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  1. Dear John, family and friends of Kim,

    I am sitting on finishing an article with Kim as first author on the reliability of the Outcomes Framework for Dance Therapy – one of Kim’s many wonderful visions for our field. For the next Online-meeting of the Global Academic DMT educators, Kim brought into being, we will discuss her recently published article on DMT competences (written with Sandra Lauffenberger and colleagues; she very thoughtfully brought all publications she worked on to a point, where we could easily take up on it). In the same global educators meeting we will start a discussion on diversity in DMT education and how to adapt our DMT trainings/curricula world wide to account for more diversity. This was a core aim of Kim, and we will follow through with it. It is very timely. Kim left us with the most wonderful legacy, and many reform ideas for DMT. She will never be forgotten, her heritage will live on in many forms in and beyond our field of dance movement therapy.

    Sending love and peace,
    Sabine Koch, Germany

  2. So shocked to hear of Kim’s death!
    We have such happy memories of her at Steppes where she taught Sara & Amanda !
    Our sincere condolences go out to John Tess Lex Jodie and all the family!
    Kim was such an inspirational person with so much energy. It was always a pleasure to see her happy face in Hampton St!
    She will be sadly missed.
    Molloy family

  3. My heart goes out to you all. With such sadness to find out about the passing of Kim. Such a beautiful lady and so fond of dance, something she passed down to many of us. My thoughts are with you all through this difficult time.Xoxo

  4. We are in total shock to hear of Kim’s passing.
    Our deepest condolences to John, Tess and Lex and extended family .. So many beautiful fond memories of our kindergarten, primary years together and dancing at Steppes..
    such an inspirational, incredible woman Kim is. Just so saddened to hear. An incredible woman taken way too early but will continue her pathway to inspire, encourage and pursue her dreams in her new world around her ..even though we haven’t seen you all for years our girls Samantha and Courtney have never forgotten Kim nor have we Love to you all
    Marcus and Vicki Samantha Courtney and Nicole Atkinson ❤️❤️

  5. Dear John and family,

    Sending you my deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I’m so sorry for your loss and hope the memories of Kim can help you get through this.

    Take care, Tina

  6. This was a very beautiful ceremony to watch and feel. It was just a delight to see the many other facets to Kim – I’m very humbled and grateful to have known her as a lecturer, colleague, mentor and friend. Blessings to her family. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this – distanced in time and space – and yet connected through Kim’s vitality.

  7. I am so pleased to have been able to watch the recording of this celebration of Kim’s life. I haven’t seen or spoken to Kim for few years so was very shocked to hear of her brief illness and recent death.
    Kim I new was very talented and special , but today I heard about someone remarkable. An amazing generous, caring woman who seemed to always put others before herself. I was introduced to Kim through my work at Catholic Education Melb. I worked in the area of community arts . Kim for quite a few years mentored me and became an unofficial critical friend. We loved catching up for a ‘real tea’ at Fed square from time to time. She often presented at my professional learning days. I admired her so much and I learnt so much from her. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you learn to live without beautiful Kim. Love Judy

  8. Dear John, Tess, Lex, Annette and extended family,

    Kim’s spirit was present in the memories, thoughts and deep feeling shared at this beautiful celebration of her life. I was very touched by this gentle service that honoured this remarkable woman. She loved deeply and was deeply loved.

    Condolences to all who loved her.
    Anna Ganz

  9. With love & fondest memories of Kim & many fun dancing times together. You enriched our lives & we enjoyed your bubbling friendship over the years.
    With thanks, thoughts & much love to John, Tess, Lex & families.

    Julia, Steve, Jack & Rosie

  10. Dear John,Tess, Lex and family,
    What a beautiful farewell you gave Kim. It was such a moving service and it captured Kim’s spirit brilliantly. Our deepest sympathy to all of you. Kim was so remarkable . Love Katie, Lasse,Seb and Lex.

  11. Dear Annette, Jodie, Bobbie, Mark and Sean.

    So so sad to hear the sad news of Kim’s death. I have such vivid memories of her from Star of the Sea and Drake Street days. Sending you all lots of warm wishes, hugs and love at a very sad time. May your grief be softened by all the beautiful memories you have of Kim.

    Elizabeth (Faulkner)

  12. Dear John and family.

    A moving and fitting service to mark the passing of a wonderful person.

    I read we should hope that our lives leave the woodpile a little higher than we found it. Kim’s life will provide fuel for a long time to come and for so many people.

    Mary and Nick Kershaw

  13. Dear John, Lex, Tess and families,

    The moving service was testament to the love and admiration that you so clearly had for dear Kim. We felt that corkscrew to the heart too which made it difficult to watch through the tears. She’ll be very much missed on our Hooter hikes but will forever be remembered.

    Our best wishes to you all.

    Cathy and John Danaher xx

  14. Rest peacefully beautiful Kim. It is time to let others lead the dance now. And they will for you have taught them well.
    Thank you for choosing to make our family part of yours and for your warmth, passion and sincerity. We will miss you being in the world.

  15. Dear John and Family,
    Thank you for the opportunity to virtually be at such a heartfelt beautiful honouring of Kim, your wonderful your wife and mother. We were privileged to be touched by her joyful, dynamic, energy and her dedication, enthusiasm and love, through Many Hands.
    Sending love, peace and strength to you all at this time of such sadness and loss.
    John and Ruth Rudge

  16. Dear John and family. My sincere condolences to you all. Your celebration of Kim’s life today was so moving and beautiful. Very befitting of a truly talented, inspirational and special soul. Amazing tributes for an amazing life. Her love and service will live on in your hearts. Your song is wonderful John. Thinking of you and sending love and prayers. Love Rhonda Stobart.

  17. Dear John, Tess, Lex & Kim’s family. My deepest sympathy to you all.

    Kim was a wonderful soul who’s loving nature touched all that knew her.
    Thank you for sharing this celebration of a life well lived.
    We will miss you Kim.

  18. Dear, John, Tessa and Lex,

    This morning I watched live streaming of the tribute ceremony for Dr Kim with Many Hands team. John, Lex and Tess you have held the best last ceremony for Kim, I and MHI team shared your heart-felt loss regarding Kim’s early death. But I also see strength you all in facing the fact that Kim has been physically gone forever. That really inspired me. Even though I believe in Jesus Christ’s promise of life after death, Kim deserves to live in the new world that God will Create not because he claims to believe in God but because of the acts of love she has done to countless people including to myself. You three have a large place in my heart as well as my children. I often tell my wife and children about one day at home at Hampton Kim folding my clothes I had left in the washing machine and putting them on the ironing table, what a compassion and humility that touched my heart, my children and my family. I have faith that Kim will be among the blissful there in a glorious place far from all troubles and illnesses but close to the worldly life as she does in her daily life as she walks among these finite life. Kim is a role model of a hard worker, a strong believer in change, a noble-hearted leader, a courageous, artist, a mother to a family, and a friend of all of us. She will live in our heart for the rest this life.

    Thank you John, Tess and Lex for all the best you’ve done for Kim till the end of her life.

    God bless

    Friends of your all far here
    Thomas Lopes

  19. Dear John, Lex, Tess and all the Dunphy family,

    My deepest condolences to you all. I am a close friend of Bobbi and Thomas and didn’t know Kim personally, but have heard so much about her from Bobbi – her altruism, lust for life and courage with which she faced her illness were just some of the things I learnt about Kim before today.

    Thankyou for enabling me to learn so much more through such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to an outstanding woman whom I’m sorry I never got to meet.

    Sending lots of love and warm wishes

    Jacky Gamble xx

  20. Like Kathy Vlass, I was touched beyond words at the long quiet embrace by Annette’s sons of their mother. It must be so hard to lose your child.
    Also, the “wicker basket” was perfect for a long comfortable sleep. I got to know Kim in the last 12 months of her life. What an honour it has been.

  21. Dear John and family,
    I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of your dear wife. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. May her soul be at peace.
    My most sincere condolences.

    Farzin Shaykhi

  22. Dear John and family
    Thank you so much for sharing this most intimate and special of events with me. I did not know Kim but I certainly wish I had. Congratulations to you all for creating such a wonderful celebration of a life well lived – she and you are an inspiration to us all. I hope you can take comfort from knowing that literally hundreds of people joined your small face-to-face gathering from far and wide, to share in your sadness and in your joyful moments.
    Sending heartfelt condolences and best wishes to you all at this difficult time,
    Much love

  23. Dear John and family,
    A beautiful moving and honoring ceremony for a wonderful woman.
    Deepest sympathy to you all.
    May little Marlo shine a light for you all at this sad time and bring you all joy and happiness as you remember your amazing wife and mother.
    Love, peace and strength to you all
    Ruth and John Rudge

  24. Kim was my classmate at Star of the Sea. More than 40 years have passed, and I live a world away in California. When I read the sad news, it was Kim’s infectious smile that first came to mind. Kim was a kind, sweet and intelligent girl. Thank you for sharing this video tribute and service. Kim obviously grew up to be a very accomplished and lovely lady. My deepest condolences to the family.

  25. Dear John, Annette, Tess, Lex, Marlo, Jodie, Bobbi, Tanya, Marc and Sean – My family has the fondest memories of Kim in our lives that stretch from 1974. Thank you for this beautiful celebration of her incredible life. We will never forget her and I am forever grateful for the times my life has run alongside the Dunphy and Toumbourou families. Love from Colleen, Sean, Paul and Cathy Farrell. Love from Christopher Parry and Bede Farrell Parry.

  26. Kim’s life lovingly celebrated. Frank would be so proud of his beautiful family. Thankyou Annette. Susie

  27. A perfect service for Kim, thank you John, Tess, Lexi and Kim’s family.

    Kim was a dear friend of earlier years. Duck keeper, mother, partner, Miss Kim dance teacher, water-loving camping mate, super cook and generous participant in the Warrnambool community.
    Kim’s contribution to the inaugural Womens Festivals, successful grant applications and hard working enthusiasm are remembered with great joy.

    Loving thoughts to John, Tess, Lexi and your families. Marie, Larry, Bill and Molly

  28. Dear John and family, your celebration of Kim was utterly inspiring. Your profound words of love gave such an insight into her unique extraordinary love of you all and her life of joy .

    In these difficult times you give us all a beacon of hope and grace.
    Carmel Godfrey

  29. Dear John and family, your celebration of Kim was utterly inspiring. Your profound words of love gave such an insight into her unique extraordinary love of you all and her life of joy .

    In these difficult times you give us all a beacon of hope and grace.
    Carmel Godfrey

  30. Dear John and family,
    Thank-you for sharing Kim’s funeral service. It was lovely to see and hear how much she was loved. I remember her from school days as always being a strong leader and kind young person who participated in so much. I was pleased to meet her again through the Centre for Adolescent Health and later on and to hear about how she had pursued her passion for dance and community cultural development through academia as well as in practice. I admired her strength and determination very much. Warm wishes to you all in this difficult time.
    Delia O’Donohue

  31. John and family,
    You certainly set the bar high when it comes to celebrating Kim’s life. I watched the service with tears of love and memories of truly pure fun times with Kim and you and your friends and family.
    My memories are French Island cycling trips and your NZ 50th birthday John and your family’s ability to create such wonderful adventures. They truly aligned with my sense of living life to the fullest and because of Kim’s and your inspiration my life is renewed with a sense of adventure, love and giving. Thank you and thinking of you all. There is a place at our Bnb “Boondaburra@Ruffy anytime you feel like it.

  32. To John, Tess and Lex and to my dear friend Annette and all your wonderful family my deepest sympathy is with you all on the tragic loss of Kim. What an amazing person she was and what wonderful memories you will always share.
    Thinking of you all,
    Jan, Nola, Michelle, Loretta, Lisa and Colleen Guiney.

  33. An extraordinary life and a wonderful celebration. I loved hearing about Kim’s lifelong held values and her amazing contribution on so many levels; personal, community and global. They were in evidence today in spades in the words and passion displayed by her family. Much love.

  34. Thank-you to all who shared their thoughts and memories of Kim at the funeral service. My family (Graeme, Heather, Hannah and Hugh Saunders) have very fond memories of our time together when you lived in Warrnambool and the kids were so young. We were so sad to hear of her death. Our sympathy to you all, she certainly was a special lady.

  35. John, Tes, Lex, et al. I have only known Kim through my wife, Linda Murrow, and their professional association preparing, organising and teaching together on Dance and Creative Art Therapy courses. Having had the pleasure of attending Kim’s 59th birthday last year, and the privilege today of attending her funeral, I am touched and moved by the joy and love that Kim clearly expressed through every aspect of her extraordinary life. The depth of expression shared by her immediate and extended family today shows us that Kim’s spirit will live on. Thank you for this opportunity to witness. Love to you all.

  36. Dear John, Annette, Tess, Lex and family,
    What a beautiful, natural and deeply heartfelt service in honour of a very special Kim. We are very moved and appreciate being able to learn even more aspects of our amazing friend Kim. She has been a bright shinning light with boundless energy in the connections we have had with her, and are so thankful for – she will shine on and shine brightly in our thoughts and memories.
    Sending love and heartfelt sympathy to you all, and strength and courage in the days ahead.
    Always available for some care and support John – will be in touch.
    Iris and Ike xxoo

  37. I first met Kim when she was working for the City of Hobsons Bay. I was a teacher at a local primary school and some of our students and I worked closely with Kim on the Challis St, Newport project and the City of Hobsons Bay’s Reconciliation Group activities. Her enthusiasm was infectious. Kim and I have kept in touch over the years. She was an inspiration and brought joy and hope to so many people, not just in Australia, but in other parts of the world. My brother, Andre de Quadros, who is very involved in the music world met Kim over 20 years ago, sent me this message (he lives in Boston) when I told him that Kim had died. “Kim’s work was exceptional, and I’m sorry that she’s passed away.” Kim was an exceptional person. I cherish the memories I have of Kim.

  38. John, Tess, Lex and family,
    Thanks to you all keeping your solid, loving heart and courage to show us a happy family. Especially John’s song for Kim and played by the family, which is very touching! Marlo is the real gift too!

  39. Sending all our thoughts to you! Very beautiful speech’s and really nice to see what Kim meant to you all. Could see Tess found it hard at times but truly inspirational to see how your dealing with it and remembering the big and small moments that we all had with Kim. She truly was an inspiration to us all. Love always James ,Lucas and Peter Coffey.

  40. Dear John, Tessa, Lex and Family,

    Thank you for allowing us to attend this beautiful celebration of Kim’s life.

    It was an honour to know Kim. Her life’s work and spirit lives on through all and I am so very grateful to continue to be inspired by the incredible woman she was.

    Sending love and thinking of you all,
    Laura and McKellar family.

  41. As well organised as ever! Well done, Kim and family, on such a beautiful commemoration of this incredible life. I enjoyed hearing everyone speak and was particularly touched by the beautifully respectful and nurturing relationship she and John had. There are such important lessons for us in how Kim lived and died.

    Kim was the first person I met when I first came to Melbourne. Over lunch in the foodcourt near CDN’s office back in 2011, she told me my PhD topic was one she almost chose herself, and from that day forward we became academic allies and co-conspirators, soon joining forces with Marnie Badham as “amigos indicados” – as Kim named us. Marnie and I have recently fondly reminisced of afternoons spent debating cultural measurement and ways of knowing, planning conferences and publications, under the huge tree outside the 1888 building.

    When I moved back to Melbourne in 2016, Kim and John kindly let us stay in their beautiful Hampton house while they were overseas. I then had the wonderful opportunity to work briefly with Tess when my work took me to Indonesia.

    I can’t imagine what the past year has been like for all the family and close friends, as you’ve had to come to terms with losing this rock in your lives. My heart goes out to all of you as you adjust to a world without Kim’s physical presence but lives forever enriched by the love, joy, wisdom and encouragement she clearly imparted on everyone she cared about.

  42. Watched via live stream from the USA, one of the few things to be thankful about in the time of COVID is live streaming. I would have otherwise missed out on attending such a beautiful and well done service. What a wonderful tribute to an amazingly loving and accomplished woman. I am lucky to have had her, John, Tess and Lex as a part of my childhood and my heart goes out to all of you now. You are all in my thoughts.

  43. Our deepest sympathy. Nothing can ever replace the loss of someone special and we know Kim’s memory will live long in the lives of those Kim touched.
    We will cherish the memory of our dinner at Kim and John’s favourite Greek restaurant in Richmond and how funny it was that we could not find parking while John and Kim caught the train and had no problems getting there! It was so sweet to see John and Kim walking off to the train station after dinner holding hands.

    With all our love,

    Michael, Maria, Kerry, Evelyn and Nicholas Toumbourou

  44. Dear John, Tess, Lex, Brad, Kelly, Marlo, Anette and family
    Our deepest condolences to you all. May you find comfort in your great memories with Kim.
    We will remember Kim as a wonderful human being, a loving mother and wife, a competent and cheerful dance teacher (that is how we met when she was teaching our then toddler kids’), a hardworking community minded individual, a lovely and considerate friend we enjoyed socialising with and a vivacious and sociable neighbour we looked forward to bumping into in her garden as we walked through Thomas Street.
    Thinking of you all and sending you lots of love…
    Hatice+Vecihi+Zeynep+Alev BASARIN

  45. A great mentor, director, cultural educator, dance teacher all those roles with Kim’s passion, energy, hard work, positive spirit and made things from impossible to possible in a creative way for KITA Asian Performing Arts Company and individual members which a big honour to create a history together. Your endless kindness and academic leadership nurtured us to grow and extend our dance skills and careers. Thank you so much for squeezing your a short time to cultivated us. Your spirit with us all the time for our teaching and performing as we are proud of being your students and members of the KITA. We will be thinking of you and follow your principle and heart.

    Farewell to a wonderful dancing queen and our forever KITA director Kim!

    Seung HI
    On behalf of the KITA Performing Arts Company.

  46. What a wonderful service and a beautiful tribute to a remarkable woman. Kim has left an amazing legacy for you all and will live on in your hearts forever. Cherish all those special memories.
    Love and heartfelt sympathy to all the family and special loving thoughts to Annette.
    Barbara Wood

  47. Dear John, Tess, Lex, and family,

    Thank you for letting me part of this beautiful, heart-warming ceremony. I have never met Kim but today I felt a heaviness in my heart as if part of me is missing. She was truly a woman of substance. My deepest condolences for your loss. Om Shanti.

    In my thoughts and prayers.

  48. Dear John and family, and all the Dunphys,
    Thankyou so much for allowing us to share this occasion, and all that you have shared today.
    I went to school with Kim, but got to know her and John much better when they were first married. Kim and John invited me to share their house in Kew very soon after they were married, which always puzzled me. Hearing from all of you today I see that this act of generosity was very much part of their whole way of living. I treasure so many memories from those days in Kew: learning so much about Cypriot culture, fresh vegetables from the garden, and just being part of this vibrant and caring household.
    I will be thinking of you all.
    Anne x

  49. To John, Tess, Lex and your families,
    Kim’s life was a gift to so many. She lived and loved every moment. A catalyst for change, a supporter of potential and a great example.
    She leaves an incredible legacy for dance movement therapy in this part of the world.
    Rest in peace Kim.

  50. Dear John, Tess, Lex and the wonderful extended family,
    Thank you for letting us share in the beautiful ceremony that captured Kim’s exceptional life and the love that she shared for her family, her friends and for the world.
    Deepest condolences and love, Heather and John

  51. Dear John, Tess, Lex, and family,
    Although I did not have the privilege of meeting Kim, this tribute to her life was incredible. What an inspiring, warm-hearted, and generous person you were all blessed to have in your lives. In these difficult times, I am sure that the wonderful memories you all have, and the love you share will bring you comfort.
    Best wishes,

  52. Dear John, Tessa, Lex and extended family
    Our thoughts are with you all at this time of Kim’s death.
    Kim’s great legacy and friendship continues as a leading and binding force through her many activities and friendship groups. We have been fortunate enough to be associated with Kim over forty years of her life with me being a sister of her good friend Robyn Doyle, with running into her at PFFF, assorted parties and later been part of her book club and John’s music group. We had a great adventure for her 50th birthday heading up to Alice Springs and walking on the Larapinta Trail. Kim has been a great inspiration to everyone. Lots of Love Lyn and Martin Curtis

  53. Dear John, Tess Lex and Family,
    Thank you for sharing this time in Kim’s memory.
    Our love and thoughts are with you

    Jill and Tony

  54. Such a beautiful service and all such lovely, emotional, heartfelt words from everyone. Kim impacted our lives in more ways than can be expressed here in one comment and we dearly wish we could have been there at the service to truly honour her. Her memory will be forever felt in our hearts and never forgotten. Sending love to Tess, Lex, John as well as all of her closest family and friends.

  55. Dearest John, Tessa, Lex and family,

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and stories of Kim’s life (gosh, baby Marlo looks like baby Tessa!)

    Although I did not know Kim personally, it was so wonderful to hear so many fond memories of her adventurous life and the impact she had on so many people. What an incredible woman.

    My deepest condolences.

  56. Dear John, Tess, Lex and family

    In the short time we got to know Kim, her incredible enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and commitment to others was so evident that she (and John) left us inspired to remember what’s important and strive for connectedness. What a beautiful event you (and Kim) made happen today. The tributes made us laugh and cry, a wonderful outpouring of love for Kim. Lots of love, thoughts and best wishes to you at this difficult time.

    Nerissa, Phil, Ari and Zara

  57. On behalf of the staff and students at the Victorian College of Arts we are writing to offer condolences for the loss of your beloved partner John, mother Lex and Tessa, grandmother Milo, sister, aunt and/or friend who also happened to be our dear colleague and friend, Kim. We recognise Kim as a pioneer of dance movement therapy. She has been an extraordinary colleague playing a foundational role in the development of the creative arts therapy programs at the VCA. We pay tribute to her generosity, passion, energy, enthusiasm and tenacity as a teacher, a researcher and as a friend. We extend our deepest sympathies to you at this time to you all. It was such poignant ceremony, so sad even as it was such a wonderful tribute to a life so well lived

    We, at the VCA have honoured Kim in several ways: We have published a tribute on the Faculty website:


    we welcome you all to a celebration of Kim’s life on Friday the 23rd of October at 5PM (Melbourne time), led by the team in Creative Arts Therapy

    Topic: Celebrating the Life of Dr Kim Dunphy
    Time: Oct 23, 2020 05:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
    Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:
    Password: 058538

    We would welcome you all if you felt able to join us.

    1. Thank you and the VCA staff so much for the amazing tributes Barbara.
      I am Kim’s younger sister Bobbi and I reside in the USA. I would absolutely love to join but it will be getting quite late here at that time and I wondered if you are planning to record the session so that I could view it later? Thank you!

  58. Deepest condolences to Kim’s family and friends. Such beautiful tributes.
    Warm Regards,
    Jenny Nicholls (Dixon)

  59. John, Tess , Lex and family, our thoughts are with you.

    A great tribute to a remarkable women.

    We will always remember our fantastic times together.

    Leigh and Anne

  60. A wonderful commemoration of an extraordinary life. My heartfelt condolences go out to the whole family. May Kim be remembered always.

  61. Dear John and all the family,
    What a beautiful tribute for Kim
    She will be truly missed as she touched so many of our lives.
    Lots of love from
    Pauline, Tess and Neil xx

  62. Kim was our dear friend of earlier years. Duck keeper, mother, partner, Miss Kim dance teacher, water-loving camping mate, super cook and generous participant in the Warrnambool community.

    Kim’s contribution to the inaugural Womens Festivals, successful grant applications and hard working enthusiasm are remembered with great joy.

    Our loving thoughts to John, Tess, Alexi and families. Marie, Larry, Bill and Molly

  63. I was very sad to hear of Kim’s passing. She was one of the first supporters of Artists In Community International which I founded with Anne Riggs.. We ran art programs in Nepal and India. i will be forever grateful for her support.
    I admired the work she did in East Timor.
    Please accept my condolences

  64. To John and all of your family,
    It was a wonderful service this morning and to understand how much of an impact Kim had on everyone. She had a rewarding life and career and it was great to see all of the family being so close and supportive.

  65. Dearest John, Tess, Lex and family… thank you for sharing today with us to honour beautiful Kim. We will always hold Kim in our hearts and be inspired to live life with no regrets as she did. We send our love to you all xxx Helen, Katina, Con, Peter, Serge and Kira

  66. Thank you for the opportunity to participate remotely in this celebration of Kim’s life and to discover the incredible richness and breadth of her life and devotions. An incredible, unique, and multifaceted woman. I feel blessed that my path criss-crossed with hers over the last 15 or so years. And I will be keeping her in my heart and mind. And as a reminder to live life to its fullest to ask myself “what would Kim do?” … My love and admiration to all of Kim’s family, Nancy

  67. What a wonderful and beautiful celebration of Kims incredible life. She would be so incredibly proud. She is now an angel watching over you all and continuing to spread her wings

    All my love
    Jane XXX

  68. Dear John, Tess, Lex and family

    What a beautiful service and such a thoughtful and heart felt reflection of an amazing woman and a life very well lived. Kim is a shining example to us all. We are thinking of you and your extended family during this difficult time. Take extra special care of yourselves.

    All our love.
    Craig, Cathy, Flynn, Jai and Charlie Olsson

  69. Dear John, Tess, Brad & Marlo, Lex & Kelly,

    Thank you for this opportunity to honour Kim and to celebrate her life. Your ‘corkscrew to the heart’ John so aptly describes the feeling of grief I, and many, feel on her death.

    She lived her life well, according to her values.

    Vale Kim


  70. Thank you for this beautiful celebration of Mana Kim’s life, a life so well lived, but cut short way too soon. She was a great encourager, generous, cheeky, and fun, and inspirational in all that she achieved and in the fierceness of her love. I will miss her and her generous collaborative spirit and sharp intellect. I send my love and best wishes to her family and friends as you move through life without her, and hope the way will be peaceful and that the love you all shared will give you strength everyday.

  71. Dear John and family,
    Listening to all of your beautiful memories it was clear what a special woman Kim was, and how loved she was by everyone that knew her. My thoughts are with you.
    Deepest condolences,

  72. To John, Annette and Kim’s family
    Lovely service so warm and family oriented. A great tribute to Kim and the life she has led. So much to celebrate and life so well lived. It is no wonder the family are so proud of her. So many wonderful memories and achievements to cherish.
    Thinking of you

    Jane Guthrie

  73. A life absolutely well lived and a beautiful ceremony to celebrate this. She will always be with us and inspire us.
    Love to you all.
    David and Mary

  74. A wonderful farewell to a beautiful and talented Lady.
    Our Love to John and your entire Family.
    Ken & Jenni Rusbridge

  75. Dear John and family,
    What a beautiful celebration of Kim’s life. Your family is in my thoughts. It was lovely to hear beautiful Marlo’s voice and to see you are surrounded by love.

  76. Thinking of you John and family at this difficult time. Hold all your special memories close to your heart. Warm wishes, Emma McPhee

  77. A beautiful celebration of a life well lived.
    Thanks to all for sharing these memories of life with Kim. The love is palpable.

  78. Beautiful service with an abundance of love….Rest in Paradise Kim, Respect and love always…to John and family keep solid and keep smiling…big hugs and love to all…Somerville family. X.

  79. We’re so blessed to have been loved by Kim; she was an amazing human being in so many ways as demonstrated in that beautiful service. It was hard not to be with family at this sad time but I’m sending lots of love and virtual hugs to everyone.

    Ali, Tony, Hannah Lucy and Oscar

  80. Dearest John and your remarkable family,
    I feel overwhelmed at this moment. So many words spoken and such honour paid to our darling Kim. We will never be the same without her but we are all better for having her in our lives.
    I am so deeply moved by the courage and deep love that has filled the service today. We are so blessed but equally we will mourn Kim forever. Lulu

  81. I am so blessed that you shared your grief, joy, humour and deep love the Dunphy/Toumbarou family gave for Kim. Thank you. Deepest condolences and thoughts. Love Kathy

    The last image on the steam of the Kim’s brothers and mum embraced will last with me for some time. That image said so much and more.

  82. Love to John, Lex, Tess and the extended Dunphy Family.

    We send lots of love to you all from the Hess family. We remember Kim so fondly and our childhoods shared with you all. We still laugh about the “get up and go” club Kim ran. So grateful to share in your memories and be part of such a beautiful moving service today celebrating Kim’s amazing life.

    Sending special love to Bob and T across the ocean.

    Love Emma and all the Hess family XXXX

  83. Hello John and family. Kim was one among the most wonderful persons that I had a chance of ever meeting. She had a way of making everyone feel comfortable and included and even though I didn’t interact as much with her, I could tell she was an amazing person. I believe she is now resting in peace and away from all the pain and suffering that life can bring. My prayers go out to your family. Thank you for streaming the service so that we could all join from various places around the globe to celebrate her life.
    Thinking about you all with prayers on my mind, Sharon Solomon

  84. Thank you John, Tess Lex and Kim’s extended family for allowing us to be with you via this link and in spirit today.

    I know so well that Kim was a remarkable person. I could see today how she was so beautifully surrounded by a loving and remarkable family. Sending you all my deepest condolences and a promise to honor Kim’s memory by continuing on with Dance and Creative Arts Therapy work that I know she so valued. Tess Hens

  85. Thanks so much for sharing the loving service with us. Kim was a very warm, generous and beautiful woman. Her life is an inspiration – and a life well lived. My love to you all, and especially to John and the Toumbourou family, keely on behalf of the Macarow family xxxx

  86. Dear John and Family,

    Thank you for sharing the love within your family with all of us. It was a beautiful service and it was so moving, watching and hearing about Kim’s life. We wish you strength and peace every day.

    Warmest wishes,

  87. Beautiful childhood memories and your kindness and generosity to me in more recent years. I miss you dear cuz. Love forever, Karen xx

  88. Dear John, Tess and Lex,

    My thoughts and love are with you.

    Thank you Kim for being a positive influence in my life when I was a young girl living in the country and then transitioning into city life. Thank you for all the fun family gatherings.

    All my love.

  89. Dear John, Lex, Tess and family,

    My deepest condolences. Thank-you for the honour to share in this day. To hear your precious stories was truly significant. Beautiful to hear about even more of Kim’s life than I have seen in the professional setting (in which she has always inspired, encouraged and enabled me to succeed) and to today be increasingly inspired by how she lived her whole life, how she indeed approached life, her family and her values. So incredibly stunning. Celebrating and mourning with you today. Thank-you.

  90. Such a beautiful farewell and tribute to Kim. Thank you for sharing this moment with us. We are all with you and thinking of you. Much love, Judd and Amy

  91. Such a sad, beautiful, emotional and fitting tribute to the amazing lady that was Kim. Love to you John, Lex, Tess, Marlow, Annette, Jody and family. I know you will continue to keep Kim alive in your hearts as will I.
    Thinking of you all at this sad time. Lyn and Bill Laister

  92. To Kim, thanks for the wonderful discussions during our PhDs of the importance of creative culture, and the complexity of international solidarity and sharing: always thoughtful and passionate.
    Best wishes to all who hold her memories and her inspiration to connect and get things changing in our world.

  93. Dance Kim, dance. Thank you for this beautiful service of love. To John and family it has been a privilege to have worked alongside your beloved Kim and to have called her my friend. She lives on in so many ways. Warmest love Kirsten

  94. Dear John, Tess, Lex and Annette and extended families … it was a privilege to watch your loving outpourings today and to learn more about the wonderful life of Kim. Sending our love, Barb and Alan

  95. Wonderful memories of our time in Lospalos, Kim truly lived what she believed. Sending love and light to John and the family. Barb

  96. To all of Kim’s family, that was a lovely celebration of Kim’s life. Thank you for making it possible for me to be part of such a moving tribute. I have fond memories of Kim at St Joan of Arc’s and Star of the Sea.
    Thinking of you all and particularly you, Annette.
    love Penny Hewett

  97. Thank you so much for inviting me to share that amazing tribute to Kim’s life. Sitting here in the living room at Coraki Drive watching brought so many memories of our times alive.
    Love to all, Vic

  98. I feel very blessed to have known Kim. She was always so open, warm and inclusive. The funeral service was a beautiful tribute to a woman who knew the secret to leading a wonderful life. What a great role model you have, and will continue to be. Jasmine, Rose and Eliza

  99. Dear John, Tessa, Lex and family,

    What a beautiful service, you have done Kim proud, I could feel her presence throughout. My deepest condolences, I know you will find solace in the amazing memories of Kim, some of which you shared today, she was an amazing woman and I feel blessed to have known her for only a short but rich time. My love and thoughts are with you, Belinda.

  100. What a beautiful commemoration of Kim’s incredible life, and the love she shared with so many. May we all endeavour to create so much good in the world. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Vale, Kim. xoxo

  101. Love to Kim’s family and extended community. I feel grateful to have shared some of her journey and her passion, drive and generosity will continue to inspire me in all days to come. What a phenomenal spirit – its the only word that feels remotely adequate. Much love to you all and blessings to Kim on her way.

    Amanda xo

  102. Dear John and family,

    Thank you for letting me be part of this beautiful tribute to Kim – a truly inspirational woman.

    It is clear that Kim will live on in so many of you – and her love and light will continue to shine.

    I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that your love for each other will be a solace to you.

    With love,

  103. To each of Kim’s family and friends,
    Thank you for sharing this chapter of Kim’s life with us all, so openly, so generously, so deeply. All of your loving words and stories keep alive the endless ways she has touched the life of many, many people around the entire globe.
    To Kim–thank you. You have taught each of us.
    With affection, Laura (dance therapist in US)

  104. To Kim’s loved ones, what a beautiful life, well lived.
    Her amazing work, influence and passion will live on in her students too.
    Bless you all with peace and comfort in your grief.
    Love from Adrienne Sloan (her grateful MCAT student)

  105. Dear John, Tess, Lex and family,

    Kim left this world to the heavenly abode and she will be sadly missed.
    Kim visited my family at Mumbai, India and I had the opportunity to visit John and Kim thrice in Australia. I was John’s Post-Doctoral student, but I was also mentored by Kim. Kim was keenly interested in my development. She has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration. I am confident that I will have an opportunity to meet Kim at the time of resurrection. Until then farewell Kim, you are unforgettable.

    With lots of love and comfort to all.

  106. Dearest John and family, what a moving commemoration of Kim’s life. Although I didn’t know Kim personally, I have been able to meet a wonderful woman through this beautiful tribute. Sending you all much love, Rachel

  107. An honour to celebrate Kim today. Thank you for sharing so generously in your stories of Kim that add to my already high admiration of her, built in the very short time I have known her. Take comfort in these memories today and always. Kate Teggelove (VCA, Creative Arts colleague)

  108. Dearest Bobbi, Thomas and all the Dunphy family,

    Such an honour listening to the stories of those who loved Kim. What an amazing, generous woman.

    My condolences and love,

  109. Dearest John and Family.

    Beautiful memorial of Kim. Out thoughts and hearts are with you.

    Love Masoomeh, David and Sophie

  110. Much love to you all today. So glad to be able to watch the service online and be there in spirit. Such a deeply beautiful tribute to an incredible lady. Love Tan x

  111. Dear John, Tess, Lex and family,
    Wishing you peace to bring comfort and courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.
    You are always in our thoughts.
    Matin, Kambiz & Raha

  112. John, Lex and Tess

    My deepest condolences. Thinking of you during this most difficult time. Kim was such an inspiration and an amazing woman.

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Dylan Chaplin-Burch

  113. Sending deepest love to and for Kim. Her light shines on in us all and in the world . Courageous . Inspiring . Brilliant . Caring. A huge heart . A leader in life . Love to you John . Your kids and grandkids. Love to you Dunphy clan. Such a big part of my life for over 50 years. Her passing seems from the outside such a deep reflection of such an amazing woman.

  114. Dear John and family, it was a privilege to learn about Kim’s life and witness the beautiful celebration of her life. It sounds like she was an inspiring woman with the best kind of values – I found your speeches very moving John, Lex and Tess. I would like to honour Kim’s goodness and love by remembering those values myself. I will remember to pack a secret love heart John.

  115. Dear John, I was so sorry to see your wife’s death notice in the Age. It must have been a terrible time for you all over the past year or so. But am listening to you at the memorial service now, it is clear that you and the family have shared truly wonderful experiences and growth during this time.
    All my best wishes for the time ahead as you establish a new ‘normal’. Peace every step.

  116. To John, Tess and Lex, and all of Kim’s family and friends,
    My deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are offered for you all at this time. I hope that your memories of the joy, care, attention and love of life that Kim brought into the world so generously, give you warmth today and as you live onwards.
    Best wishes
    Liz Clancy

  117. Dear John, Tess, Lex and family,

    My deepest condolences to you all. While I only met Kim a handful of times I still remember clearly her warmth and welcoming from many years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  118. My deepest commiserations John and family. I was very sorry to hear the sad news of Kim’s passing and wish you happy memories moving forward. Warmest wishes. Peter

  119. My deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are offered for your family John, in this most trying of times.

  120. To John, Tess, Lex and all of Kim’s family,
    My deepest condolences. I can’t imagine the deep hole her loss has left in your lives. She has certainly left a hole in my life and in my heart. Kim and I began our academic journeys together, and learned to be good academics through a period of intense collaboration. I have the fondest memories of some amazing and robust discussions we had along the way.
    I also have a funny memory of a concert we went to at St Pauls a couple of years ago. The concert, run by a group of students, was a bit of a flop, so we escaped over to Ben and Jerry’s for the biggest cups of ice cream. Kim’s wicked smile as she gleefully gobbled down yummy ice cream will stay with me forever.
    Sending you big hugs. You are on my mind and we share your loss.
    Vicki xx

  121. Dear John, Tessa, Lex and families,

    My deepest condolences for your loss and the loss we all share in losing someone as bright, intelligent and fun as Kim. I have learnt a great deal from her and will always hold her essence in my heart.
    Sally Denning

  122. Dear John, Tessa, Lex and family,
    Kim left this world a better place and she will be sadly missed. Her contributions and achievements inspire us all and we are privileged to have known her. My deepest condolences.

    1. Dear John and all the family,
      What a beautiful tribute for Kim
      She will be truly missed as she touched so many of our lives.
      Lots of love from
      Pauline, Tess and Neil xx

  123. Dear John, Tess, Lex, Annette and all the clan
    Thinking of you all ahead of what I know will be a wonderful celebration of Kims remarkable life

    All our love
    Jane and Tim

  124. To all Kim’s family my huge condolences and love. I worked with Kim at the City of Melbourne and we used to walk the city streets to keep fit. At the same time we talked and talked and worked out all our worries together. We have children of similar ages! Although we didn’t keep in touch regularly, I will miss her dearly. A lovely, wise woman.

  125. Hello John, Tess, Lex, Kim’s mother and wonderful connected extended family.
    Yes Kim has left a hole in many hearts, yet her far outreaching connections, shared skills, abilities and love has left an on ongoing legacy of beautiful outreaching memories.
    Kim spent time at my house in Baucau, Timor- Leste, both on her own and with her great friend Holly busy planning and organising one of Kim’s inspiring achievements, Many Hands International.
    Kim’s passion to create, bubbling energy to connect, willingness to offer a hand………. along with her delightful smile has brought sunshine to many hearts, KIM will be sadly missed.
    Sending you all lots of love Lorraine. Vale Dr. Kim Dunphy – OAM

  126. Dr Kim is an inspirational person, a motivator, a visionary, a strong advocate for justice, a loyal friend, a wise teacher, serving everyone with love and care. I can testify that many people life’s have changes because inspired by Kim. In Timor-Leste Kim has made a very significant contribution in advocating for the rights of marginalized people, especially women, youth and the Lospalos community in general which far from the reach of development. Kim is also advance visionary and courageous in providing ideas for change.

    I was very fortunate to be part of Kim’s vision and mission in Timor-Leste thorough Many Hands International and for the changes in the world that Kim have started in Timor-Leste.

    My family and I will always remember everything she has done in her lifetime.
    Thank you also to Professor John Toumbourou, Kim’s husband, who has been directly involved in carrying out social transformation in Timor-Leste through various projects for the good of the Timorese people and for us personally.
    Wishing all of your work and contribution will be remembered and continue to be carried on by each of us who are inspired by Kim and John.

  127. John, Tessa, Lex and Kim’s extended family, I was so sorry to hear the sad news of Kim’s death. I knew Kim when she became involved in the Warrambool Women’s Festival many years ago. She brought so much energy, enthusiasm and a big bag of great ideas that we incorporated into our Festival Program. I have followed her success from afar over many years and it was no surprise that she made her mark in dance – she was a very talented woman. She will always be remembered by me for her beautiful big smile, her ability to make others feel at ease so quickly and completely and her wonderful enthusiasm for life. She has left us far too young, but she will never be forgotten. Farewell lovely lady.
    Thinking of you all at this sad time.

  128. I will be teaching soon after 10 am on Wednesday 21/10, so I will not be able to attend Kim’s funeral,
    I will be there in spirit to honour Kim’s life of devotion and dedication.
    Wishing everyone a long and healthy life, Linda

    1. Kim, as one of your dance movement therapy students, I will miss you dearly. You have inspired me during our brief time together, and I aspire to be the woman you were. Thank you for your loving words and kindness, and for teaching me till your very last moments. I shall deeply treasure your last words to me which were not too long ago, and this shall carry me through till I graduate as the sole dance movement therapist in Perth, WA.
      Never forget your other skills you said, and never forget how much you have to contribute.
      I will miss you very much dear Kim, and am very blessed that our lives crossed paths.
      Forever in my heart and thank you once again for your love.
      My sincere condolences to your family.
      Much love,

    2. Dear John, Lex, Tess and family,

      We are so sorry for your loss. We will always cherish the memories we had with Kim and the warmth she brought into our family. Sending you lots of love and thinking of you all during this difficult time.

      Hia, Heng, June, Joey, Steven, Owen, Aiden and family

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