenn. A great friend to the extended Clarke clan, his good company and quite encouragement were a constant presence at New St gatherings over the years. Our love to Beverley, Mark, Caroline and Liz, and to David, Matthew, Alice, Emily and Sophie – and you sang beautifully again!

  43. A beautiful tribute to a remarkable man. Stuart and I send our heartfelt condolences to our dear friend Mark whom I think takes after his dad in many ways. Love Julie and Stuart.

  44. Thank you for the beautiful service. It was a moving and fitting tribute to a great man- a life well lived in every sense. Vale. Long life to you all.

  45. I had the great privilege of reading with Glenn in 1970. He was always generous with his immaculate advice. Glenn’s guidance and interest in my career since that time have been a great influence. Warmest wishes to Glenn’s family on their loss of a wonderful man.

  46. Thank you for a beautiful service and reflection on Glenn’s life.
    Love you all.
    Sally Waldron, Isaac Hockey, Margaret Riches and Joseph Minogue.

    1. Thanks all. As I have said a few times, I see the positive of grief is the reflection on a life well lived really provides inspiration.

  47. Then Chief Judge Waldron motivated so many, leading to many great accomplishments including the building of a new County Court Facility.
    His pride in the Court and encouraging words continued to inspire all, including after his retirement on every occasion he returned to the Court.
    We at The Liberty Group are privileged to have known a person who has set such a fine example.

    1. Thank-you Ian. We are honoured that our Dad is remembered in such an esteemed manner.

  48. Glenn was a pleasure to work with as a junior and I enjoyed some productive years with him when he was Chairman of the Ethics Committee and I was Secretary. Marilyn and I much enjoyed the company of Glenn and Beverley at numerous Bar functions and Law conferences and, in 2009, on a Kimberley cruise. He was always a warm and generous friend.

  49. I always found Glenn a most thoughtful and helpful mentor and an excellent leader of the County Court. I had little experience in the criminal law as a barrister and always welcomed his assistance. I was surprised to find that when he wanted to speak to me he insisted on visiting me in my chambers rather than summoning me to visit in his chambers. This was typical of the man. Rest in Peace Glenn

  50. What an amazing man Glenn was. We are honoured to have met him on a few occasions. Thinking of you all on this day as you celebrate Glenn’s amazing life.

  51. Many fond memories growing up with the Waldron family. Our thoughts are with Bev, Mark, Cas and Liz and your families – a wonderful man who left his mark.
    Peter and Alison Mitchell

  52. Glenn and Beverley were the first people to welcome us to Melbourne when we arrived 50 years ago. Since then our families have been great friends. We have shared so many happy times including our joint wedding anniversary celebrations every year. Glenn was always a good and generous friend and we miss him. Our love to all his family.

  53. Glenn was a wonderful father to my friend Caroline. She often had lovely long chats with her dad… I know she will miss these. But I know he will still be there for you Caroline.
    He and her mum would regularly visit David and Caroline and family and it is on these visits that I shared conversation with him. He was able to communicate about many topics with all ages. He was so loved as a father, father in law and grandfather.

  54. A wonderful man …both personally and professionally. “My hero” as I was able to tell him. A loving and outstanding husband to the love of his life, Beverley, and the best father to Mark, Caroline and Elizabeth.
    His dry wit and wise counsel will be sorely missed by the whole family, and most certainly by the Pagrams.
    Vale Glenn.
    Yvonne, Colin & Laura

    1. Well said mum- Glenn’s witty one liners will often be remembered around our dinner table! Sending all my love to the Waldron, Clarke and Pountley families x

  55. Our deepest sympathies go out to Caroline and David Clarke and family. Your father was a great inspiration and role model to so many. We hope you are comforted by your warm memories.

  56. Helen and Tom Wodak agree with all of the descriptions of Glenn, as a person, as counsel and as Chief Judge. He was a warm, generous and kind person. He was a great leader at the County Court. He is very sadly missed

  57. John and Libby Nixon are sad to hear of Glenn’s passing. Glenn was a fine Barrister and a wonderful Chief Judge of the County Court for more than 20 years. The County Court building is largely due to Glenn’s determination and persistence over many years. Waldron Court is a richly deserved monument to a great leader and Judge. The Nixon family remember many happy days at Anglesea with the Waldrons during the Summer holidays. Much love to Beverley and the family.

    1. Thank-you John, those Anglesea holidays were terrific weren’t they! Our families and others that shared those holidays created a special bond. So glad you were able to share in Dad’s service.

  58. Everything that has been said about Glenn as Chief Judge is absolutely correct. However, it should be acknowledged that before his appointment he was an outstanding barrister.
    I had the privilege of being his junior on many occasions.
    Everything he said, both in court and in conference, was insightful and useful. It was the result of the conscientious application he gave to every brief.
    With the clients he was patient and courteous. I never knew any of them to leave thinking they had not been well served by him.
    He was the barrister we, his juniors, wanted to be.

    1. An outstanding Chief Judge and the most honourable and courteous of men. It was a privilege to be led by him.

      The Melbourne County Court building is testament to his vision and determination.

    2. Thank-you Jim, such lovely memories of the professional Dad! I know he worked very hard.
      Lovely for you to share your memories.

  59. Our extended family feels for the WAldron family , such a humble unassuming man of the greatest integrity, always interested in the exploit of others , a sad loss ,

  60. Glenn was a wise and just judge, an accomplished administrator, and a warm and humble man. He was an example to us all.

    1. Thank-you Simon. Dad was very proud to follow in your father’s footsteps at the County Court and strove to honour the legacy of the first Chief Judge. He was also a huge fan of the Coodabeen’s, especially “Digger”!

  61. I have such happy memories of Beverley and Glenn. My husband, Desmond, the first Chief Judge of the County Court, had enormous regard for Glenn. After Des died they were marvelous to me. They treated me with the utmost kindness and respect and often included me in Court functions.

    1. So lovely to hear from you Carmel. Thanks for sharing in the funeral, Dad would have been delighted you were “virtually” there.

  62. I will never forget Glenn’s warm welcome and assistance to me as a young and terrified new judge. He was an absolutely excellent lawyer, and a wonderful chief judge. The community of Victoria owes him a great debt . It was a privilege to have worked with him.

  63. Glenn Waldron QC was an extraordinary and visionary leader. He was Chief Judge of the largest trial court in the state for a long period. He stood as an exemplar in terms of administrative management, procedural court reform and judicial administration. He was a fine role model for other heads of jurisdiction and always available to provide wise counsel to colleagues. His leadership was underpinned by a wonderful sense of style and engagement combined with a delightful sense of humour. The Courts and the Bar have lost a great man and a cherished friend.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Marilyn. It is indeed humbling to read those words from you.

  64. A great man and judge. The personification of integrity. A wise and fair and courageous leader of the County Court of Victoria for 21 years. His service leaves a great legacy in the administration of justice for Victorians.

    1. Vale Glenn Waldron – an outstanding man who touched so many people. I will miss him as will all who knew him. Love to all the family.

    2. A wonderful service under today’s circumstances. A church would have been bursting at the seams as the tributes to Glenn’s amazing life indicate.
      I knew Glenn as a thorough gentleman whom I had the pleasure of numerous jovial conversation with at New St family functions.
      Glenn you will be sadly missed.

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