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102 comments on “Jantje Kossen”

  1. Our condolences Marielle and Suzanne and families. A beautiful tribute to a very much loved mum and grandmother. Sending our love and thoughts. Amy & Tiel x

  2. What a beautiful service. I am very grateful to have witnessed it on te live stream. Seeing the pictures and listening to the stories and memories of ‘tante Jantje’ made me realise again what a great person she was. We wish you all lots of strenght dealing with this great loss.

    1. Thank you Jack and Levine x She really was a great person. So glad she was able to attend the family reunion back in 2017 in Holland. And so glad you were able to attend today via love streaming x

    2. Thank you Jack and Levine,
      Not so long ago mama (tante Jantje) and I were talking about the old days in Holland, when you stayed with us on the boat for a few days in your younger days, and also when you stayed with us to go to the Queen concert in Utrecht when you were a teenager. Thought you might appreciate Jantje’s choice of song at the end of the service – ‘I want to break free’ by Queen, xox

  3. Condolences to all Jantje’s family. Very sad to hear when Jantje’s was very ill,then improved,went to Rehab. and actually came back home to her unit in Woodlands Park,but the shortly after,passed away. I often met Jantje at the pool and we enjoyed long chats there.
    Talking about our lives,when and where we lived in Holland,etc
    Both losing our husbands in 2013,etc.etc. Then sometime afterwards,moving into Woodlands Retirement Village.
    The funeral service was done very well including beautiful music. Thank you for the opportunity.Will miss the chats with Jantje mostly at the pool about our holidays of the past and current

    1. Thank you Theresa,
      Jantje (mama) told us about your chats at the Woodlands Park pool. She both enjoyed those chats and your company very much.

    2. Thank you Theresa,
      Jantje (mama) told us about your chats at the Woodlands Park pool. She enjoyed both your chats and company very much. x

    3. Thank you Theresa,
      Jantje (mama) told us about your lovely chats at the Woodlands Park pool. She enjoyed both your chats and your company very much. x

  4. To Jan’s family.
    Our heart felt sympathy for your loss. We have enjoyed been Jans neighbours for the past 7 years. She has been a much loved member of our village and will be sadly missed by all.

    1. Thank you Judy and John,
      You were lovely neighbours to Jantje (mama) and you added to her enjoyment of living at Woodlands Park. x

    2. Thank you Judy and John,
      You were lovely neighbours to Jantje (mama) and added to her enjoyment living at Woodlands Park. She will be missed. x

    3. Thank you Judy and John,
      You were lovely neighbours to Jantje (mama) and added to her enjoyment in living at Woodlands Park. x

  5. Dear Marielle, Suzanne and families,
    when I first met your mum she welcomed me with warmth for which I will be forever grateful; then pulled me straight into a card game!!
    May the memories you have of her keep you strong,
    And sharing those, keep her and each other close.

    1. Dear Els,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. Jantje (mama) was indeed very welcoming. Grateful for the memories that we have with her, but she was taken far too soon. xox

  6. Such a truly beautiful service for your mum Susanne. What a wonderful woman! Our sincere condolences to you and the family. Cherish all the memories.

  7. Lieve Mariëlle,Suzanne en Familie,

    Heel erg bijzonder om op deze manier toch bij Tante Jantjes’ afscheid aanwezig te kunnen zijn,
    ondanks de afstand voelt het toch of ik er bij mocht zijn!
    Heel veel bewondering ook voor de mooie speeches van iedereen en vooral ook dapper van de kids.
    We zullen Jantje nooit vergeten, ze zit in ons hart samen met de herinneringen aan haar, zoals haar bijzondere stem,die zit voor altijd in mijn hoofd net als de weekends samen op de boot met jullie ,de bbq’s ,klaverjassen en all the fun we had!Ik wens jullie heel veel sterkte de komende tijd met het verwerken van dit enorme verlies,ik denk aan jullie!!
    Liefs en dikke kus , Colinda


    1. Hartelijk bedankt Colinda x Zo blij dat je er toch nog bij kon zijn via de live streaming x

    2. Lieve Colinda,
      Yeah, those were the days and wonderful memories. Really pleased that the live streaming worked and you were able to be part of it all those thousands of miles away. xox

  8. Sending our sincere condolences to you all, such beautiful tributes for a very loving Mumma and Oma x R.I.P Jan, reunited with your husband once more x

    1. Thank you Mandy x I think she would have been proud of us all today, especially the grandkids. Glad you were able to virtually attend x

  9. Our warmest condolences with your sad loss Marielle, Suzanne and families. It was wonderful to share your stories of your happy lives with Jantje and Pierre and we will remember with fondness the happy and fun times we have shared with you all.
    with love and best wishes

    Lya ans Frans

    1. Thank you so much Lya and Frans x Mama was so happy to have caught up with you earlier this year x

    2. Thank you Lya en Frans,,
      Jantje (mama) had such great times with you and the friends in Adelaide. So much dancing, BBQing and general socialising. I know she missed those times. xox

  10. To Marielle and Steve, Susanne and Richard, Nicolaas and Anneke, Annemieke, Mathijs, Bella and Thomas, what a very moving and heartfelt tribute to Jantje, such a grand lady who touched all of our lives and who was a friend to us all. We will always miss her warm, fun personality and infectious laugh.
    Sending all of our love your way, Nick and Tina.

    1. Thank you Nick and Tina,
      You guys were very special to Jantje (mama) and were considered part of the family. xox

  11. Sending our love, Marielle, Steve, Nico and Anneke. You all spoke so fondly of your Oma all the time. She sounded extraordinary. Our hearts go out to you and we will cherish a chance to give you all a big hug.
    Ian, Catherine and Gab xo

    1. Thank you Cheryl x Mum valued your friendship so much. So glad you were able to virtually attend x

    2. Thank you Sheryl,
      I know Jantje (mama) really appreciated your friendship and the time you spent together. She always looked forward to her ‘Wednesday Sheryl’ catch up days. She will be missed. xox

  12. dear Marielle and Susanne and families such a moving and loving tribute to Jantje . Thank you for livestreaming so we could say goodbye to our dear friend Jantje too . We will miss her so much .
    Wishing you strength in this difficult time . With much love Evert and Ellen van Wijk Adelaide

    1. Thank you Ellen and Evert x We’re glad you were able to virtually attend. Mama’s Adelaide friends were so important to her x

    2. Thank you Ellen en Evert,
      Jantje (mama) really enjoyed her time with her friends in Adelaide and enjoyed keeping in touch with you via your regular calls. So pleased you were able to join the service remotely and say goodbye. xox

  13. May you rest in peace and in love, Jantje! We will all miss seeing you at Easter and Xmas get togethers. Watch over your beautiful families from above, and until we meet again.

    1. Thank you Miranda,
      So glad you were able to join remotely. Family was so important to her. Not only when we were little but right up until the end. She loved our trip to Sydney last year and really enjoyed spending time with you, Andrew and the kids. xox

  14. Lieve Marielle & Susanne.
    Fijn dat we er op deze manier bij konden zijn.
    Mooi afscheid.
    Mooie woorden.
    Nice memories with a smile and some tears.
    Dikke kus!

    1. Beautiful memories indeed xx
      Thank you for your beautiful tribute. Mama would have loved it x

    2. Lieve Raymond,
      So glad that you were a part of the service. Really appreciated your speech, so heartfelt and so true. Treasuring the memories. xox

  15. Lieve Mariëlle en Susanne, Steve en Richard,

    Wat hebben jullie op mooie en liefdevolle wijze afscheid genomen zojuist van jullie (schoon)moeder en oma.

    Heel veel sterkte en liefs,

    Ilona, Gert-Jan, Constantijn, Kristian en Julius

    1. Lieve Ilona,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments, and so glad you were able to join online from so may miles away. I hope we did her proud. xox

  16. Dear Marielle, Susanne and family,
    Our sincere condolences, we are so sorry for your loss.
    We will miss her here at Woodlands.
    Uschi and Chris

    1. Thank you Uschi and Chris,
      You were wonderful friends and neighbours to Jantje (mama) and added to her enjoyment of living at Woodlands Park. Thank you for your support. xox

  17. Woodlands Park will be the poorer without Jan to brighten our days.
    We had lots of laughs at our card games together.
    Condolences to her family.

    1. Thank you Dorothy x Mum had so much fun playing cards and adored her Woodlands Park family x

    2. Thank you Dorothy,
      Jantje (mama) loved cards and games all her life, and was so happy to be playing with you and her other friends at Woodlands park. Apparently there was as much chatter as there was actual card playing, she always had so much fun! xox

  18. Rest In Peace Jan. you will be missed. So many happy times shared. Deepest sympathy to Jan’s family.

  19. Dear Susanne and Mareille Our condolence and we also today think of our memories with Jantje and also Pierre from Adelaide, Eden Hills times, Big hugs and love

  20. Happy hour, our gang Christmas dinners, dinner get together and birthdays will never be the same, miss you, forever in our hearts…Sue, Pauline, Lee, Dianne, Colleen, Marg, Trish, Lin, Joan & Ted xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Sue and the happy hour gang! Jantje (mama) was so happy she was part of your group. She always looked forward to your get togethers, fun and the laughs. xox

  21. My sincere condolences to Jan’s family. So sorry for your loss. Remember happy times.
    Great memories of her at Woodlands Park.

    1. Thank you Lesley. She absolutely loved her time at Woodlands Park. So happy she spent seven wonderful years there with her wonderful friends. x

  22. Beste Marielle, Suzanne en andere familei. Wij willen op deze manier ons medeleven betuigen.

    Heel veel sterkte,

    Liefs Elco, Evelien, Lisanne, Wessel en Annemiek

    1. Lieve Evelien, Elco, Lisanne, Wessel and Annemiek,
      So glad you were able to join the online service from so far. She was a special ‘tante’ xox

  23. Dear Marielle, Suzanne and family,
    We are sorry for your loss. We would like you to know that we think back on Jantje (and Pierre) with great fondness. Especially on the time we spent with them when we stayed with them in Adelaide during our trip to Australia!
    We wish you much strength in coping with this great loss.

    Jan, Mathé, Lorens, Lennart

    1. Thank you so much Jan x Both mum and dad had fond memories of that time with you and Mathé xx

    2. Dear Jan, Mathe, Lorens and Lennart,
      There are a lot of great memories, but your time in Adelaide was fantastic, so much fun and quality family time! xox

  24. My beautiful best friend – I can’t believe I won’t see you anymore. You brought me so much happiness. I’m going to miss our fun times together – laughing, gardening, shopping, exchanging recipes and your stories about Holland and Pierre. Condolences to your family. Forever In my heart , Sheryl xxx

    1. Thank you Sheryl x You meant a lot to Mama and she always looked forward to your visits, coffees and chats. You were a great friend to her xx

    2. Lieve Marielle, Susanne en familie.
      Wat een ontroerende celebration van Jantje’s leven. We denken met weemoed terug aan de parties en kaart avonden tot diep in de nacht.
      We wensen jullie sterkte in de komende tijd.
      Liefs Anneke en Wout

    3. Lieve Anneke en Wout,
      Those time in Adelaide were so much fun, many very late nights indeed. I know Jantje (mama) looked back on them very fondly. Thanks for your lovely commments. xox

    4. Dear Marielle and Suzanne and family.So sorry for your loss!!Indeed we remember so many happy times with you all in Adelaide.Remember the tennis times,beach swimming In Jantjes pool!Parties etc .Yes beautiful memories thank you Jantje for the happy memories !!Beautiful service.Big hug for you all.Much love Christine and Piet Jan and family .

    5. Thank you Christine and Piet Jan,
      The Dutch tennis cup was always such an event and so much fun, and indeed the pool volleyball and parties were not to be missed! Great times in Adelaide. xox

  25. Sincere condolences to Jans family. May her memory forever be with you. Jan will be greatly missed by her friends at Woodlands Park.

    1. Thank you Susie x
      Mum loved her Woodlands Park family and had so many great times with you all x

    2. Thank you Susie,
      She had such fun in Woodlands Park and made so many great friends, so happy for the seven years she got to spend with wonderful people like yourself and all her other friends. xox

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