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  1. Oh my heart breaks, I have only just learnt of the death of Jenny…February 2021. So very sad, my heart goes out to you all…MND is an ugly beast…I have buried my best friend David because of this beast and now to hear that it took Jenny as well, neighbours us all for the early years of our lives. Geoff, Judy, David, Andrew and my friend Rosemary I am so shattered for you all.
    So many memories of our neighbourhood. Raphael Slattery and the extended Slattery Clan

  2. Dear Geoff and Judy,
    Heartfelt condolences to you both, and your family, on the sad passing of Jenny – the fastest lady on the water in “Tweedledee” E261 for many years in the Es!
    It was a lovely memorial service for Jenny, that told of a full and talented life, extending far beyond the young lady we knew from the E championships!
    We look forward to some day in the not too distant future of being able to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, to see first hand her work efforts post-sailing!
    Our love and thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time,
    David and Ruth Wise, Adelaide

  3. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,
    I enjoyed and appreciated the occasional meetings and conversations I had with Jenny over many years – including sharing a little of my own family’s horticultural heritage. I did remember something of her sailing prowess and was interested to hear of sailing on Lake Illawarra, where my grandfather Orange for a few years ran a ferry service and later operated a poultry farm nearby at Albion Park. My deepest sympathy. Affectionately William Orange

  4. Dear Geoff and Judy

    Sincere and deepest sympathy. Jenny had a wonderful nature designed in Heaven, where she now rests.
    I remember the long hours of dedication to RBG, leaving work always late and now her life has been taken far too early. Dr Phil summed up her years of wonderful service admirably.
    My thoughts are with you both and all extended family.
    Here’s to her memory

  5. Dear Geoff and Judy

    Sincere and deepest sympathy. Jenny had a wonderful nature designed in Heaven, where she now rests.
    I remember the long hours of dedication to RBG, leaving work always late and now her life has been taken far too early. Dr Phil summed up her years of wonderful service admirably.
    My thoughts are with you both and all extended family.
    Here’s to her memory

  6. Dear Geoff & Judy, Rose, David and Andy
    My sincere condolences to you and the extended Steinicke family at this very sad time. Jenny has been taken from us all far too soon and will be sadly missed.

    I have had the privilege of knowing Jenny for more than 30 years. We first met in March 1989 at the Ministry of Consumer Affairs as colleagues and became friends.

    There are so many wonderful memories of Jenny across the years. It was great to have the opportunity to meet you all over time, whether at Rotary Fundraising events or other gatherings. Jenny was such an elegant, ethical, organised, diligent, stoic, and fun person. All these qualities and more were evident in her courageous battle with MND. Jenny was also incredibly generous of her time, talents and gifts which is a credit to you her family.

    When my sister Marita and I purchased a house that could be best described as a ‘renovator’s delight’, Jenny was one of the few that could see the potential in that house. (I admit you needed a really good imagination.) Jenny volunteered some weekends to join us in the marathon task of stripping the wallpaper off the many rooms in that house. I have fond memories of Jenny testing out the various wallpaper stripping techniques and laughing with us.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers at this sad and difficult time.
    May Jenny rest in peace after a life well lived.
    Patricia Quinn

  7. Dear Geoff and Judy,
    As Sydney-ites we only briefly met Jenny at sailing championships; nevertheless the amazing giftedness we heard of is a reflection of both of you Judy and Geoff. Your sailing ‘parable’ said it all. We grieve for you both.
    With all our love, Julie and Dennis.

  8. To the Steinicke family,
    My sincere condolences on the loss of Jenny. I was privileged to know and interact with Jenny for nearly 20 years during which I consulted to the RBGV in organisation development areas. Reflecting on Jenny’s strengths, it was her bright energetic personality that comes to the fore. She would enter a boardroom or a workshop quietly but her presence and her “light” was immediately apparent. Despite a heavy workload, Jenny always had time and a smile.
    My thoughts and best wishes are with you all – and with all staff of the RBGV.

  9. Dear Judy & Geoff
    A beautiful service and a wonderful tribute to your inspirational and loving daughter Jenny.

    I remember Mum having some of the early photos of Jenny as a toddler. One in particular comes to
    mind of a visit to Upland Road with Pam cuddling Rosemary with Jenny in the foreground.

    My thoughts and love are with you both.
    May her beautiful soul Rest In Peace.
    Jenny Bell

  10. Please accept my condolences. I was deeply saddened to hear of Jenny’s illness and her passing. I too was a member of her team at the Gardens for 12 years and admired her capacity for hard work, her forensic memory, her generosity and her honey cake – I never did get the recipe.

  11. Our condolences to Geoff & Judy and all the Steinicke family.
    We knew Jenny through my sister Patricia. Various gatherings at the Gardens & also at non work gatherings. We have great memories of our times together & Jenny’s humour and wisdom. The service for Jenny was really beautiful. Jenny would have been pleased.
    Our thoughts & prayers are with all.
    Tony Berger & Marita Quinn.

  12. Dear Geoff, Judy , Rose, David and Andrew,
    Jennys Funeral Service was a testament to the magnificent life she led both professionally and personally. Her legacy lives on in her garden and in all our hearts and minds.
    We know the pain of loss of a loved one and for all of you the pain loosing Jenny will last a lifetime. Please know that we are walking this sad journey with you and we will never forget her. The music and her tributes read by all the family including Lillian were beautiful and she would have been so proud of you all. I hope you felt all the love despite not being able to be with you.
    Love always Ronnie and Warren. xxx

  13. Hi Geoff and Judy,

    Such a beautiful service, know that we are thinking of you all at this sad time. We will miss her at our annual catch-ups.

    Love Gayle & Adam Keech x

  14. Dear Judy, Geoff and family,
    What a privilege to hear the heartwarming and generous eulogies about Jenny’s amazing life, significant achievements and wonderful personality. We trust that these happy memories give you comfort at this time.
    My best regards Greg & Jenny Cribbes, a fellow Lazy E skipper but lacking your talent!!

  15. What a beautiful service and lovely reflections on Jenny’s life.
    Thank you for allowing us to be part of today.
    She will be greatly missed
    Penny Fowler

  16. Dear Judy, Geoff and family,
    Our love to you from Hobart.
    We wish we could have been with you today, to say goodbuy to our beautiful niece.
    We loved her and the memories we have will never be forgotten.

    Love from Marian and Gi.

  17. Thank you for inviting us to be part of the service for Jenny. We will remember her when we next visit the Bontanical or Cranbourne Gardens. Our love & thoughts to you all. Margaret & Geoff.

  18. Beautiful service, Lillian should definitely (if she fancies) write about her whirlwind trip with Jenny, what a lovely moment in time for you both & all the family to be apart of, sharing the journey in messages & photos.
    I began at the RBGV in 2002 & Jenny was alway a friendly, positive part of the RBGV family, and clearly behind every great Man -Phil – there is a great Woman.

  19. Thankyou for the opportunity to be part of Jenny’s farewell service, it was a lovely service and gave me great comfort to be reminded of the warmth, joy and love felt by everyone who had the privilege of knowing Jenny. She has been a positive influence in the lives of so many people, mine included, her memory will live long.
    My sincere condolences to the family.

  20. Dear Geoff and Judy,
    Thinking of you today.
    A beautiful service that highlighted Jenny’s amazing character and talents.
    Love Brett, Cathy & family.

  21. Dear Steinicke Family
    I’m thinking of you all at this difficult time. A beautiful service today. I will cherish the lessons and memories I have from working with Jenny for almost 20 years.

  22. Sending my sincerest condolences to the Steinicke family.

    I had the privilege of working with Jenny, in her division, at The Gardens Shop, for over 15 years. I fondly remember our monthly product meetings where Jenny would often bring in the most amazing shortbread biscuits! Jenny was a remarkable lady in every sense of the word and will truly be missed.


  23. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,
    We would’ve wanted to be there with you today. Thinking of you all.
    The service today revealed Jenny as having many talents and qualities, an inspirational lady who touched many lives.
    We’ll miss her.
    Love Andrea and Marty

  24. Dear Geoff, Judy and Family

    Deepest condolences for your loss. Jenny was an inspirational work colleague and mentor who will be sadly missed.

    Best wishes


  25. Dear Geoff, Judy and Family

    My deepest condolence for you loss. Jenny will be missed greatly by all of us and I will forever cherish the memories of a dedicated, supportive and caring manager at the Gardens.

    Rest in peace Jenny.

  26. Dear Geoff & Judy

    A truly fitting tribute for Jenny today. She will be greatly missed by all.

    Love Gerry & Alan

  27. Our heartfelt condolences to you all at this time to grieve. What a talented and spirited lady your daughter, sister and auntie was in this life – which the beautiful tributes today expressed so deeply. We will think of Jenny when we visit the Royal Botanic Gardens – a place which has already meant so much to our little family now has another layer of meaning after learning today of Jenny’s devotion and talents in growing this gift to all of us.
    Blessings, Russell & Natasha

  28. Dear Geoff and Judy,
    Today’s service was such a beautiful tribute to a very fine woman.
    It was fascinating to learn a little about Jenny’s life and to see what an impact she had on all whole knew and loved her. With Jenny’s obvious love of nature, it seemed fitting to watch the service on LiveStream whilst sitting in my garden.
    Sincere condolences to you both and the wider Steinicke family.
    Narelle Crothers xx

  29. A very moving ceremony, befitting a truly amazing woman. It was lovely to hear more about Jenny’s life both professionally and her dedication to the entire family. She is an inspiring, selfless and admirable woman. She will be always remembered in so many hearts and minds. My heartfelt condolences to Judy, Geoff, Rose, David, Andrew and family.

  30. To the Steinicke Family

    My deepest sympathy at this sad time. I have always valued Jenny’s wisdom, advice and friendship. She will be so missed.


    Elaine Canty

  31. Dear Geoff, Judy and family
    Such a beautiful service for a truly a remarkable woman.
    It was my absolute privilege to work as Jenny’s EA for 17 years. I miss her very much.
    Take comfort in the knowledge that her presence will always live on in the Gardens, where she achieved so much.
    You raised a very special person, and should be so proud.
    My thoughts are with you.

  32. A beautiful tribute to an amazing person I was truly proud to call my sister in law. We will never forget you Jen and your legacy lives with us all xoxo

  33. Dear Rose, David, Kathryn, Matt and Family

    Sending love to you all today during this sad time, such a beautiful tribute to Jenny’s life. Although I never got the chance to meet Jenny, from the service today I can tell she was truly inspirational to everyone she met.

    Love Danny.

  34. Dear Steinicke family

    My sincere condolences for the loss of Jenny, way before her time. The service was beautiful.

    You do not know me – I first met Jenny in 2005 when she was a client of mine for HR consulting work. Over the years of working with her and the RGBV team she became more than a client, she became a friend.

    My most enduring memory was attending Derby Day in 2018 with Jenny & Patricia. It was before her MND diagnosis, though she had symptoms. We had a wonderful fun-filled (and champagne filled) day with great conversation and laughter interspersed with small flutters and wins/losses on the horses.
    I will miss her intellect, wit and laugh. I admire her courage in how she valiantly fought and accepted MND.
    May she Rest In Peace. Thinking of you and her RGBV family.

    Sue Hurly

  35. Dear Judy and Geoff, and the Steinicke family,

    Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of Jenny. Her loss will be felt greatly by many. I worked with Jenny for ten years and I valued her intellect, her humour and insight. I will miss her wisdom and great talent for finding something positive in all kinds of situations.

    My thoughts are with you.
    Kindest regards

  36. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,
    Very warm, beautiful and powerful service for such a special person.
    I always loved being in her company.
    My entire little family watched and wept.
    Thinking of you all and sending love.

    Amelda and family xxxx

  37. We have known the Steinecke family for fifty years, since we first arrived in Mont Albert, as a close and loving family. Today’s service emphasised what a terrible loss for all of us, and what a wonderful contribution Jenny made. We are glad to have known her, and we shall not forget.

  38. Dear Steinicke family
    As another close colleague of Jenny during 20+ years at the Cranbourne Gardens, I know her legacy will live on for 100’s of years. We miss her companionship and her guidance. She was fun to work with, and an inspiration.
    With love and compassion.
    Jill Burness

  39. Dear Judy, Geoff and family.
    We are so saddened by Jenny’s passing. Todays service was a great reflection of her life and love for others.
    Thinking of you all, love Julie and Barry.

  40. Dear Geoff and Judy and all, a truly beautiful service for the vivacious, spirited and inspiring Jenny. She will be missed. We are sending our love and prayers to you all today. Love Genevieve, Ben, Rafferty & Jemima xx

  41. Dear Judy and Geoff,

    It was such a beautiful service.

    With all our love,

    Lesley and Chris.

  42. Dear Steinicke family,
    Grieving with you at this sad time. Jenny will be remembered for the positive influence she left behind to so many. She was my friend and mentor over many years.
    Thinking of you

    1. Dear Steinicke Family
      What a lovely farewell. I can only imagine how much you will miss Jenny.

      A long time friend she leaves me with many happy memories. And much sadness, Melbourne won’t be the same for me without her to visit.

      Jane Brentnall

  43. Dear Geoff & Judy:

    What a rich life Jenny had and the lovely memories shared with the family. Her contributions to her beloved botanical gardens will never be forgotten. She was indeed an inspiration. We are all so proud of her.

    God bless her.

    With sadness we bid her adieu. Love from the Home Instead family.

  44. My thoughts are with you all at this very sad time. Jenny’s passing came far too soon. During my enure with RBGV very was a great support to me and I will cherish our coffee and lunch conversations always.
    RIP Jenny.

  45. Dear Geoff, Judy, Rose, David and Andrew

    My condolences to you all at this very sad time. In my memories Jenny is always smiling; she was the inspiration for me to do the same post-grad course at RMIT after Melbourne Uni, and I recall the lovely chats we had on the occasions she gave me a lift home. Of course, she was also a very dear friend to my sister Jane.

    A lovely service and an obviously much loved and treasured member of the family.

    Anna Snell (nee Brentnall)

  46. Such a lovely service. Thinking of you all on this very sad day. What a wonderful and fulfilling life Jenny led.
    Love, Karen, Marty, Sam and Georgia

  47. Dear Judy and Geoff and the whole family,

    such a beautiful service! Thank you so very much for giving us this opportunity to join you today.

    I will always remember Jenny.

    Warm thoughts and love,

    Tiina and family

  48. To the Steinicke family.
    Condolences to all at this difficult time.
    May you find strength during this time and remember Jenny with fond memories.
    I knew Jenny for 19+ years through work at the RBGV.

  49. A very suitable celebration of life and a worthy tribute to a great lady who contributed much to her family and our community.

  50. Dear Judy and Geoff
    We feel privileged to have been able to hear the amazing tributes to your wonderful daughter. You and your family have been totally blessed to have shard your lives with Jenny.
    Love from
    Margaret and Ted Wilkins

  51. What a beautiful service, and a wonderful insight into Jenny’s passionate life. Thinking of you all,
    Love Kerryn xx

  52. Dear Geoff, Judy and all Jenny’s family,

    I was so sorry to see Jenny’s wonderful zest for life be challenged over the last couple of years, and so sad to learn of her recent passing.

    I feel privileged to have known Jenny. I greatly respect her contributions made over her many years at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Mostly though, I treasure her friendship and will miss our chats on many topics when we met by chance in the kitchen, by the photocopier or as as we walked along one of the Gardens’ paths.

    Thank you for sharing her with us.

    Thinking of you.

    Rob Cross

  53. Dear Judy & Geoff
    Thank you for inviting us to attend this very moving tribute to Jenny.
    Our deepest sympathy to you and your extended family.
    Kindest Regards
    Julie & Ken

  54. Thankyou for making it possible to share Jenny’s service with you. Jenny was one of the first people I met when I joined the RBGV in 1995 and I have appreciated her guidance and kindness over many years.

    Liz James

  55. Dear Geoff and Judy

    A very sad day for all of us but Jenny’s funeral was a memorable tribute to her incredible life and devotion to her friends, workmates and role at Royal Botanic Gardens. Jenny was so generous to others no matter what problems confronted her, setting a remarkable role model which will be hard to match.

    I may not have survived as Chairman of the Royal Botanic Gardens without Jenny’s support, she has left an enormous legacy in the beauty of the gardens she helped to create. Jenny was very brave in her time of sickness, continuing to give great assistance to the gardens at an important phase in its development.

    Our love, prayers and thoughts are with you on this day.

    Deepest sympathy

    Jill & Ken Harrison

  56. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,

    The thoughts of all of us at the Gardens are with you today as we reflect on Jenny’s life. Her legacy is all around us, in both botanic gardens and in the memories we carry.

    I remember Jenny joining the Gardens during my formative years here, part of the transformation Phil Moors spoke about. Then various projects between Sydney and Melbourne, and finally joining Jenny again to continue with the grand project so close to her heart – Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

    Sincere condolences from all of us. Rest in peace Jenny.

  57. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,

    A lovely service, enjoyed hearing all about Jenny’s full life.

    Thinking of you all, love from Helen and Graeme x

  58. To Rose David Matt and Kat
    What an amazing tribute to a wonderful woman.
    Sending wishes
    Damien and Joanne VanDerHaar

  59. I had the opportunity to work with, and develop a valued friendship with Jenny over may years.
    My life is richer for having known her. The thoughts and memories today were a wonderful tribute to an exceptional person. Jenny will be missed x

  60. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,

    My personal condolences on your recent loss. Jenny has contributed so much to the RBG and it was always a delight to catch up with her over the many years we have known her. She was a sincere and honest person and it is so pleasing that she was able to fulfil many of her travel dreams. Her strong spirit continues to shine.

    Lynda Entwisle

  61. Thinking of you all. Jenny was a mentor, a friend and inspiration over the 20 years I worked at the RBGV. She was always willing to help, and provide leadership (and the occasional dry comment), reminding me to manage my expectations of myself and of the folk I was trying to manage. Her dedication to the gardens community was enviable. I will miss her, and try to keep those dry comments in mind.


  62. Dear Judy and Geoff

    Sending love and blessings to you and the family my deepest condolences, thinking of you all during this difficult time

  63. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,

    Thinking of you all at this sad time. She will definitely be missed at our Steinicke get togethers.
    Bronwyn, Adam and family

  64. Dear Geoff and Judy and family
    Sending you and love and thoughts today as we watch Jenny’s service. It occurred to me that if we were meeting in person, the numbers in the church would be huge such was Jenny’s effect on all who knew her
    Much love
    Lee and Graeme Baker

  65. Dear Geoff, Judy and family,

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Jenny was an exceptional individual, close colleague and friend. Always ready to listen and provide advice. She will be sorely missed. Thinking of you at this difficult time.


  66. Dear Geoff and Jenny
    WE are terribly sorry that we can not be with you in person today
    Our thoughts and prayers however are with you today
    We will meet again soon
    Graeme and Sheila

  67. Dear Judy and Geoff
    Sending you and the family our deepest condolences, thinking of you all during this difficult time
    Lynda Campbell & Ross McDonald

  68. Geoff and Judy
    Please accept my condolences. I can’t imagine the sense of loss for your family. I am thinking of you at this time of bereavement.
    I did not know Jenny well but I hear she was a very innovative person and very capable. Knowing both of you, what I heard about Jenny Must be more than true.

  69. To the Steinicke family,
    Sending love and sincere condolences to you all on the passing of Jenny.
    She was my friend, colleague and mentor. I will miss her guidance and humour very much, but she is now at peace and in a better place.
    Thinking of you

  70. Dear Geoff and Judy,

    Thinking of you today at this sad time. Jenny was very talented and much loved, she will be in pain no more. We will miss her at our yearly get togethers.

    Love Margaret, John and family.

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