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10 comments on “Jenifer Mullen”

  1. Clare and Robin, please accept our condolances.
    We were grateful for being able to watch the Livestream of Jenny’s funeral. It brought back memories of times that we had shared with Jen over the years. As many have attested, she was unique, and we were fortunate that she was in our lives, even if only occasionally.
    David and Robyn Allan.

  2. Dear Clare and Robin,
    It was a pleasure to have met your mum. The neighbourhood was the richer for having her in our community. She was always ready for a chat. I do agree with being ‘ looked over was better then being over looked’!
    What an extraordinary life that ended thankfully in peace.
    Sending love

  3. Beautiful service celebrating Jeny’s life. Well done Clare and Robyn and families. My wonderful memories of Jeny include both as my landlord and radiographer at Queen Vic and Monash. She was a caring beautiful person who saw the good in everyone. Never a mean word said. As a radiographer , her ‘exposure book’ was the best. Now that’s not rude , we all had these types of books to write exposures in to remember what exposure to give to someone for their X-ray (in days before automation). Jeny’s was a black exercise book , with scribbled notes in disarray , stating things like , chest bit bigger than Andrew , with the values for kv, mA, s. And she could always find the correct exposure for that X-ray. Often much to the amazement of juniors and students.
    As my landlord and neighbor , very easy going and taught me how to be a good landlord to my tenants. I remember when the old house was replaced with the 2 story house , we often saw her standing in the far back corner with cup of tea in hand , catching the snippet sun on her face.
    Best wishes Clare and Robyn and families

  4. I’m sorry to have been unable to attend Jenny’s funeral today but grateful to have been able to watch online and share this very loving and bespoke celebration of her life. Jenny was an enigma – such an important figure in my childhood along with Joe, Clare and Robin and the extended Mullen family. I’ll always have such fond memories of her eccentricities, and in later years, her esoteric letters, her unexpected phone calls and her random gifting. One of her surprise gifts about 15 years ago was a gangly plush monkey toy, which went on to became my son’s security blanket / transitional object that went absolutely everywhere with our family throughout his preschool years. Rest well dear Jenny. Catherine (Acton) and family xx

  5. Sorry I was unable to attend Mummo’s Funeral in person, it was a beautiful service. I wanted to share one of my favourite memories of her in the short time I knew her.

    I remember spending time with Mummo, helping her move some boxes she had lying around. She sifted through a few of them, finding some gorgeous vintage dresses belonging to her in her younger days, as well as Clare and Robin. It was a heartwarming moment, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the stories that some of these dresses held.
    With her infectious and very encouraging enthusiasm, I found myself trying on half a box of these dresses. Each dress came with its own unique story, and she recounted them with such intricate detail that I felt transported back in time as if I were living the moments she so lovingly shared. These dresses became windows into the tapestry of Mummo’s remarkable life.
    Her ability to remember the past, even in her later years, was incredible. Her storytelling skills were quite impressive, I felt like I was there in every story she retold as I wore those dresses.
    I feel privileged to have had these special memories retold to me, and I know they’ll remain unforgettable to those she shared them with. Mummo was an incredibly inspirational, crazy, and lovable character. I’ll never forget her and her neverending supply of fancy hats, even if I tried.
    My thoughts and love go out to the family during this difficult time.
    Tiger x

  6. A wonderful service. I never met Jeny but I’ve heard about someone special, much loved and who touched so many lives. Thanks for the inspiring and funny stories. Very best wishes Clare, Robin and your loved ones XXX

  7. So sorry for your loss Claire and robin. She was such an amazing lady , full of character. I met jeny in one of her many walks to the mail box in front of my house over 13 years ago. Always up for a chat and always asking about the kids . I will miss her terribly. xxxx

  8. Thank you for joining us online for the celebration of mum’s life. Mum was quite a character; there are many stories to share and we would like to hear them all! Feel free to leave stories in the comments, or email them to us if you have our email. Rev Greg said this is a time of gratitude and sadness; we completely agree. We appreciate your support, kind messages, and role you played in our mum’s life. Best regards, Clare and Robin XO

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