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20 comments on “Ian & Cynthia Cann”

  1. Troy wants to say hi to you Marcia…and thanks for your caring comments…thankyou….and yes…Ian and Cynthia I will miss and do miss deeply everyday…

  2. Memories from Blackwood Easter Festivals, and of all the Cann Family beginning with Ians’ parents, Uncle Harry and Auntie Cath. Our sympathy to Brad, Susie and all extended family.
    love Jan and Tony

  3. Sincere sympathies and condolences to you all from us all at Allweek wrecking.Ian a once in a lifetime kind of guy youll meet.A big heart and even a bigger smile. Always ready yo tell a story,especially about his lovely Cynthia,his boys and his Honda.He will be sadly missed.
    Rest in peace mate

  4. A beautiful service for both of these beautiful people.
    I knew Ian Cann when he joined the Traffic Office of Moorabbin City Council in the 1980’s and over the many years since then I have enjoyed mixing with Ian and Cynthia at dances and theatrical events. I am so glad that Ian is no longer in that terrible painful situation he was in a few months ago when I spoke to him and recently when I spoke to his son, Scott. May you both rest peacefully together now and thank you for your years of friendship.
    Vicki Marshall

  5. My sincere sympathy to Ian’s family.
    I met Ian at the Dandenong Lodge No.635 where he was a frequent visitor.
    Ian was a real gentleman and always a great support to the Dandenong Lodge.
    I greatly appreciated his reassuring presence

  6. Dear family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time.

  7. What to say about my old mate Ian, I also met Ian at Hampton Park Baptist Church it was then that we shared our first cup of tea and got chatting. As i had a vege garden Ian asked me if i had any big worms he could have for his fishing. There were many tubs of worms shared and lots of gardening tips shared. Ian continued to visit regularly over the last almost 20 years. He would love coming and checking out what i was growing both in vegetables and flowers. He talked fondly of his boys and his love for Cynthia never waved. He had a magnificant trip overseas recently which made him so happy, the smile was back again. He had found it so hard to put his beautiful wife in care. He also enjoyed my tomato relish and would leave jars at my door step as a hint he wanted more. On his last visit i had the honour of him bringing photos of his wedding and boys growing up, family memories which he cherished almost as much as he cherished his bike and of course the magnicant car. He was a true gentleman and such a gentle soul i have the fondest memories and im so sorry for your lose if this amazing man xo

  8. Glenys and Graeme Marriott extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Ian and Cynthia. Graeme’s first meeting with the Canns was in 1967 when he came to East Bentleigh to board with his grandmother. Glenys arrived on the scene in 1980 and, as neighbours in East Boundary Road East Bentleigh, we had many good times with the Cann family – bbqs, birthdays, drinks, sing songs, etc. Ian and Graeme were real Elvis fans. We fondly remember Ian’s involvement with MLOC Productions, a local musical theatre company, in particular, in Ian’s singing and acting in Li’l Abner, Dimboola and Shenanigan’s Wake. One of the funnier moments with Ian and Cynthia was when Ian dug up in his back yard a treasure trove of crockery and cutlery which Ian had buried a few years before one night after a rather heavy party on instruction from Cynthia to get rid of all the rubbish. Ian obeyed Cynthia and buried the lot, rubbish, kitchenware and all.

    1. Hi there your old neighbour!!!!…thankyou for your comments….it’s a hard time here in Perth cannot get back there…corona border lockdown……but I know this… are both in our hearts and memories will never pass….. hope to say hello to you both one day…Troy..

  9. My connection to Ian was through my husband Graham from their days at Moorabbin City Council which was a very “social” organisation and our paths crossed at social events over the years. After we moved to Queensland in 1982, Ian and Cynthia came up to stay with us on a number of occasions and then overnighted on their way to and from Cairns while visiting their son. What you saw was what you got with both of them. There was no pretention and a great deal of ‘genuine’, mixed in with a lot of laughs. Graham passed away in 2012 and I appreciated the fact that Ian continued to give me a call a few times during the year to touch base and have a chat. My condolences to the family. It’s sad to know those phone calls won’t happen anymore.

  10. My love to Brad Scott and Troy and your families. Your mother was a darling and Ian a fine man
    Growing up Ian and Graeme wood take me rabbitting. We had a wonderful childhood growing up together eith your beautiful grandparents. Wonderful memories. Marcie Jones

  11. I met Ian in 1999 at Vic Rehab Centre and was his physio for some time. We kept in touch over the years and I am saddened to hear the news. I offer my sincere condolences to his family. The world is losing a good old fair dinkum bloke. I’ll miss him. Thank you Ian.

  12. Sincere sympathies and condolences to Ian’s family – I knew Ian from the Hampton Park Baptist Church and he was always friendly and warm to speak with – we had some good chats

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