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6 comments on “Mary Fisher”

  1. Thank you for sharing this “Memories of Mary ” occasion.
    What a wonderful, rich, impactful life Mary Carmel Fisher led, and the whole Fisher family should be very proud of remembering her so warmly. What a role she had as the first born of 12, and what a wonderful tribute to her parents Marie and Leo Fisher!
    Rest in Peace Mary, now reunited with your folks!

  2. We have been with you today reminiscing over many years of friendship between the Fisher and Lynch families.

    The memorial of Mary was superb. The photo of Leo in his Air Force uniform holding Mary was a lovely reminder of the beginnings of our family friendship.

    We extend our love and sympathy to you all on the loss of Mary.
    A wonderful tribute to a unique person!
    Love from Anne, Helen & Maree

  3. What a wonder service. I was so touched and emotional.

    When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple. Haha, it’s so very Mary. But what I know about Mary is a lot more.

    You are my Australian mother. Like all mothers, you laid the foundation for my beautiful life in Australia. I will never forget the secrets and word views and life stories we shared in your kitchen, living room and bedroom. The ‘tea’ you prepared, the assignments you made me to do, the woollen jumpers you bought from Trash and Treasure, the books/movies you recommended me to read/watch. Mozart music echoing in the house. The ever growing old mirror in the bathroom.

    The only times you bullied me were at the Scrabble games, when you didn’t ‘handicap’ yourself, and kept chanting “a good game is a quick game” to me.

    Now, finally, can I lay my hands on your ‘blackhole’ now?

    With deepest love, Rose (from Sydney)

  4. Thanks Peter for the service and nice to see so many of Mary’s family members in the Memorial.

    Mary is in our memory forever.

    The service is so nice. It brings back a lot of memory about Mary.

    Thanks Patsy for placing the single lily on.

  5. Thinking of Mary and her influence on all of our lives. Lovely to hear all of the special memories shared. Sending lots of love x

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