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3 comments on “Joanne Suzuki”

  1. Like Purva (above) (hi Purva!) I met Jo at Uluru in ’89 and then again several times over the next few years – enough to come to understand her deep connection with spirit and with the people with whom she crossed paths.
    Then after very little contact for 25 years, I was blessed to catch up with Jo and spend some time with Hide, Jasmin, Kai, Mika and Soul in September 2017.
    Jo has obviously been called up to work with us all on another level, which doesn’t seem fair from this side.
    Thank you to everyone involved in this most exquisite service and for making it available to those of us who are OS and unable to attend. Jasmin and Kai, your performances were so hauntingly beautiful, achingly sad and gloriously moving. I have no idea how you made it through. Thank you for the gift.
    Ride the love, Richard.

  2. what an incredibly beautiful service. I feel deeply blessed to have had Jo in my life. We have shared some wonderful and unforgettable adventures together (in Uluru , Indonesia and India) we laughed so much and shared crazy stories but it was her unconditional acceptance of others and endless curiosity of everything around her that was so infectious and left a lasting impression on me. Even though we had not seen each other for many years, she has always held a special place in my heart. We met again in India last year and it was if no time had passed. she was just as i had remembered her. chatty, warm, kind, funny, caring and free spirited.. and wow! what an inspiring mother. I love you Jo, always have and always will.

    Thank you for allowing those of us whose lives have been touched by Jo to be part of this very special farewell.
    sending love to her beautiful family and friends all the way from London, UK

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