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105 comments on “McBride”

  1. Sincere condolences Banger – what a beautiful service, you did them both proud. So glad we caught up with you and Nadene in PtDouglas after so many years ❤️

  2. Beautiful service. Sincere condolences Banger. So glad we saw you and Nadene in Pt Douglas last year after so many years. Heaven has two more angels ❤️

  3. Dear banger,
    My thoughts are with you, beautiful service, for beautiful girls.
    Kind thoughts.
    Robyn Thorn ( king). X

  4. The biggest hugs to Banger, Leoni, Helen, Karen and all who were touched by Nadene and Kyahs beautiful presence. Nadene’s smile lit up the room and her laugh was infectious. Many memories from our time at school.
    RIP beautiful angels ️️

  5. My thoughts are with you Banger, Leoni, Helen and family and friends. They will be forever in your thoughts and hearts. Love to you all. Annette xx

  6. Dear Banger

    The funeral was such a wonderful tribute to your girls Madine and Kyah, you all coped so well at this really sad time in your life.

    We loved the music and the songs you picked.

    Lots of love from Irene Stapleton nee McBride (Douglas’s sister)

  7. You can shed tears that they have gone.
    Or you can smile because they have lived.

    You can close your eyes and pray that they will come back.
    Or you can open your eyes and see all that they have left.

    Your heart can be empty because you cannot see them.
    Or you can be full of the love that you shared with them.

    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday.
    Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

    You can remember them and only that they have gone, or you can cherish their memory and let it live on.

    You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back, or you can do what they would want: smile, love, play and go on.

  8. Sending our thoughts & prayers to you Banger and extended family at this very sad time. A beautiful and emotional send off for your loved ones, credit to all those involved.

  9. What a lovely service for 2 very successful ladies.

    Banger, it’s incomprehensible to understand what you have been through. Sending you so much love.

    You must be so proud in what Nads and Kyah achieved, and the inspiration they have instilled in others.

  10. Sending my love to you Banger. Nads and Kyah were two amazing women and Im grateful to have known them and play footy with them

  11. A beautiful send off.
    Our thoughts are with you Banger and the entire family, friends and community at this very sad time.

  12. Our thoughts and Sympathy are with you Banger. As well as with all of your friends and family who are sharing your loss with you. Two amazing people taken to soon.
    Sending love & Strength Cocky & Chrissy

  13. Graham, our hearts break for you and we can’t imagine the pain & heartache your feeling right now. May the happy memories of your girls give you peace & comfort today.
    Sending our love & prayers to you.
    Let Nadene & Kyahs memory live on forever X X x x

  14. Words can not describe the hurt and sadness that people are feeling today. Banga we are sorry we could not make it today, thank you for sharing your two girls with us as they were two beautiful people. Lovely service. Thinking of you mate. Love Jeremy and Tracey chrzanowski

  15. What an amazing and appropriate send off for two special girls. Will love and miss them always.

  16. Heartfelt condolences to you Banger and extended families. In our thoughts and hearts at this very sad time.

  17. Banger, such a beautiful send off for your girls. Lots of love, hugs and positive energy at this sad time. Whenever I see a white feather, I will think of your beautiful wife and daughter.

  18. Sending love and hugs to you all today and always
    Thinking of you Banger , Helen,Leoni and families
    Such a beautiful service
    Always remembered
    Take Care
    Rex,Maryanne, Aaron, Jack and family

  19. Sending many hugs and love to you all. So sorry for your loss of two most beautiful ladies.
    Take care. From Diane Evans and family

  20. Absolutely beautiful yet heartbreaking service. So very grateful that Kyah came to America (San Diego, California) to become part of our family and so privileged that she brought Nadene and Banger back with her to meet her American family. The best memories to last a lifetime. We will continue to pray for the whole McBride family for comfort and peace. Until we meet again, love and miss you Kyah and Nadene. Take care Banger, you’re in our hearts always, Heidi, Matt, Bella, Gianna and Monty

  21. Dear banger. I can’t imagine what your going thru , but please know we are here for you anytime ! Fly high Nads n kyah
    Lots of love
    Mel & Legend

  22. Beautiful service for a beautiful family. Sending so much love to Banger and the Roosters family ❤️

  23. Banger,Helen,leoni and families…Great send off lots awesome pics and memories. Thinking of you all on this sad day. My condolences and thoughts to you all ❤️ (Mic.L)

  24. Sending lots of love and strength to you all at this difficult time. It was a beautiful service for your girls.
    RIP Nadene and Kyah ❤❤

  25. My thoughts are with you Banger, sending my deepest sympathy and love to you and your family. Beautiful Service. RIP Nadene and Kyah.

  26. Two beautiful amazing women, taken too soon. We have such fond memories of you all in Kalgoorlie. They will always have a special place in our hearts.
    Our love and thoughts are with you Banger.

    Jeanette (Nettie) & Paul (Muzza)

  27. Beautiful service Banger.
    Thoughts are with you and the family at this saddest of times. ❤

  28. R.I.P beautiful souls, big hugs Leoni, Helen, Banger and family. Thinking of you all. Leoni I’m a message away sis. Love you all♥️♥️♥️

  29. What a beautiful celebration of the girls journey earth side. Banger and families, our thoughts are with you during this time❤️

  30. Beautiful celebration of life for your girls♡ thank you for sharing ♡
    Prayers for healing and big hugs for comfort ♡
    Love your California bloody mate and tour guide of the best dive bars in town ♡♡

  31. Love to Banger all the family and friends . Shine high in the sky Nads and Kyah the world was lucky to have you pair. I will cherish the memories I have always

  32. Our thoughts and love are with you at this time
    You gave The Girls one hell of a send off

  33. Are love and support to Banga, the family and friends of these two amazing and beautiful women, especially our beautiful and precious cousin Leonie.
    With are love, Brian and Mary.

  34. Two beautiful souls who will never be forgotten! I will forever cherish the memories I have with both of you. Nadene you were always like an Aunty to me & Kyah you were like my cousin. I cannot thank you enough for all the love you gave me ! I love & will miss you both! Rest easy girls xo

  35. Thank you Banger, Nads and Kyah for being such wonderful friends to my sister Brook, for supporting her and making her a part of your family. For your friendship and kindness and for all the wonderful years of love and friendship you have her. You will be so missed.
    Love Tayla Thomas x

  36. Graham, Helen and Leonie
    Our love and thoughts are with you always. Send you all continual hugs.

  37. Thoughts are with you at this difficult time banger x nads can have a drink with mum XX sending you all my love and hugs to get through this difficult time xxx RIP TWO BEAUTIFUL LADIES TAKEN TO SOON

  38. Banger, what a beautiful heartfelt service showcasing your 2 beautifil strong precious girls where many tears were shed along with many laughs from stories told & memories shared throughout this lovely service which we feel privileged to be a part of from a far.

    Sorry we couldn’t be there with you today but please know we are sending all our love & massive hugs from back in your home town in SA.

    All our love & deepest condolences today & always ❤️
    Gary & Michelle Cain

  39. Banga know your girls will be forever on each of your arms, they will never leave you. Let your comfort be the love and memories you have shared with each other. To Leoni and Helen you are blessed to have had the life you have shared with your sister and niece. Thinking of you at this hardest of times.

  40. Beautiful service for two beautiful ladies. Sending love strength and hugs to you Banger ❤️❤️

  41. I will forever be sharing stories and my gratefulness for knowing both these beautiful girls. So much love to you Banger and their friends and family.

  42. Banger, what a beautiful heartfelt service showcasing your 2 beautifil strong precious girls where many tears were shed along with many laughs from stories told & memories shared throughout this lovely service which we feel privileged to be a part of from a far.

    Sorry we couldn’t be there with you today but please know we are sending all our love & massive hugs from back in your home town in SA.

    All our love & deepest condolences today & always
    Gary & Michelle Cain

  43. Our deepest sympathies to you Banger, Dawn, Helen and Leoni and your families.
    Sending you strength and healing. Love Corrie and Wayne

  44. It’s so hard to find the words Banger.. just know them girls of yours were legends & they left such an imprint on so many of us! Love you, sending the biggest hug & kiss. Xoxox Rest easy beautiful ladies..

  45. It has been a beautiful honour to be able to bear witness from a distance to this heartfelt celebration of two extraordinary, vibrant & wholehearted women. Sending so much love & strength to Banger and to all of Nadene & Kyah’s extended family and friends. Fiona x

  46. Thinking of you all on this difficult day. Banger, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending huge hugs to everyone.


  47. Our deepest condolences for such a great loss will be felt so deeply.
    Karen Mundie and Tim Gore + Family

  48. A beautiful heartfelt celebration of life for both ❤️ thank you for letting us all join the service xx

  49. Thoughts are with You Banger. Two very beautiful souls taken too early. Love to you and Nadenes families. These girls will be missed by many. Love you mate. ❤️Keg Taryn Digby Shelby Braxton and Axl Ellis

  50. Sending our love & thinking of your beautiful girls , our thoughts are with you Banger love Donna & Brett Shaw

  51. On behalf of Desiree, Auntie Janet and Gabriel, we extend our heartfelt condolences to all of the family and friends of Nadene and Kyah.
    This is a time of immeasurable loss and grief, and we stand with you, surrounding you with our love, support, and solidarity. May the warm embrace of fond memories and the outpouring of love surrounding you provide solace and strength as you navigate through this profound sorrow. May Nadene and Kyah find eternal peace, and may all of the family left behind find solace in the enduring love and cherished memories that will forever reside within our hearts.

  52. Our thoughts and love are with you Banger. Love to all the families and friends at this difficult time.

  53. Sending all of our love xx
    Nadene and Kyah will forever hold a place in our hearts, such beautiful souls who left a positive impact upon everyone they met <3

  54. With you in Spirit Leonie and family on this hardest and safest of days.
    Catherine Glen Kara Jonty and Azalia

  55. Sending you all so much love as we remember the beautiful lives of our precious angels Nadene & Kyah
    May you rest in peace golden souls ❤️ Forever in our hearts ❤️

  56. We are so sorry for your heartbreaking loss of two beautiful lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Tracy & Frank

  57. Sending love and prayers to you Bangger and thinking of you on this sad day it’s never a good bye it’s until we meet again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Beautiful souls taken too soon. All we can offer is our love and prayers, as you, the family, move forward, one step at a time.

  59. Thoughts are with you all on this day Banger and extended families, remembering great people taken way to early R.I.P. Nadene and Kyah.

    All our Love Git & Kelly

  60. Sending you all hugs and strength on this very sad and hard day. May the beautiful memories and love you all shared give you strength xx
    R.I.P. Nadene and Kyah

  61. Banger, sending my deepest condolences to you, many memories when I was over spending Christmas of 2019 with you all.

  62. Banger , sorry we can’t be there but you are in our prayers on this day. We also send hug to the extended families and friends.
    Lots of love to all.
    Wendy and Wayne

  63. All the memories I have are filled with that big Nadene smile 🙂 They would be so proud of you Banger, we all are. From Tullie and Briony Moyses, our sincerest condolences to you Banger and the whole extended family. RIP Nadene and Kyah, together forever, never forgotten…..

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