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After watching the service online, if you can leave a guest message to let the family know you have joined into the service, that would be greatly appreciated.

This service will have a password applied once edited (normally within 3 to 5 days following the service), you will then need to contact the family for the password to access.

Following the service, the footage will be posted and you can watch at a later time if you were unable to watch at the time of the service.

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7 comments on “Heather Deviell-Richter”

  1. Dear Jacqui, dear Family and Friends,

    We are so grateful for a being able to follow this service for Heather from Germany. Heather was at home on three continents and brought her warmth, good spirits and hope to all her friends connecting us all. It was always so lovely seeing Heather again on her visits to Heidelberg. We will miss Heather very much. We feel honoured for being Heather’s friends. We will keep Heather in our hearts.

  2. A beautiful service and tribute for the life of Heather de Viell-Richter. Attended by her son Lawrence de Viell via the Livestream link with staff, Angela & Johney, thank you.

  3. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to farewell Heather.
    As was said, she touched the hearts of many and she will always be remembered for her kindness and beautiful heart. Heather was a genuine person who was honest and open and always embracing of your unique self.

    Condolences to her many friends and family.

    Lauren and Daniel.

  4. Dear Jacqui, Thank you for the opportunity of watching this beautiful service online. You spoke well and the service encapsulated Heather’s commitment to those less fortunate. Warm regards, Kate

  5. I met Heather through our shared attendance at St John’s in West Brunswick. I was a member of parish council in the year she first attended and it was my role to respond to her inquiry about how the congregation could support Kelti. We became friends over time. I remember with warmth our work on her first book, the ‘The war against apathy’. I was delighted to see her fired by that experience to continue writing. I also remember over the years many conversations in her kitchen. I give thanks for her friendship.

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