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  1. So very sorry to hear.
    Rest In Peace Mary. A beautiful soul and neighbour for many years. My thoughts are with all your family and those who knew and loved you.

  2. Valued friend and companion on many wonderful adventures. Your intelligence integrity wit and and kindness will be sorely missed

  3. Rest in peace Mary,
    Condolences to all her family and friends that will all miss Mary’s company, humour and quick wittedness. She was always there in our growing up years, quietly enjoying whatever was going on around her.
    Great effort Christine to help Alimay pay her respects on behalf of the Vaughan family.
    Mary will be missed.

  4. Mary was such a wonderful member of our parish, especially in her care of St Thomas Aquinas’ Church, and in the myriad ways that she worked on committees, parish functions and events over many years. Always dignified, delightfully witty and caring of all around her, she was a no-fuss person who got in and did what needed to be done. She loved to sing in the choir for the big feasts and it was a delight to sing with her. Thank you, Tony, for sharing so much about her rich and fulfilling life. It was a joy and a privilege to know her. My sympathies to you, Tony and Anne and your family, in the loss of yur beautiful sister and aunt.

  5. How much i loved the journey to your door
    and then inside to explore
    I knew you but briefly
    but the friendship was so much more.
    You let me lick your hand when others would abhore.
    I new you loved me, of that i was sure
    It wasnt just the muddy prints and black hair
    i left apon your floor.

  6. Tony and the Gaynor family. In such difficult circumstances you have given Mary a dignified and family oriented funeral. We were grateful we could be with you in spirit. RIP Mary. Michael and Margaret Cavanagh

  7. Dear Mary,

    Camberwell chorale members are missing you as our soprano for 35 years. You are living in our heart.

    Rest in peace in god’s hand.

    Sincere sympathy to your family, brother and sister, nephew and niece.

    Emily Tang

  8. The ACCEPTANCE MELBOURNE community is indebted to Mary Gaynor for her love and care, from the early 2000’s (or was it 1990’s?) when she found the community a home (at St Thomas Aquinas church) to celebrate Mass and to meet regularly, during a time when we faced much widespread discrimination and stigma. Her friendship and support for our group never ceased. Whenever we had a new person at our events, and if Mary was there, I always knew that Mary would make them feel welcomed. It was an honour to have met Mary. Mary will be missed dearly. Rest in Peace.

  9. Dear Mary, friend and neighbour adjacent St Thomas Aquinas for over 20 years. So many happy memories of this gracious, strong, and lovely lady whose life touched so many lives and set an extraordinary example of generous service. Always so full of life even when very unwell, she seemed to bear her suffering lightly. Thank you to Fr Brian and all for a moving service today. Sincere and deep condolences to Mary’s family and friends. May Mary rest in peace, and may her loved ones find comfort and consolation.

  10. Mary was a fellow chorister at Camberwell Chorale. Listening to the deeds of her life, I feel proud to be part of her wider circle and grateful for the caring, compassion and practical help that during her life Mary gave the world. That kindness benefits everybody, rippling outward in ways we don’t see, but very strongly all the same. In the choir we come together once week in healthy times to sing… a beautiful service like this in memory of Mary is a reminder that we are part of a precious fellowship, lucky to know some wonderful people, propagating goodness around them all the time, that the world so much needs.

  11. Mary was a much appreciated sweet-voiced member of the Stonnington Singers for many years and brought warmth and joy and humour both to rehearsals and to the wider community in our choral performances. Our conversations were always interesting and often illuminating. May she rest in peace.

  12. Mary and I have been friends for eighty years. We first met when we were seven; we used to visit one another, and mostly we sat in the bedroom and read in companionable silence. Our families thought us very odd, but we were quite content. Our friendship continued though we were geographically distant at times. Letters filled the gaps – the old aerograms were in constant use. Our sense of humour was very similar and we continued to laugh together over many things until Mary’s final illness. Over the past few years, we had regular chats around five o’clock in the afternoon, drink in hand, when we settled the world’s problems. If she rang and I was not home, my daughter, Marianne, would chat very happily for a considerable time with Mary; she and Mary also became good friends.

    We will both miss her kindness, wit and intelligence. Mary leaves a big gap in so many people’s lives.

  13. I knew Mary through Anne her sister who was a neighbour of mine while growing up in Sunbury as a young child. I have continued my connection and interaction with the family to this day some 51 years later. I loved sharing times with this wonderful family who were always so kind to me, including Mary who was always an inspiration. She was a gentle , kind and loving individual who was always gracious. I feel blessed to have known her.

  14. Condolences to the family. As long term parishioners at St Joseph’s South Yarra, we have fond memories of Mary singing in the choir at Easter and Christmas over many years. RIP Mary.

  15. Mary was a wonderful friend and neighbour to me for many years. I lived in the flat above her in Bromby St from the late 70s to mid 90s. We met as neighbours and members of the Body Corp Com and became good friends…………sharing lots of cups of tea and more. She was a star at my fancy dress parties!! I have photos!! To her dear family, I heard so many stories of you, in particular the nieces and nephews. Mary and I usually chatted around our birthdays,which are a day apart. My sisters who also knew Mary well share with me in sending you all our warm wishes to you all.

  16. Gentle and much loved woman and life long friend of my eldest sister Alice Vaughan. Condolences and prayers to the family and to her many friends and especially to Alice.
    Clare and Peter O’Callaghan

  17. Farewell Mary, such a stalwart at St.Thomas’s church and loved by everyone.
    Such an interesting person . God be with you Mary.
    You bore your pain with such courage.
    Paul and Edith Mulqueen

  18. Thank you Mary for your dedication to the Parish of South Yarra. Your generous spirit and friendship were indeed appreciated by all who had the privilege to know you. May you rest in peace.

  19. Mary -Such a wonderful life. Many thanks for the love and kindness to your nephews, nieces and families

    May you rest in peace

    Peter and Ann Walshe

  20. Mary Rest In Peace. You have made a wonderful contribution to the world and l will miss your spirit and conversations.

  21. We remember Mary as a gentle, friendly, warm and considerate person. She was ever cheerful and solicitous about the health and well-being of her fellow parishioners and neighbouring residents. We will miss her greatly.

  22. Thank you Mary for all you did supporting the Parish of South Yarra and St Joseph’s Outreach Services. You were always the first to buy a ticket to our various SJOS events and you were so generous. What a wonderful legacy you have left us and your actions with live on with us. Rest in peace Mary.

  23. Mary Gaynor was often the Sacristan at St. Thomas Aquinas church for Weddings and funerals. Mary was friendly, warm and wonderful to see every time. We would often chat. Mary will be greatly missed and always remembered.

  24. I only came to meet Mary in the last decade when I served for several years as an accompanist for Stonnington Singers. She was a lovely lady with a beautiful voice, and I admired especially that she still worked as a newspaper reader for Vision Australia

  25. Dear Tony and Anne,

    Our deepest condolences to you both on Mary’s passing. Sorry we could not join you for her farewell Mass due to the virus. A lovely service to see her off.

    Best regards,

    Peter and Virginia Sandilands

  26. Mary was always so helpful in our small Catholic group, always making sure the church was opened and brought a small supper to have.

    Always a good listener, but never talked much about herself, I learnt a lot from her Brother Tony today, maybe I should have asked more questions.

    God Bless to Mary and family, she was a true treasure.

  27. Mary has been a long and faithful member of our Parish community. I have had the good fortune to come to know her in various capacities as well as friend: her commitment, her wry humour, and faithfulness.

  28. I have known Mary since my childhood as a big sister to my friend Anne. I saw Mary regularly at the Melbourne Theatre Company productions. She was a delightful person and will be very much missed by her family and friends.

  29. To Tony, Anne and the Gaynor family, our warm wishes and prayers for you and your beloved Mary.
    From Gavin and Mary Wayland

  30. Mary was a valued member of the Camberwell Chorale for 35 years. Her energy, her commitment to the choir and the joy that she brought to every rehearsal and performance will be always remembered. She will be sorely missed and our thoughts are with her family and many friends at this time. Music was one of the many ways Mary celebrated her life.
    Doug & Alex

  31. Dear Mary! We had lovely dinners together! Lots of fun good food fyu drinks ! Laughs Royston loved u company as much as u his. Well I sure he is looking forward to see u again in heaven. Ceep up the good fun till I came. See u two not so sun I have a lot to do yet love u until we met again u in good company ! Love kind remembrance Clare Xxx

  32. Mary Gaynor was often the Sacristan at the Weddings and Funerals at South Yarra Parish. Mary was so kind, thoughtful and yet, so quiet about everything she did. We had many chats about how things were and I always so enjoyed meeting up with her. Mary will be missed.

  33. I enjoyed working with Mary on different services over the years.
    Sadly Missed
    I will miss Mary
    RIP Mary

  34. I worked with Mary for a short time in the Pensions Corrspondence section Department of Veterans Affairs
    I found her a very knowledgeable and intersting person.
    Mary looked after the veteran community very well and always went out of her way to help them

  35. Judy Halligan I also worked with Mary in Pension Correspondence section DVA. Mary and I have remained friends ever since. I will miss her . I remember meeting her in the transit lounge at Bangkok airport returning from London in 1990. She was a very kind Lady visiting me in Cabrini hospital last year. Also lunches at the retiree’s OLd & Bold Group. REST IN PEACE

  36. I worked with Mary Gaynor at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs when she was the supervisor of the Pensions Correspondence section. During this period she taught me the importance of providing clear and accurate written responses to letters the department received from members of the veteran community. She amended many of my letters and instructed me to rewrite them. She taught me to accept criticism with regard to my writing because she was focused on providing a high quality service to members of the veteran community. It was a very valuable lesson and I will always be grateful for her assistance.

    1. I never actually knew Mary, as memory recalls, but as a member of that veteran community she served I always appreciated the clarity of letters I received from DVA. To veterans, especially those of us physically or mentally disabled in any way, clarity was paramount. Thank you Mary Gaynor.

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