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16 comments on “Michael Andrejszyn”

  1. Mick thank you for all the great times we had back in the Otis days. All your help when I was an apprentice and your friendship for many years. RIP

  2. Our Deepest Sympathy to Lyn, Lee, Peta, Rose, Brian and Family. We have lost a gentle helpful and cheerful Friend, always with a smile on his face. Rest in Peace Michael, you are united with your family once again.

  3. A few years ago I came home from a funeral of a real close friend of my Dad with tears in my eyes. They asked me at home: “Was it so sad?”
    I answered: “No these are tears of joy and amusement as the priest was so so fantastic.
    Instead of the “normal” sad and often just depressing funerals I been before he talked about this friend as he simply was and I seen him just in front of my eyes while the priest spoke and even laughed loud in the church as the priest told some funny stories about him and that was simply fantastic.”
    I never forget that special funeral ever and so will I not Michaels now as it was also just so special, emotional and funny and I am sure he is up there somewhere and smiles about us in these hours.
    Thank you so much for the link that we could watch it and been there too.
    Well I was a bit later as the time was something 3.45 o´clock at night over here in Germany and I slept
    at that time as I knew I can see it to more comfort times in the morning.
    So we watched it then in the morning together with the family.
    Tracey and Sebastian so did in the middle of the night as Michaels Grandson from his German part of family was hungry and so they watched it live while feeding him.
    I never seen a funeral in the internet and so I was a bit suspicious how that will be but as soon as the priest (sorry don´t know his name) started I knew it will be a wonderful thing and we are so happy beeing a part of it even from such a “short” distance from the other side of the world.
    It was also very emontional when we heard us mentioned too and we felt then we are sitting there in the room just a bit further back in the room.
    Thank you also so so much Adrian for reading my words as this was very special for me and Mel knows how I hate making a speech as on Traceys wedding I never would have done it when she had not kicked my a… and forced me to do
    This time it was different and so difficult as I had no words and started over and over again what to write to get the right words to say and i hope I done not to bad in the final.
    I was really worried about the red traffic lights but I felt I should mention something funny which came in my mind and I was so so happy when i heard then all your speeches and seen I made it right as that was Michael.
    Always a blink in his eyes and a smile on his face.
    We really loved the sponge cakes stories, the complaining about the sound of the Kawasaki, the throwing of the shoes in the air by dancing Rock and Roll, taking Lynns mum with 80 on the Harley and all the words you found for him even it was such a sad moment.
    Oh and also I remembered in the speeches the funny games he brought us also and forced us to seperate which never seemed to be seperated in any way or the wooden block which should come apart and never did until he did them.
    He never told us how to do until we tried it for ages and then finally with a big laughter he showed us it´s possible and then he put it together and let us try again.
    He made us nuts somtimes with that.
    Also when we took him proud out on a friends 6 horsepower strong speedboat on the Rhine I remember he kept telling us we never should buy that crap as it has 100 bhp to less.
    And so he told the proud owner too.
    Always straight in what he did and said
    Oh yes so much to report and I just felt so sorry for his friend who did the speech on Michaels wish as I would have had no idea where to start and how to pack it in such 5 minutes given.
    He did an amazing job and I think I must try now sponge cakes one day too as Michael had mainly Black Forest cake over here.
    As I said thank you all that we could have had been part of the cermony and thank you all how you did and made it a wonderful event not only for all as also for him.
    Our deepest condolences to all of you

    R.I.P. uncle Michael

    See you again one day somewhere up there

  4. Not enough words to sum you up “Shifty”.. A special man indeed.
    Condolences to all the family xx

  5. What a beautiful tribute to Michael with a lot of memories shared. He touched so many, he was a generous gentleman with beautiful soul. Our thoughts are with you Lyn your family and his family. He will truly be missed.

  6. Ron and Irene Correicllo says: You can put the tools away now Mick. Good memories, Rest in Peace.

  7. It was a pleasure to have known you Mick, all those years ago as apprentices at Otis..
    Rest in peace mate.

    1. Dear Peta ,my condolences to you and your family throughout this tough time.

  8. To my friend of 54+ years. Was saddened to hear of your passing. I have many memories of the fun and mischief that we got up to in our teenage years and a friendship that grew over the years. Would like to have been there to bid you farewell. Rest peacefully Michael. I will miss you. One of your longest mates. Ronald Haass (Heather is watching your service and also bids you farewell).

    1. Dear Peta and family, sending our deepest condolences . Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

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