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48 comments on “Lyndal Pascoe”

  1. Very sad to hear that Lyndal is no longer with us. Such a fine person, wonderful woman, always. A great supporter of IH.

  2. This was a wonderful celebration of Lyndal’s life Caroline. It was a moving farewell to an inspiring person, and Sarah played beautifully. Thank you for making it possible for us to view the service.

  3. Thankyou Caroline for a magnificent oration- you spoke beautifully and was very enlightening. Also many thanks to Jeremy and Mark and the great music by Sarah. I’m certain Lyndal would have been very proud of you all. It was a fine tribute to a dynamic individual. with love David

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this service for Lyndal, Caroline and Jeremy. I found it very moving and a lovely tribute so an inspirational woman. I taught with Lyndal for about 5 years at Strathcona and have never forgotten the day she told me about the death of her son. Having two sons of my own, I did not know how she could bare it. She was always so serene and joyful and so happy, at the time, about her marriage to Jeremy. Your eulogy was wonderful Caroline. Thank you.

  5. Caroline, Jeremy and families – what a beautiful service for Lyndal – mum would have been so sad and thank you for mentioning our family today who have also had a sad few weeks – I was glad to have spoken to Lyndal recently about mum – take care, Penny Rankin x

  6. We greatly appreciated sharing the wonderful celebration of Lyndal’s life given by Jeremy, Caroline and Mark as we have appreciated sharing her life since schooldays. We will miss her dreadfully.

  7. Hello,

    such a beautiful, heartfelt service. Thank you for sharing it. Lyndal certainly lived life to the full – happiness’s, challenges, losses, loves and adventures. Caroline, you spoke so beautifully and honestly. I hope you were not concerned by showing emotion. I think our Mother’s learned “how to remain composed in all circumstances” at school together. It was not a subject I took.

    Lyndal and Jeremy gave Fred and I a beautiful platter for our wedding. It’s one of my favourite gifts and we use it often.

    With warm wishes to you all,

    Alison Licciardello (Nan Smith’s daughter).

    1. So lovely you could attend the service Alison. Thank you for those kind comments. I quite like being part of the brigade that shows our human weaknesses! Mum did in her own way.

  8. Caroline.
    The service was a wonderful insight into yours and your mothers life.
    What an inspiring woman she was.

    The beautiful music by Sarah and sensational Rockpool video clip by Matthew would have been greatly appreciated by their grandmother
    Such wonderful memories she created to colour and enrich the life of her family.
    How fortunate you have been and what a significant loss she will be.
    RIP Lyndal

  9. Great service. Such a fine woman. Lovely to hear the stories. Sarah’s music was so beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to attend virtually.

  10. A beautiful service for a much loved and admired , mother, grandmother, wife, friend and teacher. She would give you all an A+ I’m sure. I really feel like you all captured her essence and grace. I Loved the rock pools presentation especially. Love from all the Ahearns to you all, especially Caroline Matthew and Sarah.

  11. Thank you Bills for sharing, in your time of grief, a heartwarming, loving and informative snap shot of your Mother’s wonderful life. Sending you an extra big hug.
    Love Cath. xxxooo

  12. I will always remember Lyndal’s mischievous smile, the twinkle in her bright blue eyes, her wit, humour and her ability to see the funny side of things. I have always admired her enormous strength. I will miss her so much.
    What a wonderful service today for Lyndal.
    So privileged to have been able to share in it.

    1. Sorry Prue all thumbs on the small phone screen! I would love to try to attend a frenchies lunch when we’re able to. kind regards Caroline

  13. It was a privilege to hear about Lyndal’s life during this memorial service as it was to work with her for about a decade of her time at Strathcona. She is fondly remembered by her students and fellow staff members. Sincere sympathy to all her family. Diana Little

    1. Thank you Diana. That time at Strathcona was obviously very special to so many people.

  14. My mother Nan and Lyndal enjoy membership of a very special group of friends, some who met at kindergarten, who remained firm friends for over 80 years.

    I’ve always been in awe of this group of women and their communion.

    Nan was not able to attend today’s service and so I am pleased to represent her.

    I’m also here in my own right. I was lucky enough to be a resident at International House in 1981-2. Lyndal was an active member of the Council, taking me under her wing on nights of High Table and introducing me to luminaries she regarded as friends.

    Our family holds memories of Lyndal dear and extends sympathies in sorrow.

  15. Thank you for including us in such a wonderful service to honour Lyndal. I will always treasure her friendship.

    Much love Fay

  16. Thank you for such a beautiful journey with so many fond memories of Lyndal. As you said at the end Caroline, I hope you can feel that Lyndal is still near you when you need her. I live on Magnetic Island – Arthur Bay being one of my favourite places. Only last week, I read about the naming of the bays. I will be in touch. With much love Jill

    1. Oh how amazing! Clearly I need to come up and visit you Jill! In the meantime I will try and catch up with Pip and Bridget. Thanks so much for attending

  17. Such a beautiful service for such a wonderful woman. Love and Sympathy to Caroline, Matt and Sarah and Jeremy and family. Bills you are amazing, what a glorious and inspiring farewell.xx

  18. Pears stewed in wine and convivial Cup Day luncheons will not be the same without her. We have both so enjoyed Lyndal’s company over the years. Outr thoughts are with you.
    Jill and John

  19. What a wonderful tribute to Lyndal. My love and thoughts go out to you all now and in the grieving to follow. Much love Anne Pisarski

  20. Dear Caroline and Jeremy and families,

    Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to Lyndal – her life well lived with grace, strength and with such love for all of you.

    In deepest sympathy, Pip

  21. I so loved teaching with Lyndal at Strathcona. She was always full of fun, wisdom and true friendship. I have so many happy memories from that time in my life. Best wishes to the family. A sad day.

  22. On Lyndal: saddened to hear it, thoughts and prayers with both Caroline’s and Jeremy’s families, shall watch the service. From “Harty’s” son.

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