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  1. To the Chambers Family,

    I am a parishoner at Dutch Neck Presbyterian Church in West Windsor, New Jersey where Rory has been serving only a short time as Associate Pastor for Youth and Community Ministry, and he has already impressed greatly by just his presence (albeit mostly virtually due to the present times). Having watched the tributes to his father, it is clear that his entire family helped shape him, each in his/her own personal way. You have created unique, blessed and blessing masterpieces of each other. How much greater the world is for it.

    While we may be half a world apart from each other, it is the love of God which defies time, distance, and dimension which connects us. May He comfort, strengthen, guide, and protect you during this transitional time, and may you also know that Rory as his family’s ambassador to our community rocks our church’s world. Thanks to Liam and to all of you for that. God bless you, Liam – you have left a most beautiful garden of legacy.

  2. What to say? These comments above are nearly testimony enough. What gentleness, joy and discerning yet non-judgmental love one can give – I’ve received that from Liam and his beautiful wife and am and will continue to be so grateful for this. Life is not always easy – so what relief it is to have friends such as this x

  3. Dear Marilyn and family,
    So very sorry for your loss. Liam was an inspirational man and a very gentle person.
    Our loving thoughts are with you all at this very sad time.
    Debbie, Jamie, Haleigh and Melanie Bonanno

  4. Dear Chambers – it was a real privilege to be part of that very heart felt service honouring Liam’s busy life! Marilyn’s opening talk was absolutely gorgeous. Will this be “published” later? The rest of the ceremony was so meaningful. Andy especially, loved that piece of James Taylor = another 1948’er of note!! On a personal note, Liam taught me the blues chords for the first time way back and introduced Sal to various string instruments! Very special! Love Andy and Jillian

  5. A beautiful tribute to Liam from all involved. Despite knowing it was coming, it is such a hard thing to pull together when the time comes. It is wonderful to have such loving and supportive family and friends – a true reflection of Liam and you all.

  6. Marilyn and family,

    Hugs from us at this very sad but life affirming time. Liam lived life to the full. Hopefully we can following in his footsteps.

  7. Dear Marilyn and family,
    So sad to hear of Liams illness and passing.
    Ed loved his big brother.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.
    All our love, Carol and family.

  8. My 15 week old son Stanley and I watched the ceremony together this morning. Liam was such a positive male role model for me in my early years and had a beautiful influence on so many students and community members. I remember his bright and cheeky smile and his musicianship was a true inspiration. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this morning. Sending my love to Marilyn, Rory, Glynn and all the family. Love Sal and Stanley

  9. Sending our love. That was an amazing – you are blessed; we are blessed to have been part of his life and yours.
    Lorraine & Rod

  10. A gentle soul that embodied all that this world truly needs right now- kindness. He and his kindness will live on through his humans, that he held so dear and so close.

  11. A beautiful service, and a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. I did not know him well, but as Rory explained so well, his legacy lives through his children, who have impacted many for the better, myself included. My love and thoughts to the whole family.
    Russel Dyer.

  12. My old school motto is gesta non verba, deeds not words. When I think of it I can’t help but think of the time I spent with Liam. I could not have done it without his selfless help and encouragement. Our love and thoughts are with you Maz and family. A wonderful man that will be missed.
    Gary and Elaine

  13. Liam, through your loving friendship and your actions, you have taught me how to respect others, how to love well and often and how to be generous. I will miss you always.

    Thankyou for allowing me to be a part of today. Sending you all my love Maz, and to the whole family.

    Much love always,

  14. I will miss seeing Liam’s smiling face at Atisha Centre, and his request for chocolate biscuits at morning tea time. I will have a Tim Tam or two tonight in his honour. My thoughts and prayers are with you Marilyn and family.

  15. Thankyou for allowing me to join in on the celebration of Mr. Chambers life. It was a beautiful service, may he Rest In Peace and all my love to the family.

  16. ‘Goodbye Dear Liam’ I will miss seeing you up at Atisha Centre. Our chats and jokes and just being in each others company over a cup of tea or working with you. I did not realise how many things you accomplished in your life and how many people’s hearts you touched in such a positive way. A good human being. Love to you Marilyn and Family. X

  17. Beautiful service for a truly beautiful man, thank you for sharing. He will be so missed. Sending you all so much love at this time and always xo

  18. I never had the opportunity to meet Liam but had heard of him and feel extremely privileged to have been able to share his beautiful service – what a Blessing!!
    Deepest Sympathy to his beautiful family.

  19. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and meaningful celebration of Liam’s life.

    He was and shall remain an inspirational role model of love, compassion, wisdom, determination and kindness.

    We trust that with all the positive merit he has attained, that Liam shall have a favourable human rebirth where he can continue to serve and work for the benefit of all.

    Until we meet again, we shall always remember Liam with love.

    Love and Blessings to you dear Mazzy and to all of your family.

    Much love
    Sarah, Joel & Luca Hines xxxx

  20. Thanks Liam for your friendship, kindness and positive nature. Rejoicing always in your contributions to Atisha Centre and to making a difference in the world. My favourite quote of Liam’s was ‘Every day do your best and give of your best self’.
    May you have a safe transition from this life, obtain a perfect human rebirth or go to a pure land of your choice. To continue growing and benefiting many people.
    Maz and family, kind thoughts and love to you all at this time.

  21. Such a beautiful service. Liam was a true bodhisattva. It was an honor to have known this generous loving man. Our loving thoughts and wishes, to Marilyn and family….Huss and Kristy.

  22. We are so saddened by Liam’s passing, but glad that his suffering is ended. He will forever live in our hearts and in all those whose lives he touched. No finer human being ever walked this earth. He was a role model to friends and family and to all who knew him and we will never forget him. We are grateful for being able to share in this online service celebrating Liam’s life. It was a loving and very fitting tribute. Love and hugs to the entire family. Steve and Connie, Granville, Ohio, USA.

  23. Sending love and light to you dear Marilyn and your whole family. A beautiful, fitting and heart warming service. I hope you felt the energy of a room full of people. You did so, so well speaking up there today, bith you and you son. I know that gig and I know strength becomes you at that time, so I know you were looked after in those moments. Remain kind to yourselves while feeling all the feelings that will come. Love and compassion, Naarah

  24. Thank you Marilyn for the honour of attending Liam’s farewell gig. What a beautiful way to remind us all of Liam’s wonderful attributes, what a beautiful soul. This type of “man” will be sorely missed, he is what the world needs more of. Goodbye to a wonderful friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. He will be sadly missed by all. Maxine

  25. Thank you for allowing us to join in this wonderful celebration. We were fortunate to share in a small part of Liam’s life. We will never forget his kindness and generosity and that radiant smile. Marilyn, along with Liam you have created such a wonderful legacy in your family and the joy and warmth he gave to all will forever be with you through them. Janet, Bill, Sam, Joel and Kristin

  26. Such a moving celebrating of a humble life well and truly lived.
    Tears at the start, tears at the end . Every tribute so beautifully given. The world is smaller without him.
    My love and condolences to all the family.
    With all my love Les

  27. Dear Marilyn and family, heartfelt condolences to you all, as you farewell Liam.
    Thank you for sharing these rich reflections of love and generosity from Liam’s life well lived.
    I feel inspired by journey of his presence and contribution to each day and the wellbeing of others.

  28. What a wonderful blessing Liam has been and will continue to be an inspiration to us all. Laim I celebrate your life. Love to Maryln family and friends

  29. Thank you for inviting us to share in this beautiful service today.
    What a wonderful and loved man!
    Thinking of you, his beautiful family, while you navigate this stage of life in this difficult time in the world.

    Love to you.
    Ash, Matt and Logan McDowall

  30. OM MANE PADME HUNG Our deepest sincere condolence to Marilyn and family. May he reborn to this earth, meet the Buddha Dharma again and finally achieved the Buddhahood
    From Yeshi & family

  31. A talented man who worked tirelessly for others ~ how inspirational he was! Condolences to you Marilyn and to all his family.

  32. Thankyou Marilyn From the Whelan family to yours a moving and thoughtful service. Our kindest thoughts to you all. Chris and Janet Whelan

  33. Marilyn What a beautiful and insightful celebration of Liams life. Holding you and your family in thoughts and prayers at this time.

  34. Thankyou for the opportunity to be part of Liam’s celebratory service.
    Love to you Marilyn and family.
    ❤️Roz Effenberg.
    Jacqui Stewart.

  35. Thanks to the family for making this beautiful tribute happen, we really appreciated being involved and the insight into such a special life. We will continue to think of you guys today and in the days to come as you celebrate the life and grieve the loss of the wonderful Liam Chambers.
    So much love for you all today and always. Andy and Amy xoxo

  36. Marilyn and family
    Jay and I are so blessed to have met Liam, you and your family. It was a wonderful tribute of the caring life of Liam. You have passed that to your children so Liam will live on in the lives of others. May you find peace in your God.
    Gail and Jay Gunter

  37. Liam – Such a privileged to know you in this lifetime. You are a truly gentle man. To Marilyn and Family, our deepest condolences. Gary, Jan, Ben and Bree Townsend.

  38. Loved sharing the service and the testaments to a life lived to the fullest. A wonderful husband, father, grandfather, friend, musician & teacher, a spiritual person now laid to rest. God Bless, Bill & Glenys

  39. Thank you all for generously sharing your experiences of Liam… I am so glad to now have a deeper knowledge of him . He is truly inspiring. Hugs to Marilyn.

  40. Thank you for sharing your generosity and humanity with us all Liam and allowing us to be a small part of your life. Marilyn, your kindness and strength will be supported by your beautiful family, the legacy that you and Liam have created together, A wonderful, compassionate man who will remembered with love by us all. Janet, Bill, Sam, Joel and Kristin

  41. Uncle. I hope you come back as something wonderful, like a songbird so the world can contiune to hear your music.

  42. Liam’s heart , in all its manifestations for so many , will be forever an inspiration cherished this life and all future lives for me.

  43. A lovely tribute for Liam. What an inspiration!
    Thank you for allowing us to share in today’s service.
    Sending you all our love and prayers,
    from Mark & Lauri Rumble

  44. Thank you for the opportunity to share in a beautiful service and tribute to Liam. I fondly remember the times that our paths crossed and moments shared in relation to the Daylesford Dharma School. I see and hear a lot of love between you and surrounding you all.
    Much love, tears, thoughts and prayers to Marilyn and family.
    Annshar x

  45. Deepest gratitude Marilyn and family. Lisa and I were present today. A beautiful service in a special place, the Atisha Centre Gompa. My heart goes out to Liam and you. Such a wonderful life and person he was. Much love, Gen Blades

  46. Although I only knew Liam for a brief time whilst working on projects together I feel blessed to have met him. He was definitely one of a kind and will be sadly missed. My heart and prayers go out to Liam and his family. Om Mani Padme Hum. Love Suzi

  47. Beautiful service. What a wonderful man and an extraordinary life he lived. Was a privilege to have met him.

  48. An amazingly kind and humble man who had a positive influence on so many of us. Sending all our love.

  49. Our tears, prayers, and deepest condolences for you Maz, and to your family.

    It was a great privilege to hear everyone speak of Liam today, what a remarkable legacy he has left. May his presence never leave you.

    Much love.

  50. Although only knowing Liam briefly when working together I feel so blessed to have met him. He was definately one of a kind and will be missed. My prayers go out to Liam and his family. Om Mani Padme Hum. Love Suzi

  51. Thank you for the wonderful tributes today – and your strong words Marilyn – there are so many great and funny memories. There was even that photo of Pattersons with a much younger version of myself – a reminder of the many, many aspects of Liam, Killara included. Liam was certainly amazing – he was able to do and be so many different things. His incredible tenacity, drive, belief in people and that ‘get it done attitude’. Your team work and the love you each brought to your relationship – which is so evident in the lives of your children, your extended family and in all that you have achieved. What a life! Lots of love – xx

  52. I will always be grateful for Liam’s support for me personally and for his contribution of skills and labour for our monastery. It was a priviledge to know him. My best wishes and prayers to family and friends.

  53. Whilst we didn’t know Liam well, we knew when we first met him at Atisha Centre at the first retreat with Rinpoche in 2011 what a generous & kind person he was. And the same goes for Marilyn, who we also met then. We know he was truly loved & will be missed. But we also believe that he will have a good rebirth & will continue to benefit sentient beings wherever he is reborn. We have been including him in our prayers but we know that he has done so much good in his life that he probably doesn’t need them! Our thoughts & prayers are with all his family & friends. I’m sure we will all meet up in the future in some life somewhere again. Big hugs & love

  54. I will always remember the joy and confidence that his teaching presence brought to the very young and bouncy students at the Daylesford Dharma School during its early years. Walking into his multiage classroom there was the presence of being well held, skilfully guided, and ready for a great adventure that always included singing, live music and the true joy of learning.
    This joy extended into his presence at Atisha Centre where he was a repeat offender and a welcomed presence! …Always stepping back onto the Dharma boat to crew it through the turbulent, the picturesque or clear waters that we sailed on together.
    Travel well Liam into your next perfect human rebirth. Om Ah Hung.

  55. It is a great privilege to have known Liam and we send our love to the whole Chambers family on this day. Farewell good friend,
    John and Deborah

  56. Blessings on you all, especially Maz, Glynn & Jaz as you farewell a husband, a dad, a grandfather, a friend, and a legend of a bloke. We have very fond memories of Liam as our journeys have intertwined over the years. May peace and comfort be yours as you remember him.
    With much love from Tim, Laurie and the kids

  57. Ian Carruthers: Liam and I had a wonderful understanding of each other. His wisdom and peaceful approach to life brought my levels of anxiety from a stressful work life back to a more understanding, acceptance of human nature. thank you Liam. You’ll always be in my thoughts at times of concern. Cheers amte.

  58. I was blessed to know Liam, such a gentle and kind soul. My thoughts and love are with you Marilyn and all of the family

  59. Greetings especially to you Maz. We really appreciated getting to know you and Liam. It is hard to believe we will never see him again. We are very happy to be a part of his Memorial service.
    Lots of love,
    Kate, Andy, and Zaylee.

  60. We are with all of you today from Montana. Sending our love to you, celebrating Liam’s life.
    Keri, David, Grandma Janie, Aaron, Jared, Sue and Guff

  61. Bob Waterhouse ; I cherish the memory of Liam particularly the hour I was able to spend with him close to the end. He will be sorely missed.

  62. Liam was an amazing person, and like many a huge influence on me growing up in Tallangatta. He will be most definitely missed, but I see so much of him in all of the Chambers family, he’ll never be too far away. Sending all my love, Damo

  63. We are joining you today as you remember and celebrate the life of Liam. What a kind man he was. Carrying the heaviness of your grief in our hearts. Much love, Mark and Erin Juers

  64. Thanks Liam for all your kind words and support such a lovely gentle soul, love always Norma, Neil,Emma,Jordyn and Bill Ath.

    1. Liam Chambers family and friends.

      G’day Liam,

      May you have a perfect outcome.



    2. Love and hugs from Canberra, Aunty Maz and all the family. Thanks for arranging the streaming, it was good to be with you.

  65. I will be at the celebration of liams life. Not sure how you will fit his life achievements into an hour. Together we will farewell a dear friend, husband, father and grandfather. love to all Val x

  66. Im here Marilyn and looking forward to sharing this celebration and farewell of my dear old friend, your soul mate, the kids dad…..the courageous stubborn wise gentle totally original Liam………. Les

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