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36 comments on “Ian Alastair Sutherland”

  1. Dear Sutherlands all,
    What a great tribute to, as so many said, a true gentleman. Like so many others, I was welcomed at Stewart St as though I was a member of the family. What a kind, intelligent, witty and loving man.

  2. Dear Elaine, Debbie, Margaret, Julie and family,
    What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man, a life well lived, he will be very dearly missed by you all.
    Love from Joyce Morris, Jeanette and the Morris family. xxxx

  3. Chère Margaret,

    Une très belle cérémonie, où chacun a pu exprimer son affection pour ton papa. Le voilà bien accompagné.
    Je me souviens de Ian comme d’un homme à la fois joyeux et discret.
    Toutes mes pensées vont vers Elaine, tes sœurs et toi, ainsi que toute la famille.
    Merci de nous avoir fait partager ces moments de recueillement, ils nous ont permis d’être avec vous tous, par la pensée.
    Je vous embrasse. Isabelle

  4. From Sophie (Pierre’s cousin)

    Dear Margaret,

    A beautiful ceremony.

    I remember your dad as a man with a great sense of humor and who loved telling jokes.
    I was very fortunate to know him in France and also while staying in Australia. Great memories.

    Sending love to your mum Margaret, to your sisters, to the whole family.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  5. Dear Margaret and family, what a wonderful celebration of his life! Eulogy was very beautiful. We feel lucky to have been able to meet this kind husband, dad and grandad.
    Our thoughts are with you – you know you can always call if you need help.
    PS: Quentin liked Alex’s golf poem! Very apt.

  6. A wonderful tribute from Ian’s loving family. He was indeed fortunate to have had such a long and fulfilled life both in work (the Coles family) and socially. Your stories brought back many memories of Coles way of life in the 1960’s and 1970’s – the buyers were very fortunate to have had so many wonderful experiences overseas which instilled my thirst for adventure overseas as well after hearing their stories upon their return.

    Kerry MacNab
    (Eric and Irene Maclarn’s daughter)

  7. A beautiful service for a wonderful man. So lovely to hear the speeches & to see treasured family photos.

    Ian was a gracious host & always kind & welcoming to me.
    I have such lovely memories of visiting Elaine & Ian having known Julie since primary school.
    It was always a joy to be invited to share a meal & conversation with everyone. I loved those times. Sending love to Elaine, Margaret, Deb, Julie & families. My thoughts are with you all xx

  8. I remember Ian as a kind and generous person, with a mischievous sense of humour and a quiet self-assurance.

    Growing up as Deb’s best friend, I was frequently at the Sutherland home. Elaine and Ian created a welcoming environment, full of warmth and laughter and I was brought into the family fold in the most natural way. They were always there in the background, supporting us in many practical ways and demonstrating their deep and innate understanding of the importance of friendship. After yesterday’s collection of simply beautiful tributes, I can even see Ian’s loud playing of marching music early on Sunday mornings in a different light!

    I feel so privileged to be part of the Sutherland circle and, for most of my life, to have known the gentleman at its centre.

    Giving thanks for being able to celebrate Ian’s life.

  9. Dear Elaine, Debbie, Margaret and Julie,
    A great tribute to a great man. Intelligent, witty, responsible family man and always great fun. He really had the twinkle in the eye that bought everyone’s mind to the conversation or game. I loved our family holidays together at Phillip Island and Gold Coast. I always think he was the cat and I was the mouse at the table tennis table or on the tennis court- a testament to his ball striking skills. In his children we see his great influence – great people all! Thank you for all the memories! Love Mark.

  10. I have known Ian almost as long as Elaine has. He became a good friend while courting my sister Elaine.
    Ian and I played tennis and table tennis with and against each other and we had fun as well as good exercise. Ian always played with good sportsmanship both when winning…. or losing!
    I remember Ian riding a motorised pushbike from Parkes to Wellington to see Elaine when we were staying with our Uncle Clyde and our Aunty Dot. He arrived battered bruised and covered in dust as the roads were very rough and he had several falls.but Ian said it was worth it. True love!
    Diana and I enjoyed holidaying with Elaine and Ian at Trinity Beach.
    As Elaine and Ian were living in Melbourne we would see them every year when on holidays, either when we came down to the Australian Open Tennis or when Ian and his family came to Sydney to stay at our parents ocean front Narrabeen flat. One year I attended a conference in Melbourne and stayed with Elaine and Ian for a week and they were wonderful hosts.
    I was very saddened when Ian died and only wish that I had been able to spend more time with him.
    Goodbye dear brother-in-law until we meet again on that big tennis court in the sky.

    1. Thank you so much Uncle John for those lovely words. Your stories about Dad are great. We look forward to hearing more in the future! Sad we couldn’t have you, Diana and the rest of the family there in person at the ceremony but it was so good to have you share it online. Much love xx

  11. That was a beautiful tribute for a loyal, much loved , gentle and thoughtful man. Ian was always great company and had a very quick wit I remember. What a wonderful family man he has been – my thoughts are with you at this sad time

  12. A beautiful service for a special father, grandfather & great grandfather who has given you all so many happy memories that he will always be remembered.

  13. A beautiful send off for a man who had such a full life. The love that you all share is evident. Thank you for sharing the link with us. We are thinking of you all at this sad time.

  14. To Elaine and Family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.
    I was privileged to accompany Ian and Wilf Coles on my first overseas trip in1971. Ian in particular was a wonderful mentor and coach on the 7 weeks were away at that time.
    A couple of recollections in China included being locked in the waiting room at the Tiensing railway station for about 2 hours after a 27 hour train trip from Shanghai while the railway staff tried to contact our business associates. We were pretty concerned about what would become of us but it turned out OK and after numerous cups of jasmine tea we were allowed out in the company of the Chinese business associates.
    Another recollection was Ian having a problem proving his identity to the security people at Peking airport. He was wearing a very impressive fur hat which made him look very unlike the Ian in the passport who did not have a lot of hair.
    It was also a privilege to have Ian and Elaine at our 25th wedding anniversary in 1987. They were good friends in those days and Ian will be sadly missed.
    With very best wishes to all
    Tom & Stella Marks

    1. Thanks Tom,
      I’m writing on behalf of my mother – she wanted me to thank you for your kind words. It is lovely to hear stories of your travels with Dad in those days and your fond memories of him. We are so glad you were able to share the service with us.

      Best wishes to you both,
      Elaine and family

  15. Our sincere condolences to Elaine and family, it was a wonderful tribute to Ian and a beautiful reflection on his impressive family.
    having been transferred to HO apparel buying from Sydney in 1968 Ian took me under his wing and provided career lasting knowledge and support as he guided me through the outside world of dealing with suppliers and the complexity of Coles and HO. It was the early days of developing Kmart and the expanded buying was under pressure but Ian as always remained calm and considered. It was a privilege to know and work with him.
    Listening today of Ian’s life outside Coles, his family and the activities he enjoyed illustrated the man he was.
    Rest In Peace Ian, you have had a full life.

    1. Thank you for these kind words Peter, it is wonderful ho hear stories about Dad’s work life and to know the esteem in which he was held by his colleagues and friends at Coles. Thank you for sharing these memories with us.

  16. Our hearts are with you today. It was a lovely tribute Debbie and good to hear all those stories. Julia’s song was so heartfelt and beautiful. Congratulations on your eulogies, very fitting for a much loved man.

    Love Robert and Pattie

  17. I had the privilege of working with Ian for just 3 years in the old Bourke St office from 1984 -1987 although I had known him in his role for quite some time, I only knew brief aspects of his life outside of work.
    The tributes today allowed me to see what a great husband, father and grand father he was and the wonderful legacy he has left behind.
    We had a nickname at work for Ian as well, he was affectionately known as ‘Sudsy’ and he also applied his wicked sense of humor at work as well – seeing Ian Woodvine today reminded me of the Matchbox toy bulldozer that Ian purchased and put on colleague Bryan Murray’s desk but that is another story to add to the many told by Deborah, Margaret & Julie today.
    My sincere condolences to Elaine & the extended family and although we heartily say RIP Ian you have earned it, I am sure he will not be resting long but will be creating a whole lot more mischief up there.

  18. A beautiful tribute to his life I am sure he would have been deeply touched to have heard the words shared today. Also so proud to see such a loving family held together by strong bonds that he helped create, set the example for and always nurtured. Our love and thoughts to you all as you say goodbye in a physical sense but of course never in the memories. All our love Gill and Ian

  19. Dear Elaine, Debbie, Margaret, Julie and families,
    Such a beautiful service to a much loved man.
    I will always remember Ian’s welcoming smile , his warm conversations and quick wit. The Waldron family will sadly miss him. Luckily we have a lifetime of cherished memories to sustain us. We spent many happy holidays and family gatherings together with your family and Ian was always a generous helping, entertaining presence.
    My sincere condolences to your whole family.
    He will live on in our hearts

  20. Beautiful, a privilege to hear the loving life story of such a wonderful man. Special hugs to our beautiful Daughter-in-Law Julia who couldn’t be there and whose sung tribute brought me to tears. Love Maggie & Alex Kosub

  21. A beautiful heartfelt ceremony to celebrate the life of a man who was so loved and who clearly loved his family greatly. My condolences to you all at this very sad time. I am sure Ian will live on in you all, and the very happy memories you all have will hold you all over the coming days and weeks ahead.

  22. What a magnificent tribute to a great man. So many memories reignited through the service. A kind, generous and welcoming man whose legacy will be long remembered.
    Well done Sutherland clan in honouring him today, he would have been so proud.

  23. Beautiful service paying a wonderful tribute to someone obviously very much loved and admired and of whom you will always have cherished memories.

  24. That was a beautiful service…he would’ve been very proud of you all..
    Condolences to you and all your family Julz….xx

  25. Ian was like a second Dad to me. As Marg’s “bestie” I spent many summer holidays with the Sutherland family either caravanning along the coast or at Narrabeen. I was treated just like a daughter which I didn’t appreciate until later in life. Ian was a generous, quiet, gentle man with a great sense of humor and loved to tell a joke. I attribute my love of prawns to Ian. I have fond memories of helping to shell kilos of prawns during these summer holidays. I remember Ian taking over the cooking on the weekend as he loved a BBQ and Sunday roast. I will not forget his pride in showing me his prized tomatoes. I will forever treasure these memories.

  26. Dear Sutherland Family
    A very sad day to lose Ian, who was not only an Uncle but also my god-father and someone I came to know well through the many family get togethers we had over the years and particularly when you spent time at the family place on Narrabeen beach at Christmas time. They were great times and he will be sorely missed. Much love to Aunty Elaine, Debbie, Margaret, Julie and extended families
    Love from Rick and Nicole Francis xox

  27. A wonderful tribute to a special and loving husband, father, grandfather, friend and colleague to so many.

    Margaret, you are living testimony to the influence of Ian’s caring, generous and loving character.

    Much love today and always from Rebecca Austin

  28. Times like this we really wish we could be with you Elaine, Deb, Margaret, Julie and your families. Such a sad loss for you to lose a long time life partner and gorgeous father. Ian had such a wonderful and rich life full of family and love. I will remember him fondly as a gentle, kind and considerate uncle with a lovely smile and who loved a laugh. Thinking of you today and hope to see you on my next trip to Melbourne! All my love from my family to yours.

  29. Ian was a great Mentor for myself and others at Coles for many years.
    As a young Buyer Ian took me on my first ever overseas buying trip to South East Asia and the Far East in 1986. I also accompanied him on his last Buying trip in 1987. Ian guided the Overseas and Private Lable Buying teams with his vast experience and wealth of knowledge. He had a style of not telling us what to do, letting us be ourselves and perhaps highlighting other ways to do things. Today I still mimic some of his teachings and think fondly of our times together. Without Ian”s guidence I would not have had the career and life that I have enjoyed. He installed confidence and a belief in the people he came in contact with.
    A true Gentleman in life.
    Never forgotten.

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