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5 comments on “LA”

  1. Our hearts are saddened by the loss of our Aunty Lydia may her soul rest in peace and our thoughts and prayers are with you Joe & family

    Love . Philomena & Vincy

  2. Dearest Joe,
    Anthony n d boys join me in wishing You, Tyler n Trent our deepest sympathy….
    With heavy hearts we witnessed the Eucharistic Celebration and the beautiful memories of her lifes journey for 28 years….a tribute of love n respect for their mother put up by Tyler n Trent…
    Its hard to forget when she has given so much to remember.. May d memories ull share bring each one of u gentle comfort…
    We too will treasure Lydia’s simple,humble n generous ways of living life..
    Praying that the Almighty Lord give ull strength n courage to move on with d love n warmth of ur fly n friends..
    May her soul rest in peace..
    Loves, Blaise,Anthony,Aaron n Aldrich.

  3. Heartfull of goodbye to our loving and courageous teeteen and my dads beloved sister…may your soul rest in piece…Amen

    brother johnny vaz, neice enrica vaz and jessica vaz.

  4. God knows what is best. He took away your pain to be in a better place with him. We will miss you our dear Lydia. May you rest in peace in the company of Angel’s and saints.

  5. Dearest Joe,
    I do not know where to start, but let me begin here; the very news of Lydia having the dreaded sickness, got me and the entire family skip a breadth, our immediate turn too; was to ask for forgiveness to the Lord and continued the daily prayer with a special emphasis on healing and compassion. Lydia being a fighter against all odds won a many battle, but sadly this battle was with the very almighty who sent her to this world and justifiably has the right to recall, which he did on the very same day that he united you both wherein you both took your vows “Till Death do us Apart” What an example of truth to the very words, united on this day and left the same day 28 years later, to be with the almighty, fulfilling all her duties with grace and dignity for which she was sent for;

    We had the privilege of knowing her as friend/neighbor and later as a member of our close knit family. She gave you two sons to fall back on, they have been incredible in their journey as family, brought them up with true Christian values. They will miss her, so also we and the entire family/friends/neighbors and all who’s life path she crossed.

    Joe, Life has to move on, what better way too; then to live on with the happy times spent together and memories are meant to cherish forever. Let us all be united with the memories of her life’s journey.
    ADIOS LYDIA – till the day we all will meet again.

    Abu Dhabi

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