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34 comments on “Kylie Bowen”

  1. A loving, moving tribute to a a beautiful soul. She had so much to give and lived life to the fullest when she could. My sincere condolences to you Rachel.

    1. Thank you so very much Jeremy and yes so very nice to honour her, our childhood together and especially her own life of which I’m very proud. Thank you again for thinking of me. Much peace at this time.

  2. Nothing can seperate us from the love of God. Such true words. And so needed, especially when all seems dark in the world. Why there has been so much pain in this gorgeous family, I don’t know. But, I know the Bowens live life to the full, and I am honoured to know and love them. Love you always Rachel. May the peace of the Lord hold you sweetheart. May he fold you into his arms, and underneath his wings. Kylie I release you and look forward to dancing and signing and laughing with you one day again. Love from Esther, your childhood friend (nee Shannon) xxx

    1. Thank you my dear Est! Yes I do wish for you much peace at this time of sadness for us all and a good time for contemplation. Yes and such very true words you speak. Yes so many memories of our families together as children. Yes I am also so very deeply honoured to know and love you as a friend and always looked forward to catching up with you including the last time. Yes I miss all those things! Love and light from your childhood friend Rachel. xxxxxxxx

  3. Rachel, I’m so terribly sorry for the loss of your beautiful sister. I watched the video of the service & shed many tears, your story of her life was just perfect. I wish I could give you more than just words to ease the grief. May she rest easy free from pain now. Much love to you.
    Sue Khor

    1. Thanks Sue-Lynne…. Yes thanks so very much for watching the video…Yes so many tears that day… Yes and a little strange to hear your life read out! Yes well sometimes words is all we have to give and that is even more than actually I expect from people. I truly wish for all Kylie’s friends much peace, love and light… yes at this sad time. With much love from Rachel. xxxx

  4. What a fabulous tribute. It was nice seeing the photos of Kylie, remembering her enthusiasm, love and active life. Her kindness and love for people was evident and impactful on all her family and friends.

    Love and peace to Rachel, WInston, Margaret and all who loved her. C.H. (Craig)

    1. Thank you so very much Craig and yes so excellent to hear from you. Yes an amazing thing to remember, honour and tribute her life. Yes I/we do so deeply love and miss her great presence in my life/our lives and into the future. Yes much love and peace to all of your family too at this time, from Rachel. xxxx

  5. Dear Rachel, I just watched the service for Kylie. Your beautiful words reflected her beautiful spirit. I am so sorry for your loss, a precious sister. Kylie embodied life and happiness during the years that we were best friends; so many fond memories of The Lounge, music, dancing, cask wine, cooking, Tien Dat, late night chats at sleepovers, youth group events, faith and life shared. She made my life rich and full.
    You have been the rock of her life and I pray that you will be supported as you grieve her passing. Sending love, Kate

    1. Dear Kate,
      Thank you so very much and I do feel just a little happier to know people are viewing and enjoying it… Yes such excellent times and memories with you all. I’m also more relieved now to hear from you as I have been trying to get in contact with you. Thank you so much for your thoughts at this time and yes much support has already been given to me. Sending love, peace and light to you from Rachel xxxxxxx

  6. Hi Rachel, I’m so, so sorry to hear of Kylie’s passing. We obviously didn’t remain connected over the years but from DCS days, I always knew Kylie to be such an incredibly kind and vibrant person. I truly pray that this time of grief gives way to hope and light in the future.

    Love, Keith

    1. Thanks Keith so very much for your remembering of Kylie yes at this very difficult time. Yes I do remember you. Classmate friends are always friends I guess so yes I’m sure that her school friends do have so many amazing stories to tell. Thanks for thinking of her at this time, and much peace from Rachel.

  7. Gillian and Peter Mundy

    The pictures shown so beautiful that you and your dear sister Kylie were so very close. Memories of love and friendship are treasured to carry with you always. Time and prayer are the keys to healing pain. May hope find its way to your heart. Our love to you. ox

    1. Dearest Gillian and Peter,
      Thank you so very much for your very beautiful comments about Kylie and my friendship with her. Yes and that’s why it’s a little harder to say goodbye to my dear sister. Yes I do think you are very right about time healing our pain. Hope I do find something hopeful very soon. Yes, much love from Rachel. xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Dear Rachel
    This is a hard but that was such a comforting service and beautiful tribute. Your sisterly bond was really something unique and special. Sending love and support to you and the rest of the extended family as you continue to deal with this loss. Seeing Kylie’s face and beautiful smile again brought back precious memories of the good times we shared. Thank you for providing this opportunity to say goodbye from afar.

    1. Dear Justina,
      Yes…. I very much agree with you! Thanks because I know you understand about that type of sisterly bond. Thank you again for your loving thoughts at this time of sad loss. Yes I’m sure we will run into each other again around the traps so I can ‘hear’ or watch those stories in person. Yes and I’m so glad to read that you had the opportunity to watch the service recently. Love and peace your friend Rachel.

  9. Hey Rachel,
    I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. I remember her from my school years at DCS, she was such a caring and thoughtful person who was a lovely friend to all in the class, I’m so thankful for the memories, and for the opportunity to hear some of yours here. Sincerest condolences..

    1. Thanks so very much Adam for offering your condolences yes at this time. Yes and I’m also glad you had the opportunity to know her in school. Yes I’m finding that I’m reading new stories from most of her school friends. Much peace for all of us at this time.

  10. Hey Rach,
    My heart hurts for u ❤️. Such a beautiful service. Kylie and your Dad would have loved. And u look so gorgeous. Love u miss u. All my love and hugs. Jane

    1. Yes Jane…
      ..My heart is so terribly broken too. Thanks again dear Jane for watching the service. Yep I really wish Dad was there to see it too. Love and miss you heaps always from Rachel. xxx

  11. Thank you Rachel for sharing this service with us.
    The pictures and words spoken just sum up how special Kylie was.

    1. Thanks so very much and no worries Amanda! Yes and so I will miss her so greatly. She also achieved so much in her life which I’m so very proud of when I heard it all read out! Peace from Rachel.

  12. Dear Rachel,
    I’m so sorry for your loss of your dear sister Kylie.
    I will always remember Kylie for her beautiful, friendly smile and her infectious energy from our Roberts Avenue days. I have a lot of treasured memories of the fun times we spent in your backyard growing up. Thinking of you during this difficult time.
    Much love, Joanne (Murphy) & Family xx

    1. Dear Joanne,
      Thank you again for the thoughts, love and wishes here. Yes and so much I still do remember.
      I deeply appreciate all the gifts and visits and of course all the times we had fun together as children. Thanks also for the support in the past and again at this very sad time too. Much peace for you and your family too, from Rachel. xxx

  13. Rachel,
    What a beautiful tribute to Kylie’s life, you did an amazing job of giving us a glimpse into your family and the life you two shared. I am so sad her life was so short, but one day we will all be together with Jesus and surrounded by His love and mercy. I love you and will be praying for you as you grieve the loss of Kylie and the sweet relationship that you two shared. Lots of love, your cousin Beth

    1. Dearest Beth,
      Thank you so much again.. Yes and so much more to say if could have more time. Yes my sadness is sometimes about that very reason and the beautiful relationship we had together. It’s been amazing to see and hear from you again. Yes I love you dearly too Beth and thank you so much for your lovely thoughts and I wish much peace and love to the family at this very sad time. From Rachel. xxxx

  14. Treasured memories of your dear sister Kylie. Our love and sympathy. Now at peace in God’s care.

    1. Hello Jeanette and Kerrin,
      Yes your’e definitely right about our treasured memories and friendship in childhood. Thank you so very much for your thoughts and wishes at this time. Peace from Rachel.

    1. Dear Ben,

      Thank you again so very much for thinking of me yes at this time. Yes I’m very glad you liked the service and thanks so greatly for honouring her life here today.

      Love and peace from Rachel.

    1. Dear Valerie,
      Thank you so greatly for giving me your kind sympathy at the moment. Yes and lovely to hear from you. Peace and love to your family from Rachel.

  15. I’m so sorry about your loss sister Kylie. I’m thinking of you as my prayers. God be always with you wherever you are now.

    1. Dearest Susan,
      Thank you so very much for thinking of and honouring my sister’s life at this time. Yes and I’m always so very happy to hear from you. Much peace to all your family wherever you are as well. Love always from Rachel.

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