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55 comments on “John Corner”

  1. A lovely celebration of your dad, Katie and Andy. Thank you.
    I was amazed to see both John and Belinda’s features clearly in you, Katie! Lucky person!

  2. Remembering the happy times we spent playing hockey together at The Leys.

    Although we hadn’t seen each other since leaving Cambridge, one never forgets someone like John because he always seemed to be so happy and content with life. Such a pity that he wasn’t able to spend the latter years with good health and Belinda.

    Tony Brookes

  3. Lovely service for John! I was introduced to the book “My Father in his Suitcase” by Brian Rushton during one of his annual visits to Melbourne a couple of years ago. I was able to locate a copy via an inter library loan and Brian was right – I very much enjoyed reading it having lived in Singapore and explored the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Bukit Timah Hill, Malaysia and many of the significant WWII sites with my young sons. It also resonated with me on the question of legacy, and I can see the legacy that John has left – not only of his father but, more importantly, of the wonderful family you are. I was only fortunate to meet John twice, in the last 12 months, and, yes, his grandchildren were features of those conversations! Take care.

  4. A beautiful service in memory of John which gave us a wonderful insight into his life and family. Will miss him dearly but always have fond memories.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to such a fine husband,father,grandfather and friend.
    It was truly a family affair whichJohn would have been proud of you all.
    Best wishes,
    Roger Wagstaff

  6. So special to see you all on the screen. Thank you for making this possible for us in the UK. What a wonderful tribute to John and for evoking so many happy memories of them both – on and off the tennis court. We were with you in spirit and send our love.

  7. A truly lovely service – congratulations to Katie and Andy for putting it all together so well. Your father would have been so proud. Very happy memories of Dad will remain with me for ever.

  8. What a lovely and moving service. How we wish we could have been with you, but even had Covid19 permitted it, we are both now too old and doddery to have made the trip !

  9. Dear Katie & Andy
    What a wonderful, reflective and loving service touching so many of the aspects of John’s very full and rewarding life. We miss both John and Belinda very much but they will always be in our memories.

  10. A lovely service brought back many memories here in Girton and Huntingdon Road Cambridge – neighboursof Belinda’s parents for many years . Our son and family live in Melbourne so since John and Belinda moved there,we have met up frequently for food ,wine and a catch up .Sadly we didn’t make it in April but hope to soon ? and meet up with Katie and family to remember John

  11. A lovely service brought back many memories here in Girton and Huntingdon Road Cambridge – neighbours of Belinda’s parents for many years Our son and family live inMelbourne so since John and Belinda moved there we have met up frequently for food ,wine and a catch up . Sadly we didn’t make this April but hope to do so when possible and meet up with Katie and family to remember John

  12. A lovely service brought back many memories here in Girton and Huntingdon Road Cambridge – neighbours of Belinda’s parents for many years. Our son and family live in Melbourne ,once John and Belinda moved there we have met up frequently for food ,wine and a catch up ! Sadly we didn’t make this April ,but hope to make it to Melbourne we we can and meet up with Katie and family to remember John

  13. A lovely service and celebration of John’s life. I knew John during his Astley International days. John was always very competitive on the golf course with many a lovely afternoon spent with him and Robin Druett…which would always be followed by a glass or two of red wine.

    One such occasion we were both in Brunei at the same time, with his love of life and social interaction at its best.

    His book sounds a wonderful read…one which I look forward to in the future.

    I am so glad he and your family enjoyed so many happy times here in Melbourne over the last 16 years and only wish our paths would have crossed to enjoy his company once more.

    A life well lived by a true gentlemen…may he be reunited with his beloved wife Belinda forever…

  14. Thank you Andy and Katie for enabling us to join you for this memorable Celebration of your father’s life. As the Rev Elbourne rightly said, your parents would be so proud of you and your children. As one of Belinda’s cousins, I have known John a long time, also being a bridesmaid at John and Belinda’s wedding in 1963. However I learned more this morning of his very full life and the love he had for it despite a challenging start.
    I shall re-read and enjoy his incredible book in his memory.

  15. Such a moving service for a truly lovely man. Whether playing squash, tennis or golf, John was so competitive but also full of fun, life and generosity. A great friend both in Areley Kings and Ocean Grove. So many happy times. A life well led.

  16. Katie and Andy.John will be missed by a big group of golfers at the Eastern Golf Club.He was a true gentleman in the real sense of the meaning.I shall always remember his welcoming smile ,he was always fun to be around.God bless.

  17. A very moving way to say goodbye to an old friend, whom I haven’t actually seen for probably 50 years.
    Still remember visiting soft furnishings department at Peter Jones – my Mum said they were such handsome young men and so helpful !
    Many happy memories and so glad to have been with you all – albeit on a sunny morning in Surrey.
    Julian Binns

  18. An amazing celebration of John’s life, so sensitively conducted by Rev Ron Elbourne. I know he was a great comfort to John after the loss of Belinda. Through the powers of modern technology, it was wonderful to cross the miles and be part of the service and to see all the family. John would have been so proud – he would have been there in spirit.

  19. Dear Andy and Katie,

    What a wonderful and moving celebration of John’s character and life you have given to him and to all of us. Immensely moving, too, to see and hear you, his family, so evidently carrying forward his and Belinda’s loving qualities. He was a fine man, and you have a huge amount to be proud of, in him and yourselves.

  20. What a beautiful and moving farewell for your wonderful and very special Father, Father in Law, GrandFather and friend. Such a comprehensive and unique account of dear Johns’ life, gorgeous photographs and heartfelt eulogies, so lovingly and sincerely spoken by all of you. My favourite photo is of John and Belinda on their wedding day, and so many other lovely ones of you all. A credit to you Katie, putting together such an impacting service and lead by such a delightful Minister. Thank you for sharing it with everyone in these difficult times. Fondly, Dayle xoxox

  21. Remembering, as with John Cawley and Roger Wagstaff, good times with John on the Broads – and, I think, IN the Broads!

  22. Thank you Katie, Andrew and grandchildren – a beautiful farewell to your father and grandfather. What an interesting life and a real treat for us to share your story of him remotely. Reat easy in your sadness – he left much to be remembered. With our love, Joanne and John Nairn.

  23. Thank you Andy and Katie for enabling us to join you for this memorable service to John. As Rev Ron Elbourne rightly said, your parents would be so very proud of you. As one of Belinda’s cousins I have known John a long time, but today I learned even more of the very full life he led despite his challenging start to life. All of those photos – so many memories. I visited Corner House in Singapore myself in 2010, and was a bridesmaid at john and Belinda’s wedding
    I shall re-read and enjoy John’s fascinating book in his memory

  24. We were so grateful to be able to join you today for the celebration of John’s life – so many happy memories of them both. They would have been so proud of you all.

  25. Vale John. Such a good bloke. Loved fun and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

    3 generations Buckley’s watching from Dunoon.

  26. John would have been really proud of you all with organising such a beautiful service – so much thought and care had gone into it, with so many fascinating stories of his life that we did not know.

    We were so pleased to watch the service live which made us feel as if we were with you all, even though we are miles away.

    Well done to all of you and thank you for making it possible for us to join you all today.

    With our love and best wishes,

    Marney and Gavin x

  27. Thank you for the privilege of joining with you today to give thanks for John’s life and to receive Reverend Ron Elbourne’s words of comfort and promises from the Bible. It was a wonderful service; a fine tribute.
    Thinking of you all,
    With love and prayers,
    From Priscilla and Bill Cox.

  28. Wishing you all our love from Wiltshire – Chris and Will. Really enjoyed the tributes – well done everyone.

  29. Katie and Andy,
    A wonderful service for a wonderful man. We knew John for just eleven years but it seemed to be so much longer than that, such was the depth of John’s character, warmth, humour and friendship.
    A big thank you Katie for organising such a fitting tribute.
    Our love and best wishes to all the family.
    Thea and Bruce Widmer

  30. A wonderful service of thanks-giving. Thank you for sharing. A long life and a love of life. Many lessons taught. Much to be thankful for. Much to learn. Our thoughts are with John and his journey to happiness, fulfilment and contentment, and all those who shared his time with him.

    The Cross Family.

  31. Katie and Andy, such a beautiful and moving service. What a remarkable life John had! Such an honour to have known him albeit for a relatively short time; so wish it could have been longer. He was and remains an enormous inspiration to me and I shall miss him dreadfully.

    Thinking of you all at this very sad time.

  32. Dear Andrew and Katie, what a very lovely service. You all contributed magnificently and it was a wonderful reflection of John’s life. Sorry not to have been physically with you all.
    Much love

  33. John and Belinda were neighbours at Vermont South.
    John was always ready for a chat. Always proper and a great neighbour
    Farewell John.

  34. A lovely service Kate and Andrew, it brought back many memories and a few tears. I wish you well and lots of love. Cathy

  35. A very lovely service for a true gentleman, and a friend to so many people. I will miss him greatly.

  36. Andy, Katie and families.

    Lovely service, wonderful memories. John would be very proud of you all.

    Best wishes Stan.

  37. We had the privilege of knowing John for only the briefest moment. John epitomised the very finest traits of a true English gentlemen. His soft-spoken and erudite conversations and tales were wonderful to listen to and share. Vale, Paul & Jenny Liesching

  38. Thank you so much for sharing this and making it possible for us to watch. We really enjoyed the tributes and photos. Thinking of you all, much love Chris and Will Hurd

  39. Dear Katie and family it was indeed a lovely funeral.

    I will miss John greatly but his warmth, kindness, sense of humour, and gentle spirit I will remember forever.

    He left his own personal imprint on this world and on me.


  40. Congratulations Katie and Andrew, a lovely service worthy of John. You should be proud of your children, indeed you all spoke very well.

    I miss John and our chats, he was a good friend.

    Kind regards


  41. A lovely service. Sending all our love to the family at this very sad time. John was a wonderful man and a close and warm friend who I was lucky enough to know all my life. He was the quintessential ‘English gent’ – funny, eloquent, always keen for a chat with anyone he came across and had some great stories to share. We love him and miss him.

    Jon, Megan, Isaac, Elijah and Ayla xxx

  42. John was a wonderful man who always had time for everyone and especially the kids! He will be missed by all but will be with his beautiful bride now. Sending all our love from Vanessa, Laura and Chris xxx

  43. Rest in Peace, John, with your lovely Belinda always. Thankyou for being a friend, flatmate at The Mission and business colleague. Geoffrey Cummins

  44. Sending my love to Buckley-Corner family. John was an incredible man and may you cherish the memories forever.

    – Kate Graham and family.

  45. John was a wonderful friend and a true gentleman. We were extremely fortunate to have had him in our lives, and we are, most definitely, better people having known him. We will miss him terribly.

    We wish the entire family the best, and you will all be in our thoughts.

    The Fellner Family (Richard, Yvonne, Bryce and Myles)

    1. Katie and Andy and family. Sorry we couldn’t be with you to send John off. He was a wonderful man, a man I wish I’d met years ago. I miss his wit, his conversation and his company. Rest In Peace John.

  46. John, always the gentleman, polite, concerned for others, and a regular attendees, participant in the RACV lunch group. Will be sadly missed but leaving happy memories.

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