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  1. I didnt know Graeme, but I do know Dane.. very well, and wanted to find out a bit about the man who shaped Dane into the fine person that he is. It was wonderful, heartfelt tribute to a man who was obviously very loving and much loved. I was glad I could hear all of your words. My thoughts are with you as you work through the painful weeks and months ahead. Take care of each other.

  2. A beautiful service for a much loved gentleman that made time for the cleaners; it was always a pleasure to see him; easy to express feelings with him and still feel a good vibe. Such a nice voice also. Thank you for such a lovely tribute and may peace and beautiful memories keep your hearts warm… <3

  3. A heart felt and beautiful tribute to a much loved husband, father and grand father.
    My thoughts are with you all at this very sad time.

  4. A heart felt and loving tribute to a loving husband and father. A life that touched others and is remembered fondly. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.

  5. Pauline, Dane, Brianna and Laura such a lovely heartfelt service. I remember Graeme as a thoughtful kind and compassionate person only too happy to help out during tuff times. RIP Graeme

  6. Pauline it was a lovely service. Our thoughts and best wishes are with your family.
    May he now be at peace.
    Lang Family xxx

  7. Thanks very much Pauline, Dane ,Bree and Laura for being able to watch Graeme’s service. I didn’t get to know Graeme personally but feel like I know him better now through what you have shared. Thinking of you all very much at this sad time.

  8. Graeme was a true gentleman.It was a privilege to have known him.
    He sold our house at Wattle Glen after we had met him through his friendship with Martyn & Sue.
    We were saddened to hear of his passing

  9. A touching service Pauline. You all did extremely well. Yes Graeme, you have told us you’ve met Paul McCartney. I’m surprised Sir Paul only got a hand shake and not a hug! GP took over my grade at Yarra Junction Primary School in the mid 1970’s. We became instant friends. We shared many meals and good times over the years. Our children and grandchildren have the same love and respect for Graeme as all of us. Yes. He was the ultimate gentleman. He was also the benchmark real estate agent. We are all the better for having had him as a friend.

  10. Rest In Peace King GPK – I would always refer to Graeme as the king because he had been in real estate for so long! I was lucky enough to work with Graeme in Canterbury & Blackburn when I first started at Fletchers. I always remembered his Beatles ringtone on his mobile phone! He was a true gentleman and always had time for a chat no matter how busy he was.

  11. A beautiful service Pauline, Dane,Bree and Laura.
    Your memories shared were from the heart and we will all forever miss Graeme.
    He was a true gentleman and so wonderfully caring for everyone he knew.
    So lovely his nieces could be there, sharing their own thoughts and memories and those of Bruce.
    My life is enriched through having known and loved Graeme xx

  12. A beautiful service for a beautiful man. Graeme was always warmth, love and happiness to me, and to everyone who was lucky enough to be a part of his life. The world is a much, much poorer place without his special spark in it….. Pauline, Dane, Bri and Laura, you were all extraordinary in honouring his beautiful soul….. thanks for sharing his farewell with us all… sending much love…. Robyn Meggs.

  13. Love and wishes to you all. May you all find peace in knowing GRAEME is now in a happy place.

  14. Dear Pauline, Dane, Brianna and Laura
    What a wonderful tribute you gave your husband/father today. He was smiling down on you all; so proud. It was a joy to share your beautiful memories of happy times. Keep these forever in your hearts. Such a kind and gentle man, loved and missed by so many. X x

  15. I bought a house through Graeme in 2002 which was such a pleasant experience. I remember him even telling me what I should put in as an offer as he knew how much I wanted to buy it.
    I was lucky enough to work with Graeme many years later , his kindness and condolences when I lost my mum in 2016 will stay with me forever. Rest In Peace Graeme

  16. Graeme was one of the kindest people we know and our hearts are sad to know he has left this world.
    I started in real estate about 18 odd years ago and learnt a lot from Graeme Keogh. He is the only man I can remember who would say hello and goodbye each morning and evening – and mean it! It was the care and consideration he showed others. RIP buddy.
    Our love goes to the whole Keogh family at this time.
    Tim Heavyside and family

  17. I’m so sad to have heard today of Graeme’s passing.
    Graeme sold Linden Gardens in Mount Dandenong to my late husband and myself, after we stopped at the tiny tearoom for a coffee and Hummingbird Cake…the auction had just finished and was passed in. That was 24 years ago and we have remained friends ever since. He was proudly boasting about his newborn, Laura at the time.
    I’ll miss his regular catch-up calls and everything about him…as others have said, he was a true gentleman and just an absolutely lovely man.
    Thinking of you all.
    Wendy Atkins

  18. Graeme was such a kind man, he was a pleasure to work with. He was always so appreciative whenever I helped him and regularly bought gifts to show how thankful he was… Even though it was my job haha! Every day he would go around and say good morning to every single person in the office no matter what, he even helped me put out the Fletchers open signs if I hadn’t done so, one of the nicest people I have ever met. Truly. Laura you were amazing up there, so brave. RIP GRAEME ❤️

  19. Hi Pauline, Dane, Brianna and Laura,
    Helen, Maddy and I were deeply saddened to hear of Graeme’s passing. Helen and I watched the funeral service and thought it was a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Graeme’s rich life. As the kids in Tadji Close have grown older, we don’t have as much reason for impromptu catch ups with the Tadji Close clan. We have fond memories of the occasional cocktail drinks, one I remember being at your house when you hadn’t long moved in (and we all had to take our shoes off!). We will miss Graeme’s smiling face as we tooted our horn whist driving past. I will also miss his friendly wave as he was arriving (and me leaving) Aquanation, top down and music blaring in his Volvo of course.
    We are just up the road so if there is anything you need, even if it’s just a cup of coffee whilst watching the black and yellow cockatoos, we would love to see you all.

  20. Dear Pauline, Dane, Bree and Laura
    Words cannot express the emptiness I feel at Graemes passing.
    I will miss our many chats and laughs.
    He was a very gentle and caring man.
    Rest peacefully GPK.
    Deb Birrell

  21. Dear Pauline , Dane, Bri and Laura,

    I had the pleasure of knowing Graeme for nearly 20 years and have nothing but wonderful memories, especially endless discussions of our mutual love of The Beatles and Paul McCartney in particular.I loved working beside him on campaigns which featured mainly around Blackburn and Box Hill. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Graeme and we always had each others backs. He was always the first colleague to contact me on my birthday no matter where i was on the day.
    I was introduced to Graeme at an Open for Inspection in Blackburn by a rival colleague as the nicest man in real estate and a true gentleman in every sense of the word.There was never a truer description of anyone. He was so proud of you all and we always shared stories of our children, especially as i have two daughters as well.I have fond memories of Bri and Laura coming into the Canterbury office and helping Dad out and just wanting to be with him.
    In recent years we still caught up for coffee, usually with Dawn Kay and although we new he was struggling he always arrived with a big smile and a funny story to share.
    Todays service was beautiful and heartfelt and i really appreciated the opportunity to be there with you all.
    As you said Pauline, Graeme is at peace now and that is what he wanted. Thankyou for sharing all your wonderful memories and stories about G (that’s what i called him). He told me on many occasions jus how much he loved you all. Be strong , and know that your words and stories shared with us today demonstrated all your love for him and that you know how lucky you are to have such a wonderful husband and father. Take care all and hope we cross paths again one day .
    Our condolences, Alan Bramich and family

  22. What a beautiful service to honour the truly special being that was Graeme. The most perfect words were spoken by all. To the dear Keoghs, sending you healing thoughts and comforting hugs (albeit not quite Graeme’s) now and always.

    Bree, I love you with every bit of my heart.

    Graeme, you were so so loved. Thank you for your pure warmth every time I visited your home. I will never forget your smile or kind face – you were kindness itself. Your legacy of tenderness and altruism will live on. May you rest peacefully and well.

    All my love and light,
    Ashlyn xxx

  23. Graeme, you were a true gentleman with such a gentle, kind and loving soul and despite what you were going through, you always treated everyone with kindness and respect. As Pauline mentioned, I remember with great fondness, you coming down every single morning, when you worked at Canterbury office, to say good morning to us which made my morning and always made me smile. You were so incredibly polite, friendly and courteous and would always express how grateful you were for even the smallest thing I had done to help. I am going to miss you Graeme and I really hope you are now at peace.

    Pauline, Dane, Bree and Laura, my heart goes out to you all. That was such a beautiful service for an amazing man. I know he will be sorely missed by you all but I hope it brings you some comfort that he is at peace now. May all the fun times and special memories live on in his memory. Sending you all lots of love and strength at this time, Kate xxx

  24. In very sad & difficult circumstances the Family did an incredible job. Graeme would have been so proud of you Pauline, and each of the children. Having known him as a boy in Grade 5, a student at Teachers College, and in these later years, struggling with his mental health, the eulogies got it right! He was a great kid in class, an excellent student at College, a first class teacher, and for a long time, a leader in real estate. But it was all his personal attributes which made him such a loved man. Always caring & kind, energised about the involvement/moment, interested in your thoughts & passions, and always working hard to make the world a better place ,for us all. My love & best wishes to you all. David Parkin.

  25. To dear Pauline, Dane and family, Brianna and Laura and two cousins. What a beautiful service and tributes they were to your amazing beloved husband and father. You all spoke with such love and passion and we could see how adored he was by you all. What a beautiful gentle man with a love for all he met. That is what I learned of Graeme. I did meet him on a few occasions through Dorset functions Pauline. What a wonderful life you have all shared and I know you will miss him beyond words. As you treasure all your memories I know the pain will always be there but you will be able to draw on those memories that will be kept deep in your hearts and smile and be grateful and know that you were blessed that he was your husband and dad and uncle and brother. I send my heartfelt condolences to you. RIP Graeme. With much love Judi Blowers

  26. Dear Pauline and family,
    we joined you at Graham’s funeral online. We were both saddened by Graham’s death but completely understand the circumstances. Both of us were so happy to reconnect with you both at Mum’s funeral and again with Graham at our place in Metung. True to form Graham turned up with a heap of cakes from the local bakery even though Izzy had baked muffins. Maybe he didn’t trust her baking skills! We were looking forward to subsequent visits which can no longer, sadly, be possible.
    All the best for you and your family, Graham has certainly left behind a lovely legacy in his family.
    With love Richard and Izzy Rossiter.

  27. To Pauline and family,
    What a wonderful man, Graeme sold my townhouse in Bulleen (2006)and just recently my Father’s Hughs house in Lower Templestowe (Dec2019).He was a kind, compassionate and fun-loving family man. The service gave a great insight into his loves: his family, his beloved Hawthorn football club, his cars and his great love of Real Estate. Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family during this very difficult and sad time.
    Thank you for letting us share in this very beautiful tribute to a true gentleman.
    With thanks, Hugh Cornell and Merrin, Brent, Tashia and Kyan Walters.

  28. Deepest sympathy to Pauline and family. May the memories you’ve shared together help you through this difficult time. Thinking of you all.
    Love Sharon and Frank xxx

  29. Graeme was a true gentleman and a great colleague at Fletchers for 20 years. Thank you to Graeme’s family for sharing with us today.

  30. A beautiful service for a very beautiful man. I loved hearing many stories and memories from his life. Rest peacefully Graeme. xxx

  31. Dear Pauline, Dane, Briana and Laura
    We will miss Graeme’s lovely warm smile and unconditional kindness
    After sharing the service, we know he would be immensely proud of you all today
    All our love and best wishes
    Shane, Amber and Family

  32. What a beautiful service and he was so fondly loved by all who knew him. I first met Graeme buying our first home and when he heard my surname he words were ” I know your dad”!! My father was Noel Allen and Graeme and Dad did some work together a few years later. We then of course sold our home through Graeme again and we kept in touch “as a client”. I was then very lucky to start working at Fletchers after having my children and enjoyed working with Graeme for 7 years before moving on. We have stayed in touch ever since and I will so sadly miss what Graeme called “his database” calls!!!! I’ll miss not getting his letters and calendar. He was as you all said “a true gentleman” which is such a rarity in Real Estate. Rest in Peace Graeme and hope you enjoy talking real estate to Dad wherever the two of you are. Love to you all xxxxx

  33. A wonderful tribute to Graeme. Well done to all the family on holding it together. Your love and memories of Graeme will always be cherished.
    He was and will always be very proud of his family.
    Big hugs to all and thank you for allowing us to share.
    He was a very special friend and we will remember him often.

  34. In the time we’ve known Graeme, we’ve also found him to be a kind and gentle man. The best of neighbours always ready for a chat at the top of the driveway. We’ll miss seeing him washing his treasured car and driving down the road with the top down waving to us.
    Bryan and Juliette

  35. Dear Pauline and family, What an amazing tribute to Graeme. It was very impressive that all of you could speak! All of the words used to describe Graeme are the very same that we use when we speak of him. He was well respected by everyone he met here in Helena. As one of you said, he always had a kind word for everyone. Our hearts are full of sorrow but also of love and gratitude that our lives crossed paths with Graeme and all of you. Love and Peace from your Montana family

    Anne, Tuck, Kip, Drew and Ariel Blotkamp

  36. An absolutely beautiful service to honour your Dad’s life Bree. He would be so proud of you all! The singing was beautiful Sending love & hugs to you & all of your family!
    Love Sarah, Tim & family xxx

  37. What a beautiful tribute to Graeme. I believe the family captured his true spirit. I loved Graeme like a brother and my heart is breaking but I respect his decision and feel he is at peace. He will never be forgotten.

    A quick story. As you know Graeme won the the most popular agent at Fletchers two years in a row. I followed him but I knew the only reason I received the award is because the directors felt they should share it around. Graeme would have won it each and every year if the nominations where fairly dealt with. Ha!! Saying that Graeme was so pleased for me and expressed his joy with a huge hug.

  38. Lovely service Pauline. Tears & smiles, some great memories of a most wonderful kind hearted man that it’s been a privilege to know over many years. My heart goes out to you all.

  39. Dear Pauline and family
    Our sincere condolences on Graeme’s passing. We knew Graeme through Kelvin & Wendy Blake. We first met Graeme through that association going back in time to the late 1970s and have met Graeme from time to time over the years since, both socially and professionally – Graeme sold one of parents house. As was said during the service and from our own observations, Graeme was a genuine and kind person. The service was lovely and a fitting tribute to his life.
    Kind Regards, Graham and Angela Thorley

  40. Dear Keogh family,

    My name is Michelle and I came to Fletchers mid last year and worked with Graeme for 7 months.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this for a thousand times that Graeme was a true gentleman. I’d like to share a little storey with you. We were at the Xmas party Dec last year, I was waiting with other 3 girls in our office to get through the crowd to our table. Graeme saw us and came to hug us one by one. There was a waitress waiting behind be also wanted to get through the crowd. After Graeme hugged everyone of us, he saw this waitress standing and he said, do you want a hug as well? Of course he gave her a big hug 🙂
    I thought that was a little funny story about Graeme but it actually reflected Graeme’s caring personality.

    Graeme will be remembered for sure. My condolences to his family.

  41. Thank you for the beautiful service and sharing your wonderful memories of Graeme.

    My thoughts are with you all.

    I will never forget Graeme’s smile and hugs, he was a giant teddy bear with the biggest heart of gold.

    Thank you for being my work Dad, I will miss you so much GPK.

    Alysha Cincis
    Fletchers Canterbury

  42. Deepest sympathy to Pauline, Dane, Brianna and Laura, Graeme was a caring and funny friend to me for almost 20 years. I will miss my coffee mate and his humour and handsome smiley face, Rest in Peace Graeme. All our love Judy & Rob Collins.

  43. That was a beautiful service, you all spoke absolutely incredibly well, Graeme would be so proud of you all. Bree you are a beautiful singer and that’s a beautiful tribute you bestowed upon you beloved dad. Your bravery that you all showed was just incredible, so so sad I couldn’t be there to hug you all.
    Deepest condolences and i’ll see you all soon
    lots of love to you all from
    Jodie Winterton

  44. What a lovely service as we truly felt we were with you.

    We remember the time Graeme took us to play golf on the course at Dandenong.

    Thank you for including the photograph of us.

    As you described in your speeches he was one of those rare people who was kind and caring … always the gentleman.

    Love to you all

    Caroline and John xx

  45. What a beautiful service and I could tell in everyone’s voices how much Graeme will be missed. It takes a lot for a person to be respected and spoken so highly of, but that was something that Graeme did achieve with his family and his friends. My thoughts are with you all and I am sad I can’t pick up the phone and speak to him again. Lots of love from Catherine.

  46. Thinking of you and your family Pauline, I look forward to catching up with you and the Dorset girls hopefully in the not too distant future when the COVID-19 is under control. Faye Paul xx

  47. To Graeme”s family. I had the privilege of knowing him and working with him at fletchers out of Doncaster office. He was everything you said he was , kind, thoughtful, selfless, and adored his family.
    I knew of his personal struggles and he knew of mine. A great man is gone too soon but he will never, ever be forgotten by me or by so many. I send you all my thoughts, my love and comfort, although I am not there with you now, you are in my heart now. He left a very ,fortunate and loving family. His pain was too great but the love goes on forever.
    Clare Freshwater (Lazenby)x

  48. We will miss Graeme’s smiling face around the office. Was such a pleasure to have worked with him at the Blackburn Office.
    Sending our condolence’s to the family.
    – Abbey Marshall & Morgan Sinni (Fletchers)

  49. What a beautiful service. For such a loving, caring gentle man. Graeme would always talk about his beautiful family, his amazing kids – he had such love for you guys! So so sad to say goodbye.
    One thing to try and remember, as much as you are a part of him, he is a part of you.
    Sadly missed, such a beautiful soul, touched the hearts of everyone

  50. Pauline and your family,
    I first met Graeme in the early 1990’s and so I have known Graeme and worked with him in real estate for nearly 30 years at both Woodards and Fletchers.
    He was indeed an extremely kind hearted and generous man who will always be remembered. He was a great man and made everyone in his company always feel special.
    Kind regards
    David Taylor

  51. A beautiful tribute from all the family. As you said words are not enough but all your words we just right in expressing what an amazing man, husband, father family member and friend he was to so many people. Sending love and hugs to you all from us, we will miss him and his hugs.
    Pam & Alan

  52. My heart goes out to you all at this difficult time. Graeme was such a gentle, thoughtful and kindhearted man, a combination of qualities that is quite rare and particularly so in the real estate industry. I will never forget receiving a handwritten card from Graeme when my father passed away; it was such a thoughtful and genuine gesture. Take comfort in knowing that he will always be remembered as a gentle and kind soul. All the best and thank you for allowing the service to be streamed.
    Sarah Lowry, Fletchers Real Estate

  53. To Pauline, Dane, Bree and Laura,
    I have sent you all private messages. The service was an amazing tribute to a man who obviously had such an impact on your lives. A wonderful husband and father. We are so sorry for your loss and hope that your truly awesome memories of him will always be in your hearts!! We hope that he is now at peace and looking down on his family and still keeping them safe!!
    All our love to you, Deb and Phil .xxxx

  54. What a beautiful tribute to a truly amazing man. We will miss him greatly as he was a special part of the Fletcher’s family.

  55. GPK you were my dearest friend and had a bigger heart than anyone I have ever met. I will think of you every time I see a Yellow tailed black cockatoo and have a coffee and many times in between. From now on, anytime someone doesn’t use their bloody indicator, I wont get mad, I will smile and think of you.
    I will miss you mate, with all of my very much smaller heart

  56. What a lovely service, beautiful memories from Dane, Bri and Laura. Thank-you all for sharing your memories of Graeme with us all. He will be remembered with fondness, love to you all, Rhonda Hesketh and Family.xx

  57. Thanks for being like a brother to me, Graeme. I will never forget all the good times. Love you to bits. xxxx Lissa (AKA Bet!)

  58. What a beautiful memorial with so many beautiful, happy and cherished memories.
    Love to you all at this hard time.
    Graeme was definitely a very special person and his smile, love and personality will be greatly missed.
    Love and hugs
    Helen Cameron (nee O’Brien) from Fletchers

  59. A wonderful tribute for a very special person, friend and colleague. We will all miss you Graeme. Rest In Peace.

  60. Rest In Peace a Graeme, it was an honour to have known you and a pleasure to have worked with you.
    Condolences to your family

  61. Dear Pauline, Brianna, Laura & Dane,
    We would like to express our condolences and sorrow to you and your family. Graeme was such a special man so caring and thoughtful, he was the most selfless and considerate person. Thank you for sharing your memories.
    Our thoughts are with you.
    Julian, Barbara and Heidi

  62. What a beautiful service. Well done wonderful Keogh Family, what wonderful memories. As I’m sure many would, I wish I could have been there in person to show my support. Sending you so much love. He will be missed by so many.

  63. Graeme, thanks for a great friendship for nearly 50 years, all the sandwiches you shared at school because the boarding house lunches were rubbish! All the Hawthorn games. At peace now. Pauline and family, stay strong thinking of you at this tough time.

    Moon and Janice

  64. We were saddened by the news of your loss. Graeme was a true gentlement and always a pleasure both personally & professionally and we will miss his smiling face around Blackburn. Our thoughts are with you. Laurine & Rodney Mckillen

  65. Deepest sympathy to the Keogh Family. Graeme was such a kind and well liked person and a valued member of the Fletchers team. I certainly remember him regularly taking the time to come and say hello to everyone at the office. He will be deeply missed. RIP Graeme Keogh.

  66. Graeme Keogh. A kind, gentle and trustworthy man who I got to know well over two decades. Our family offers our most sincere best wishes to his family. Rest in peace our friend.

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