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22 comments on “Lesley George”

  1. Dear Andrew and family,
    I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to Lesley’s service in person but we were one of the many lucky families to have Lesley care for our little one in PICU at the RCH. She was always so caring, vivacious, full of advice and never ending support, and always made us feel like our little man, Jude, was the most loved and well cared for person there. We were so sorry to hear of your loss, but Lesley will be forever in her hearts and we will smile whenever we think of her. Thanks for sharing Lesley with so many of us. We are forever grateful.

  2. Dear Andrew and family,
    I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to Lesley’s service in person, but please know she is always in our hearts. We are one of the very lucky families to have had Lesley care for our sick little one in PICU at the RCH. She was so caring, full of advice and never ending support and more importantly, always made us and our little boy, Jude, feel loved and like we were the most important people in the world. We are so sorry to hear of her passing, but we will always remember her, and smile whenever we think of her. Much love. Ally

  3. Thank you so much Andrew for sharing this wonderful tribute to Lesley. I feel very privaledged to have had Lesley as a friend, since 1990, and have many happy memories of our friendship over the years both in Australia and the UK. I am especially grateful that my family and I managed to spend time with you and Lesley in your beautiful home last August, when we were visiting from the UK. May you rest in peace Lesley, I miss you. Sally xx.

  4. Andrew, my heart goes out to you and family. I only got to spend a short time with Lesley, but it was delightful getting to know her.
    Prayers and peace with you, Jean

  5. Lesley work on earth is done. You always reminded me of our first meeting at nursery school in Gleemore road ,Athlone under the care of Mrs Goliath and then attending Belgravia High School.We lost contact over the years but through social media we met up again.I enjoyed having chats with you and you never complained about your illness but you persevered through it all .Rest well my friend you free of pain and suffering .I will miss our updates on social media .
    Condolences to Andrew ,Dr George and the immediate family on Lesley’s passing.
    Thank you Andrew for allowing us to partake in remembering Lesley’s life.MHDSRIP
    Love and miss you
    Patricia Hannie (Coert)

  6. Thank you for letting me share in this special occasion to say Goodbye to a special friend , such a special colleague and friend will miss our chats very much . Lots of love and prayers to Andrew for the days ahead , know that Lesley was very much loved and will be missed . Dance in the clouds Lesley
    lots of love
    Katy xx

  7. Thank you Andrew for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful and personal occasion.
    Lesley instilled in me her love and passion for the London west end shows during our time together studying our A levels in the UK.
    We later met again during our trip to Australia in 1991.
    she made our stay very memorable and we were sad to leave but on the other hand excited to return to the uk, to embark employment at the Royal Marsden Hospital.
    So sad to loose a lovely person at such a young age.
    She will be missed.
    Our thought are with you and your family.
    Nadine and Jonathan xx

  8. Andrew apologies we never met. Lesley gushed over you the whole time she shared my Villa in Dubai, it got so I thought you were an illusion, am happy that she found her happiest illusion.
    It was always Amdrew this Andrew that.
    Am so sad, I wished I had known how bad she had got, I would have come over, she was always so generous with her time and positive thoughts.
    The last time we spoke I felt she wasnt telling me the truth about how she was doing & of course we always think we have time to speak later!. God bless you Lesley. Indi

  9. Lesley will miss you forever. I regret the days missed sharing your last days.
    Gone but never forgotten.
    Daily recall our days in Dubai.
    Am happy that you finally found contentment.
    Your bubbly self gone, unbelievable.
    God bless you.
    Wishing Andrew much peace during the hard days ahead.
    Best wishes Indi

  10. Thanks Andy for sharing. Lesley was a truly remarkable woman and I am glad you gave us this opportunity to get a snapshot of her life, filled with,humour, caring and love.

    The service was a wonderful tribute and thanks again for streaming.
    All the best my friend.

  11. Lesley.
    A woman of incredible strength and courage. A friend for a lifetime.
    A beautiful spirit.
    God hold and keep you in the palm of His hand.
    Jacqui Swartz

  12. Farewell my dierbare friend Lesley. Oh I will miss you. All our chats at work and home and everywhere. All our visits, reconnections over the years. Sorry I could not come clean your oven again. Sorry I never made you your pampoen fritters. Sorry I did not come and sit with you on the beach. I pray for you but please pray for me also. Until we meet again Les – may all the Angels and Saints rise up to meet you, may Our Lord welcome you with open arms – may He be merciful upon you. Amen Amen Amen, Love a big hug and kisses Theresa (Donna and Joshua)

  13. A fitting tribute to a beautiful woman inside and out. Thanks for allowing me to view the service. So long my beautiful friend, may your dear soul rest in peace.

  14. Thank you so much, Andrew for arranging the live stream to Lesley’s funeral. What a beautiful reflection on the person Lesley was and how she lived her time here on earth.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your and Lesley’s family in this difficult time.

    May Lesley’s dear soul rest in peace.

    With love and fond regards
    Edward and Yvette Harris

  15. I am truly blessed to have Lesley as a friend. She is a great inspiration with her vivaciousness, zeal for life, strong sense of justice for the underdog and never afraid to be true to herself. Her infectious laugh and sense of humour I will greatly miss and yet it will be with me always.

    Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again at that special station at the end of our journey – the one where we forever can laugh and be happy always.

    Vai com Deus, minha amiga!

  16. Farewell cousin Pingy!

    Courageous, Fearless, warm, loving, hilarious!

    Forever in our thoughts, conversation and hearts!

    Love Aunty Evie, Celest & Karen from South Africa

  17. Thank you Andrew for doing this. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this with you, I will miss her influence and grace in my life.

    All the love- Courtney

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