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19 comments on “Mary Marshall”

  1. A wonderful farewell with such loving tributes. Mary will be smiling down on you all with pride.

  2. Wonderful service, beautiful and touching tributes for Mary. Loved the music choices, too. It was a bit a wrench to watch from afar; I would have dearly loved to be there in person.

  3. RIP Mary. God bless you – all Marshalls. (Even Sandy).
    I will raise for Mary. I hope she’s reunited with your dad now, and sabai sabai (in peace, as the Thais say).
    I still have my mum (nearly 93), but only just; I have this coming soon, I sense.
    Anyway, I hope we can catch up again in the not-too-distant future and share a quiet ale.
    Love to all
    Jim Pollard (in Bangkok)

  4. A pleasure to have been part of Mary’s Dream Group a couple of years ago. Such a pleasant and wise lady and a most genial host. The sercive helped me join some of the dots of Mary’s eventful life. My condolonces to all the family.

    Charles D’Anastasi

  5. A truly beautiful service honouring Mary. I am Helen Craig’s daughter, Felicity. Mum knew Mary for many decades and shared fun times in book group, the book group social get togethers and Eildon.
    Johnnie and Mary both attended my wedding. In fact, Johnnie was the MC.
    An elegant, fun and charming woman is my memory of her. A very clever and funny man was Johnnie.
    Well done today with wonderful speeches. Not an easy task by any means and you all did so well!
    May Mary and Johnnie be dancing and holding hands together, again.
    Much love and condolences.

  6. What a beautiful service, Mary would have loved it. I started weeping with the Bagpipes and alternated between tears and smiles throughout the service. My thoughts and love are with you all. Mary was a beautiful woman and I loved her very much. xxx

  7. Thank you very much for making it possible for us to be at this delightful celebration of Mary’s life. The many stories, poems, and photos brought multiple fond memories back into focus, while all through the service, Mary’s sometimes mischievous smile hovered into view. She would have enjoyed all the reminiscences!
    Love to all
    Felix and Zieta

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Nikki.
    Much love to you dear friend and my thoughts are with the rest of the Marshall clan.

  9. What an exquisite and uplifting service in celebration of Mary’s life. So many beautiful memories, reflections and special songs shared in her honour. #thank you Lisa and Marshall family for inviting me to join in your Mum’s memoriam #always remembered
    Love Anita xx

  10. Such lovely memories of life at either end of the boomerang and of a beautiful friend. Wonderful to see you all again.
    Waddy family

  11. Such beautiful stories and so well told. Mary would be proud of you all.
    We send our love.
    Alex and Carolyn Hope

  12. Vale and we salute you dear Mary – what a very fitting and deeply moving tribute to you that was.
    Much love to you all

  13. Thank you for sharing your memories and your mother’s writings. It was moving and lovely to be part of your family today.
    Sue Gordon, one of Nikk’s many friends.

  14. Hi All that was a great ceremony for Mary bought back so many memories sending you all lots of love
    And blessings can’t waiting catch up

  15. Mary, my darling dream girl. It was an honour and inspiration to be in her presence. She will be remembered with love and admiration.

    Fay Maglen

    The Dream Group.

  16. What a woman she was and continues to be in you, dear Nikki…. embracing in solidarity and feeling… also on behalf of everyone you know and who know you at Borderlands and what used to be OASES

  17. Mary Marshall-the beautiful lady who drove the speedboat when John coached me as a teenage rower nearly 60yrs ago. Since those days a close and lovely relationship with Mary, John and their boys has meant a lot to me. Am “impeccable” family!
    Farewell and enjoy being with John again!

  18. RIP Mary……I wish we had had a chance to see each other more often. Fond memories of you with Sheena all those years ago at the “Gibson Reunion”.
    Condolences to the family Marshall.
    James Stuart Gibson

    1. What a beautiful service….you are all a credit to Mary!
      James Stuart Gibson
      (grandson of Stuart Galloway Gibson who was one of the older brothers of George William Gibson)

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