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  1. For all the good times as couples n friends which we have shared over the past 40 years –
    We say thanks for the memories Laurel n John
    Farewell John n our deepest sympathy always to Laurel Melissa Matthew n Jarrad n family xxx
    We will miss you love always Anne n Peter n family xxx

  2. Uncle John, we miss you deeply.
    Aunty Laurel, Melissa, Matthew and Jarrad, we’ll always be here for you.
    It was a beautiful tribute and we were so grateful to be there as close as we could be today.
    Sleep well now Uncle John xx

  3. Deepest sympathy to Laurel and family on the passing of John. He was a great colleague, friend and mentor and his friendship and guidance will always be treasured.
    Rest in peace Pottsy.

  4. Dear Laurel and family, so saddened by your loss. What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful man.
    RIP John, now to cause havoc with Bobbo. xxx

  5. Laurel and family a beautiful tribute to John. We didn’t know him for long but we so enjoyed celebrating New Years Eve at the Reidy’s with you and our lunches together.
    He lived life well, and we are all better from knowing him.
    Thinking of you Laurel at this time.

  6. So long Pottalong, thanks for the great holidays, visits and above all your friendship.
    You were one in a million. Rest In Peace.

  7. Laurel and family lovely tribute to Potts today
    Very hard times but he was a man of strength and courage and has obviously passed that attribute on to you one and all.
    I first met Potts on 4th July 1977 out on the hill. We interfaced over the years him being at San Fran Prahran and me at Carlton –
    Potts was 20377 – I was 20378 – Big and I saw John in Waverley Hospital when we heard, and we all laughed as it was a stones throw from we all met 43 years ago – out on the Hill.
    Good luck and health to you all

  8. Dear Laurel and Potts family
    I watched something today that was a first, in saying that the overall message of the day was that Potts was a good husband to Laurel, good Dad to his three children and a loving granpa to his grand kids.
    He was a good mate of ours who wore the Blue – Potts was 20377
    I was 20378
    Look after yourselves

  9. What a beautiful service perfectly honouring the amazing man Uncle John was. My deepest sympathies to my Aunty Laurel, cousins and their families. A wonderful man who will be deeply missed by many. Memories live on forever ♥️

  10. What a beautiful service for a beautiful man. He certainly lived his life to the fullest with his family, friends and service to the community at the forefront of everything he did.
    He was greatly admired by Corey and I.

  11. Laurel and Family considering the exceptional circumstances of these times I felt it was a privilege to be able to be a part of today. It was a very lovely service. He will be sadly missed by you all Thinking of you at this time Rhonda

  12. Dear Laurel and family, we were deeply saddened by the loss of your much loved John.
    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share with you all a beautiful and meaningful farewell to John.
    As 70 year olds confined to our caravan in SE Qld in order to keep safe during this world crisis, you provided us with an opportunity to watch from afar to what was a ceremoniously intimate farewell with those closest and dearest to John.
    We pray in the not too distant future we can all come together in one giant hug, to celebrate the life of this wonderful man.
    Stay strong and stay safe,
    Marlene and Ray xx

  13. Laurel it was a beautiful service. John you were an amazing person. You have fitted so much into your 71years of life and enjoyed each and everything you did. Damm this coronavirus stopping us from spending time with you in that last week n not being able to give you the best send off you deserve with all your family n friends. R.I.P John xxx

  14. Laurel it was a beautiful service. John you were an amazing person. You have fitted so much into your 71years of life and enjoyed each and everything you did. Damm this coronavirus stopping us from spending time with you in that last week n not being able to give you the best send off you deserve with all your family n friends. R.I.P John xxx

  15. What a beautiful service and send off to Mr Potter. He would have loved these surroundings of the bush. I have so many fond memories of my teenage years with the Potter family at Wheelers Hill, Rosebud, footy, Laanecoorie, too many to even try to mention. So many laughs and banter with you Mr Potter. Thank you for being you and being a part of my life. You will be forever in my heart and memories! May you soar above the clouds and finally be at peace with no more pain. I look forward to celebrating your life in the future when we can all be together.

    Mrs Potter, Lis, Matthew & Jarrod & Family, you were all so brave today. You all spoke so beautifully, he would have been so proud of you all. My deepest sympathies to you all. Love Megan xxx

  16. Sadly, due to the restrictions we are living with, that we couldn’t all be there to say goodbye properly. I will miss marching with John every ANZAC Day, and then having a drink together afterwards, at the Palmerston, with some of his mates from the police force. I am glad that we had a chance to have a “mini-reunion” in South Australia with a few of the boys from Assault Pioneers, which is actually when John started to show symptoms of his illness on the drive home. Hopefully, when restrictions are eased, we can get together again to give him the send off he deserves.

  17. JP,

    I am honoured to be able to call you a mate. You are a mans man, setting a truly honourable example, challenging others to follow.

    Laurel and family my deepest sympathies, take pride that John is well loved and respected by many. You are not and never will be alone.

  18. Potsy/John was one of the first if not the first Sergeant at the Boroondara Police Station that we referred to as a Leading Sergeant. This is not an offical rank but rather a title we gave the Sergeant that was a leader and mentor to the other Sergeants in the office. Potsy was respected by all and feared by some but his bark was worse than his bite. He was a no nonsense leader that held high standards for himself and his troops. The troops loved him even when he was giving them a serve at a Station Read Out. As one of the former Senior Sergeants at Boroondara l consider myself very lucky to have known John Potter. Condolences to his family.

  19. We feel so much for you and your family’s loss Laurel.
    It was an extraordinarily moving and beautiful service, for a dearly loved and respected man.
    Rest In Peace John,
    Graeme and Louise

  20. Dear Laurel and family we are so sorry that John has passed away. We valued his friendship and Laurel’s very much. I always new that John was a great family man as well as a great bloke. He always spoke about his family in way that showed he really loved them and cared for them. I first met John in Mauritius and he impressed me by the way he made sure he spent time with Laurel, a non diver to make sure she had a good time. The funeral service and the tributes reflected the essential goodness of John. With love Liz and Alfie

  21. RIP Pottsey. My all time favourite Sergeant, and great friend.

    Laurel and Family, my deepest condolences. Prayers and Thoughts.

    The small group of ex and current police colleagues that would meet for lunch with John a few times each year will miss him dearly (Fozzie, TD, Groover, Lynda, Dan and Clarky) His mumbling laughter and giggling warmed our hearts.

    I was that Senior Constable that adored him. Badgering him to tell me war stories and show me the pics. I nearly cried from being so proud the day he shared all his Vietnam pics with me. That tough young guy holding a big gun fighting for our country. What a hero.

    And that hero looked after me like I was his son. He cared for the young cops he supervised.
    I will never forget the day when he stood up tall in the County Court Melbourne, gave the oath to the judge. Announced his long name. Proud and strong. And then proceeded to give character evidence for me to defend my name with the strength of his.

    ThankYou Pottsey. Never ever forgotten. A true hero in every sense of the word. Right till the end.

    Andrew Clark

    1. Andrew, for Uncle John to share his Vietnam stories and pictures was so special. You must have meant a lot to him. All my life i wanted him to share that with me but it was “never the time”. I think he was trying to protect us. Cherish those moments. He was my hero. X Danielle (His niece)

    2. Oh my god. You just blew me away Danielle. I had a feeling today during the service that he protected you all from the horrors he witnessed in Vietnam. He protected me too. But he got worn down my my persistence. I made him tell me.

      You will see the pics one day.

      I will never forget the images burnt into my brain.

      He carried the big machine gun (M60) whilst the others in his regiment carried the rifles.

      He was the strongest and the most courageous.

      He protected all of them when it got scary.

      He would call them all back behind him when it got nasty.

      He was the best of the best. He didn’t say it like that to me, but I could tell he inferred that. He saved lives because of his courage. I asked him that. And he said….well maybe….and laughed it off as usual with that big beautiful moustache vibrating in the mumbled giggle we all loved!

      He showed me a pic of him with his shirt off. Holding that big gun, and all his regiment looking at him with adoring eyes. I knew that day he was the most humble man I ever met!!!

    3. When we get the proper time to celebrate his life in public, I would be very proud to tell you all what he shared with me that day.

    4. Upon reflection tonight I wanted to add a final tribute.

      Pottsey was a tough man that was so loving that he was not too tough to hug another man.

      He walked into the Ararat prison visiting centre one day and hugged me as a prisoner. And told me he loved me. I will never forget that moment.

      And Groover and I were again privileged to get a hug and a kiss on the cheek from him a few months ago at his home when he was battling the next fight he faced. He couldn’t say everything he wanted to. But he could say I love you to us both! A tough man exterior with a heart of gold. During that final war he fought, he might not have been able to say what he wanted, but I could see the love in his eyes and the spirit in his soul.

      John Anthony George Mason “Rockstar” Potter!

  22. John, you fought bravely for your country, you fought valiantly for justice, you fought enthusiastically for the community and you fought wholeheartedly for your family. You won every time. It is now time for you to rest. You have left behind a great legacy. Goodbye my old colleague and friend.

    Our deepest condolences to Laurel, Melissa, Matthew, Jarrad and families.

    Ken and Heather

  23. Dear Laurel and family
    My deepest sympathies and thinking of you all at this difficult time.
    John’s name and memories of him will live on particularly at work. He is a legend.

  24. Vale John. The Edwards family formerly of 19 Sycamore Street offer our condolences to all the Potter family, who we first met in the 1950s.
    Robert was a classmate of mine in the Holy Cross parish I have memories of John as his big brother.
    Lovely service today and I wish you all well.
    Brian Edwards

  25. A beautiful and moving service for you John. Our biggest hugs and sincerest love to Laurel and the Potter family. Mike, Eryn, Briony & Leah

  26. We were so pleased to be able to see the service despite the current difficulty limiting attendance.

    Happy memories from our many overseas trips and dive adventures together.

    We will miss you John, a good mate, no more ripping yarns with Dad’s Army (Bernard, Mike, Colin & John) over a pie and chips at “Punchies” at Portsea after the dive. Rest In Peace

  27. My heartfelt condolences for the loss of John.
    So many of my memories as a teenager involve the warmth, welcoming and love of the Potter family home.
    A beautiful service to remember and farewell one of our nation’s best.
    Thinking of you all at this very sad time.

  28. Dear Laurel and family,
    Extremely sad to hear about John’s passing. May he RIP. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad and difficult time.
    Love Peter Baltas and family.

  29. It was a beautiful and moving ceremony and we were very sorry we were not able to attend. We are so glad that we learnt to dive because it gave us the opportunity to meet John and Laurel when we went to Mauritius. Since then we have spent may happy hours together on diving trips and weekend get togethers. Our last happy weekend being at Wartook June last year. We will remember and cherish these times forever. Goodbye John.

  30. Dearest Laurel and family,
    We have just been part of a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful setting for a beautiful man. Thank you for allowing us to share this with you. Sending you all a huge hug. Till we can meet.
    Love Cheryl and David.

  31. Dear Laurel and all your family – it was a beautiful service, especially given the restrictions involved, a wonderful celebration of a life well lived and a person much loved.
    Hugs to you all,
    Jenni D’Arcy

  32. Dear Laurel and family, my sincere condolences on JP’s passing. Fond memories of working in the Hawthorn Sgt’s office with him. He was truly a great man. Mark

  33. Beautiful service for a loving and well respected father and friend to many. You’ll be deeply missed John. All our love to Laurel, Melissa, Matt, Jazz and families. .

    Heather, Simon and family.

  34. Laurel and family, our thoughts are with you at this time. We are sorry we could not be there to support you in person, but know you are in our thoughts.

  35. A wonderful family man and a true blue mate. Treasured memories and sadly missed.
    Carl and family

  36. Dear laurel, Melissa, matt, jarrod and family
    I’m so sorry for your loss. He was such a great man. That was a beautiful service. Sending you much love and strength. Love Janine and Steve and josh and Jono xxxx

  37. Dear Laurel & family
    A wonderful farewell to a great man. Sorry we can’t be there with you. Potsy was an amazing person who could always make you laugh through good times and bad.
    My condolences to you all.
    Love Lisa x

    1. A heartfelt tribute to a wonderful man who will be missed by many. Our loving thoughts are with Lozza and family. Look forward to the day we can get together and raise a glass for JP.
      Hilary & Colin

    2. I am so sorry that we couldn’t hold you all close today. I’m sorry that all we good do is watch you from a distance in the park. I hope you felt our love. Watching my hero drive off today broke my heart into a million pieces. I can’t wait for the day when we can hold a memorial service and honour him at the academy with his friends, family and colleagues. I will miss you every day of my life Uncle John. I love you more than words. Aunty Lozzle, Melissa, Jason, Matthew, Jazz, Helene, Darcy, Cooper, Gerry and Louise, my heart breaks for you. X Danielle X

  38. Laurel and family, such a moving service. Love the outdoor setting, truly a beautiful sendoff. Condolences to you all, love Paul and Sue XX

  39. To Laurel & Family,
    It was with great sadness I learnt of John’s passing. I have nothing but fond memories of him. He was truly a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and likable member, but most of all he was a proper gentleman.
    Rest in Peace.

  40. Dear Laurel and family,

    Sincere condolences for the loss of John. A true individual who always looked after the battlers whether they be inside or outside the job. Always held in the highest of respect. Sorry that we couldn’t be with you today to celebrate his life.

  41. It is with great sadness on hearing the passing of my good friend John POTTER. I ,& all that knew and loved him, are better people for knowing him and will always cherish his memories. Most sincere condolences to Laurel, family & close friends in this most trying and difficult times.

    With fond memories always,

    Christopher “Groover” SCANLON

    1. Well said Groover. He loved you more than anyone! You made him laugh so hard his mumbling giggle resonated through the room!

  42. Dear Laurel and family, I’m so sad to hear of Pottsy’s passing. He sincerely was so great to work with. He was so supportive and caring. It’s such a shame we can’t get together to send him off in the way he deserves. Love and condolences to you all. Xx

  43. Dear Laurel and Family.
    My deepest sympathies, thinking of you at this difficult time.
    Wish I could have been there in person.
    John was a great bloke who I was proud to call my friend.
    Squad 14/77 will never be the same without him.

  44. Dear Laurel and family, unfortunately we can’t be there to support you in numbers today but I really hope you know how much Pottsy was loved and respected by every copper that had the pleasure to work with him. He’ll be dearly missed but we will always have wonderful memories.
    Best Wishes

  45. To laurel, Gerard and families- knew him as a young man and an old man, sorry I missed the time in between. Sad loss of a terrific mate who served his country and Victorian public extremely well. Condolences to all and very best wishes for the future, stay safe. Peter and Tricia.

    1. Dear Laurel and family,

      Thoughts are with you all at this difficult time. Even 10 years on from his retirement, Pottsy still remains one of my favourite, most respected and hard working supervisors I have ever had the pleasure to work under. RIP mate

  46. Dear Laurel Melissa Matt and Jarod. So sorry to hear of John/your dad’s passing. I remembered so many fun times and lovely camping memories. I remember the time John turned up at my doorstep with a big bunch of flowers for having offending me never will forget. My heart goes out to you all today. Love Helen Hunt

  47. Saddened to hear about the passing of John, a an absolute decent human being, genuine bloke who never left you guessing what he was thinking. Always up for a good time when the situation suited. Thoughts to John’s family. RIP Mate.

  48. Dear Laurel, Jarrod, Melissa and Matthew and families
    Condolences to you all and your extended family at this time.
    May John R.I.P
    Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you at this time
    Liz and Curly Grantham xx

  49. To dear Laurel and family – such a huge loss to you all and to the wider community. Potty was a true champion and I’m so glad that I had the chance to work with him, laugh along with him and to see him marching proudly at all the ANZAC day parades. I have such fond memories that I will treasure for years to come. Love to you all at this very difficult time and hopefully, once this current crisis is over, we can send him off in the true style that the great man deserves.

  50. Saddened to hear of John’s passing. A great policeman and supervisor who got the job done. No fuss, no fanfare. Well respected and liked by all I knew who worked with him.
    Sincere condolences to family and close friends at this difficult time.

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