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9 comments on “Herlinde Werner”

  1. Thank for uploading the service as I was unable to attend. My condolences to her family.
    I will miss dear Herlinde so much! I will her smile and our little chats as I assisted her throughout her day. A wonderful woman with a heart of gold and it was an honour to have known her. Xo

  2. Dear Astrid, Cara, Colin, Peter, Tess and Elliot,

    It was an honour and joy to have known Omi Herlinde. I think of her whenever I’m cooking, as she advised me that it’s best to prepare all the ingredients before you start. I always heed her advice and it makes me much less stressed in the kitchen! Also, as Pete correctly recalled in his speech, I hear her say “the eyes eat too”.

    I have never known someone love cats like Omi did, especially her precious Katze, who lived to a remarkably old age – it must have been due to all the love and top-quality food she received from Omi!

    It was amazing and inspirational to hear the stories of her life. What a strong and courageous women she was! Traits that have been passed down to her daughter and grandchildren, that’s for sure. I loved seeing the photographs as well – the one of her wearing an apron with North Melbourne kangaroos on it made me smile and think of Warwick.

    Tschussi Omi!

  3. Such beautiful, heartfelt tributes to Herlinde by all speakers. Like Peter, we feel we now know so much more about her, and wish we could have our times with her again. She was a woman ahead of her time, in many ways, with such strength and determination, as well as a love of life and family. So many of her attributes can be seen in her daughter, grandchildren and, we feel sure, will also be seen in her great grandson in time to come.

    Thank you for the great honour of being able to be a part of today’s celebration of Herlinde’s wonderful life.

  4. Sorry we couldnt be at the funeral in person. Herlinde was such a lovely and outgoing lady. Would love to know what other contraband was found. Love Donna Frances and Catherina

  5. A beautiful and fitting service. Herlinde was a remarkable woman. We are honoured to have been able to be part of this tribute today, and to learn about the story of her life, so beautifully portrayed by you – Astrid, Peter and Cara. May Herlinde now rest in peace after a life so well lived.
    Penny and Mike

  6. Fare thee well Herlinde.
    Thankyou for the wonderful times we shared in Clifton Hill.
    A small piece in the jigsaw of your life.
    So privileged to have known you.
    Cog Adair

  7. Liebe Astrid,
    Es tut uns sehr Leid, dass wir jetzt nicht bei Dir und deinen Kindern sein können.
    Deine Mutter war eine bewundertswerte Frau. Es war so mutig von ihr, im späteren Leben noch auszuwandern und hier neu zu beginnen. Sie war für vieles offen und so freundlich, dass man sich in ihrere Gegenwart immer wohlgefühlt hat.
    Wir werden sie in schöner Erinnerung behalten.
    Alles Liebe von Dorit und Michael xxx

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