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26 comments on “Karolina Amon”

  1. Dear Karolina “Cinci”,

    I was truly blessed to have shared many beautiful memories with you! We were grouped together to live with each other in a student housing facility in Hungary as complete strangers. We took a few weeks to warm to each other, but once we did, I counted my lucky stars to have been put with such a woman of elegance, greatness and intelligence.

    I love that you enjoyed the finer things and appreciated the tiny details. I loved that you still had Snoopy, after so many years of looking after him. I was even lucky enough to sample some of your amazing cooking…

    But most of all your boldness and courage was always inspiring xx

  2. Őszinte részvétem a családnak .Emlékeimben örökké megmarad Cinci szerettem öt örülök hogy ismertem és szép emlékeim vannak vele. Nyugodj békében .

  3. Ildi you gave such a beautiful eulogy and dedication to Karolina.
    Love and thoughts are with you both.
    Zsuzsi Harmer

  4. Mely egyutterzessel osztozunk a család gyászaban.
    Sending our love
    Oltvai Ágnes, Zizi és Dani

  5. Dear Ildi and Lilla,
    Sending you love and strength during this really difficult time. Karolina was unique in every way – I fondly recall the discussions we would have as kids, Karolina always knew so much about what was happening in the world – and I agree with you Ildi – she always seemed older and wiser than all of us. She was a lovely childhood friend and I have so many happy memories of fun times together. I will think of her often and fondly.
    Hugs to you all and the family.

  6. My love and deepest sympathies to the family. Find courage and strength, and look to the future. Cinci was special. My prayers, heart and energy goes out to you. Love, Tomi & family.

  7. Dear Lilla, Ildi, Andrew and Eva, sincerest condolences from George and Glenda. The funeral service has given us both a greater insight into Cinci’s life. Our greatest sorrow now is that we did not get to know her better. With all our love.

  8. We are at a loss for words during this sorrowful time. Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort.

    Behjat and Ahmad Zahedi

  9. With you. With you in friendship and in grief that binds us. Such a beautiful send off to our Cinci….
    My hugs today, are for you Lilla, Ildi, Eva, Andras. x

  10. Dearest Ildi and Lilla,
    Sending you love and strength on this really difficult day. Karolina was unique in every way – I loved the discussions we used to have, she was so knowledgeable on many many different topics and Ildi’s reflections were so right – it seemed Karolina was older and more mature than all of us. She was a dedicated and loyal childhood friend and I loved spending time with her. I will think of her often & fondly.
    Hugs to you both and the rest of the family.

  11. To dear Lila and Ildiko and close family and friends, sending you my deepest sympathy but most of all lots of strength and love. I am so sorry for those who were unable to attend this beautiful ceremony of Karolina’s life due to the current restrictions including myself. Thank you for providing the livestream – it made me feel I was present with you all. RIP dear Karolina – fly with the angels beautiful lady xx Love Zagon Anna

  12. very diginified service,beautiful music
    please accept our sincere condolence, may GOD bless her soul Sandor Vass, Jozsi Tassanyi

  13. very dignified service ,beautiful music nyugodjon bekeben
    Please accept our condolences
    Sandor and Jozsi

  14. Mindig gondolatomban vagytok. Gyógyuláshoz hű barátokat minden megértést szeretetet kívánok. Nagyon szeretlek mindig benneteket.

  15. Emléked örökké velünk marad. A Jóisten vigyázzon Rád és enyhítse az itt maradottak fájdalmát.

  16. Thinking of you all at this terribly sad time. sending you much love and strength. Sanyi, Eta, Rita, Raphael

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