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34 comments on “Jeremy Hobbs”

  1. Do something to help and get involved locally is the biggest message take away from working at CAA with Jeremy. I’m really sorry to learn of his passing and send my deepest condolences. Jeremy was kind and generous, level headed, clear and action oriented and I appreciated his insights. I am grateful to have spent time with him and will miss him. Sending love, hugs and strength.

  2. Wonderful to be with you today and to remember Jeremy ; bringing back so many memories of a great guy

  3. A wonderful Australian. A wonderful Global Citizen. An amazing life lived so well and so generously to everyone. Anthony and Helen

  4. Dear Jen,Mia, Celie and Ben,
    a loving and lovely send off to your husband and Dad. He truely was a great friend to us and to the world. He enriched all our lives with special memories and seemed to hold us each, specially. We will miss him, his calm guidance and humour, and his love of all things musical and human.
    To Jeremy all we can say is “ Who’s a naughty boy then?”
    Zorb and Blackie

  5. I was so glad to be able to join online this beautiful tribute to a truly remarkable man. This world is a better place from Jeremy’s life and we are all richer people for having known him.

    I was so touched to see the wonderful young human beings who are Jeremy and Jenny’s children. I recall vividly sitting in a restaurant in Melbourne at one of those CAA dinners, when Jeremy announced they were having twins. He was, I can say, somewhat in a state of shock. What amazing and talented people you and your brother have become but not at all surprising given your extraordinary parents.

    Love and caring thoughts to you all.

  6. Such a wonderful tribute to a very special person. Privileged to hear family, friends and colleagues share great stories, jogging old memories reminding us all of the breadth and depth of the man. Much love to Jenny, Ben, Celie and Mia. KT

  7. Jeremy inspired so many of us to fight the good fight in our aid and development careers. He led with grace and humility and compassion and of course his fierce intellect. His presence will be missed around the world. He has left a wonderful legacy.

    Sending warm wishes and condolences to Jeremy’s family as you move through this time in your lives.

  8. A wonderful tribute to a man who burnt so very brightly and whose light touched and inspired so many. Deepest sympathy to Jeremy’s family at this time.

  9. Joining from the UK, and so wonderful to have been able to share in these tributes and memories. Not sure I will ever know or work with anyone else who has touched the lives of so many as Jeremy. With a personal debt of gratitude, much love to Jen and the family, Sam (Jamie, Lily and Robin) xxxx

  10. A great tribute to a great man. Jeremy and I shared a close working relationship and friendship for nearly 40 years and I will miss his intelligence, wit, kindness, concern, rather unique sense of humour and friendship very much.

  11. This was a beautiful ceremony that will stay in my memory for ever. Thank you for organizing the opportunity for those of us far away to attend the gathering.

    I felt connected to Jeremy and his family hearing many tributes that talked about the things I also remember about him, like the swimming pools and never accepting bullsxxt.

    Like many, I find it difficult to live with the fact that he is gone, but the funeral certainly helped me allow it to sink in in a positive way.

  12. My Love to you Jeremy
    Such a Big Life Journey
    Our little window had the same Love as you shared with all in your life
    This was pure gift you maintained in your life. Todays story are inspiratiinal – what can I do to make the world better.
    Thank you Gwen – i will always Love you for your message –
    Hello Mate

  13. There will always be more to say about Jeremy and his many facets. I will treasure the memory of his funny and gloriously irreverent side.Thank you, Jenny, Ben, Mia and Celie for including us on the other side of the world in this beautiful farewell occasion. And thank you for having shared your precious man with so many friends around the globe. You are all special.

  14. Thanks Comrade for the friendship, the joy, the music and for you efforts to make the world a better place

  15. A wonderful service celebrating Jeremy’s incredible life. I will always remember him. Ian Clairs

  16. Jeremy was so full of life that I find it hard to fathom that he has left this world. He was not only a supportive boss, but a good friend and exceptional human being. I am so deeply saddened by this loss. Thank you for providing this way to celebrate his life from across the oceans and say a last goodbye with others who loved him too. Much love to the family – I’m thinking of you all. Rest in peace, Jeremy!

  17. Farewell Jeras. We remember with great fondness the time we spent together. There were the triumphs of boat race wins and the pain of pounding the tracks through Kings Park in our endeavours to reach a level of fitness. We regret that we were unable to share as much of your life as we would have liked due to the tyranny of distance. All our love to your family. George & Sue

  18. Thinking of Jeremy – his gentle and inspiring, positive, low key/high influence way of being – and his extraordinary life and contribution to social change and friendship.

  19. Jeremy was truely a global citizen and so deeply committed to aid and development, to equity and social justice, to activism in all its forms, to collaboration and above all to social change. He bought commitment, collegiality, kind challenge and a deft touch to everything he did (except ordering dumplings).

  20. A layered and special ceremony – thank you – for a layered, good and special man – thank you

  21. Thanks so much for a beautiful tribute and farewell for a wonderful man who leaves a big gap in the world – I too was so lucky to have you as a ‘cobber’. I won’t forget you and send love to all the family and strength in their grief and loss

  22. My biggest warm thanks and respect to everything Jeremy taught us. We worked together for about 16 years. I will never forget him. We kept in touch after his Oxfam period. I was honoured to have him as a guest in our house in Belgium several times. We spent nice moments together .

    Huge thanks. You had a huge contribution to changing the world, and internationalism, dear Jeremy, dear comrade.

    Stefaan Declercq
    ex-ED of Oxfam-in-Belgium

  23. Warmest wishes to all the family and farewell to a very good man, one of my best bosses and a good friend Jeremy – will look forward to meeting again in the next life where he will probably be running a heavenly version of Oxfam empowering exploited angels!

  24. It is very special to be sharing these moments and to have known such a spacial person who gave so much in so many ways to those around him and humanity itself

  25. I shared much music-making with Jeremy in several bands. One of the kindest human beings I have ever met, with a most wonderful sense of humour.

  26. Sending warm wishes and condolences to Jeremy’s family. I loved spending time with Jeremy and deeply valued his guidance, friendship, thinking and of course his sense of humour. I always admired his passion for social justice and shared some of his other passions, particularly music and rowing. Jeremy leaves an incredible legacy which is highly valued by so many people in so many places. He is greatly missed.

  27. Dear Jen, Celie, Mia and Ben,

    much love and sincere condolences, thinking of you today and finding it hard to imagine a future without Jeremy, for us all.
    I am grateful to join with his many friends, colleagues and loved ones to celebrate his life and the astonishing contribution he has made to the world and to so many of us individually.
    Donna xx

  28. A life well lived, Jeremy. So sad fate took you so early. You go with our best wishes to Jenny and family Thank you for all your contributions. Cedric and Matty

  29. My warmest wishes and condolences to Jeremy’s family – he was a great colleague, a passionate and effective advocate and a man of tremendous vision. It is so sad that he has left us, but his work will be his lasting legacy for so many people around the world. He made a difference!

  30. My best wishes to Jeremy’s family at this sad time.I had the pleasure of knowing Jeremy as a colleague and a friend and have admired his dedication and commitment to the cause of humanity for many years.

  31. Huge contribution of a man who started and ended most things with warmth. Clearly cherished and missed across the globe. His best work was the biggest work.

  32. If there’re more people like Jeremy and live life as he did, we would have a better world. RIP

  33. I’d like to join the service online, and send love to Jeremy and family.

    It’s very hard to accept that Jeremy had left us in this world. A warming closure would help us all to bid farewell.

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