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30 comments on “Lorna Spry”

  1. Dear Pam & Neale & family. Our thoughts & prayers are with you all as you navigate through the loss of your beautiful Mum, Mother in law, Nana & GNana. We didn’t meet Lorna but your stories about her have given me a very full picture of a remarkable woman. Suzanne & Ian x

  2. Hi Pam
    I left a message last night but you don’t seem to have received it!

    It was very upsetting not to be able to hear the service live because of technical difficulties, so it was to view it in the early evening!

    It was a lovely service despite so many of your families not able to attend in person. My condolences to you all.

    There was a lot about Lorna I didn’t
    know but so much I could recall and remember very fondly.

    Thank you for arranging the video because I was able to touch you on your back Pam, as you laid your Roses! I was able to stand for Lorna and touch her coffin as it was placed
    in the funeral limousine.

    So, I felt I was there and able to pay my respects.

    It was such a pleasure to catch up with you and Lorna last year after at least 40 years! We were always great playmates and Lorna (and Harry) were always so kind and generous! I think I spent more time at No. 54 than I did at No. 51!

    1. You’re a dear old friend Robyn. We spent many years as playmates which consequently made you part of our family. And our parents kept watch over each other, after all us children had gone. A special relationship between 2 families over years.
      Thank you for watching and being there with us
      With love, Pam xx

  3. Dear Pam, Julie and families,

    I am so sad for you all, losing a mum, a grandmother of a close friend is always difficult. No doubt you have many loved memories of Lorna to make you smile, I know I do.

    Mostly I remember fun afternoons, after school, swimming in the pool in North Balwyn and being totally spoilt by both Harry and Lorna each time we visited.

    I lost touch with them for awhile in my teens but our friendship reignited when I was in desperate need of financial assistance. I don’t even know how they found out that I needed help… I suspect it was my Dad, Graeme. Harry called and offered me help, something I was not expecting. He said he and Lirna had discussed it and said, “You’re Family Sallie so we want to help you”. I promptly burst into tears hearing this, I felt so incredibly grateful to hear those words! I few years later I repaid them and I will never forget the love and generous it’s they both showed me during a very difficult time.

    After Harry passed in 2014, I kept in touch with Lorna. She told me how much she enjoyed her friends and playing Bridge. Hard to believe she was in her 90’s and was so switched on and keeping active.

    Lorna will be sadly missed and will always have a special place in my heart and in my memories.

    Much love to you all. Sallie xxx

    1. What beautiful words Sallie. So heartfelt.
      I do know that nothing is every more important than family, and here is just one small example.
      Your memories are yours for ever
      Pam x

  4. Such a lovely farewell for such a lovely lady. Thank you Lorna for so many wonderful memories.

  5. Thinking of you and your family Pam, I simply loved your words. Your mum certainly was quite the character and I feel so blessed to have known her.
    Nat xx

    1. You were a really bright spark in mum’s last few years. Thank you Nat, for everything
      Love Pam xx

  6. Lovely beautiful serene setting for the funeral Pam and Julie.

    Love the eulogies especially your Julie.

    All the best to the families as you quietly contemplate your mum in the days ahead.

    love Julia and Michael Chong

    1. Thank you Julia. You’re a life long friend to my sister, so it makes me feel good to know you were watching

  7. Moving ceremony, a wonderful celebration of Nana’s life. We will miss her dearly.

  8. Julie & Pam A wonderful service A great tribute to a great lady She & Harry made our family always welcome at Riverside Avenue ( and we were there often) Thankyou for sharing with myself & my family
    Graeme & Jill Spry

    1. Of course you had to be part of the service. In these difficult times we all pulled together to remember this lady
      Pam xx

  9. So pleased I could be part of the service. Unfortunately problem with sound and video freezing. I will try again tomorrow.

    Love to all

    1. Hello, you can watch the service in full now, we had to re-stream due to an internet issue we were unable to resolve during the service.

    2. Thank you Belinda. It was not your fault and I know you did everything you could. It isl just a new way of living for us all

    3. You’re beautiful Jane, and I know you watched again. She was your godmother and you were always present in her life.
      Very sad for us all at this difficult time, Pam

  10. Our sincere condolences to Pam, Neil and all the family on the sad
    passing of dear Lorna, our thoughts and love are with you all at this difficult
    From Dawn & Mal and all the Nichols family.

    1. Thank you guys for always being there. You are treasured life long friends.
      Sending my love, Pam

  11. Love to the whole family, so sad the current problems stopped the entire family attending.
    Really felt for Julie in S.A.
    All our love

    1. Thank you Trevor and your whole family, especially Joce. Lifetime memories for us all as our families were totally entwined.
      Sending much love, and stay safe, Pam

  12. The Graeme Spry family loved Lorna & Harry We attended the on live service However the sound disappeared within 5 minutes maybe the recorded version will be OK

    Our love to you all

    Graeme & Jill Spry

    1. Thanks dear friend for being a part of this new world. You’re just the best friend anyone could have. Sending my love, Pam

    2. Thank you Graeme and Jill for your wishes. A very sad and difficult time all around. I really do know how much you were a part of our family.
      If you did not re-set and continue with the screening, you can watch it at anytime again in its entirety. Apparently it stays on line for weeks!
      A new way of life ahead for us all
      With love, Pam xx

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