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  1. Dearest Michael, I so often thought of you and your kind spirit and where life would take you . I am so very glad that through the many turbulence’s of life that you landed safely and found your loved one’s . You were my first crush and my first love . A 16 year old meeting this beautiful blond blue eyed boy , so respectful and gentle and kind ,too short of a meeting but wise beyond it’s years … leaving me with the impact of a respect you deemed I deserved. A girl never forgets the impact her first crush, love leaves her drained of emotions, I have never forgotten you . Rest In Peace

  2. RIP Michael, you had a heart of gold and you will be missed by those you loved.
    I was privileged to have known you as a friend & work colleague.

  3. Dear Prue and family, that was a beautiful service and a great celebration of Michaels life. We had great times when we were young, Micheal had a great Harty laugh and loved a few beers and a bit fun, Micheal will always be remembered in our house with great fondness, may he rest in peace.

  4. Dear Prue and family, I am so sad that you have lost such a lovely man. How wonderful that you had him in your lives, even though is was not long enough. The celebration of Michael’s life was beautiful. My love to you all. Robyn

  5. Dear Prue and family I was very sorry to hear about Micheal’s death .It was a lovely ceremony, ye did him
    proud.Talking with or listening to Micheal was time well spent, he was wise and witty.
    He wrote a lovely letter to me after Shane died.
    He was a decent man from his head to his toes
    May he rest in peace

  6. Such a beautiful service.
    Prue you were blessed to have Michael for the precious years you both had and l hope through the tears you can cherish all the beautiful memories.
    Michael was a true gentle person who absolutely loved his family.
    Michael was incredibly passionate about many things in life but none more than you and the kids.
    Michael spoke of you all everytime we worked together with nothing but pride and adoration. He will be a sorely missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him xx

  7. Dear Prue and family, I was very sorry to hear about Michael’s death, It was a lovely ceremony ye did him proud. Time spent talking with or listening to Mick was always time well spent, he had wisdom and wit I will always remember the lovely letter he wrote to me after Shane died. He was a decent man from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. May he rest in peace

  8. A touching and terrific service for Michael . He was a good man with a heart of gold. We were lucky to know him… Cheers Mick

  9. What a beautiful Service in the times we are having. I worked with Michael at Chalmers for the last five years, he was a real gentleman- very caring towards other workers and clients and always liked to have a laugh. He had a quiet nature and always, always, spoke of his family with such love I will miss Michael a lot, he always gave you that cheeky smile tipped his hat ‍ and liked to say “to be sure to be sure..” in his wonderful accent. Michael loved his cuppas ☕️ had the biggest cup in the house, always with 3 teabags at once. He was a very proud Irishman Love to all the family, thinking of you all

  10. Farewell until we meet again my friend. I miss you every day. I will always remember you and you will forever be my Irish brother. RIP brother

  11. So very sad our hearts go out to you and all the family. Michael will always be in our hearts and will always be loved. God Bless him. Xxxx❤️❤️

  12. Beautiful Service. A wonderful man gone too soon. my heart goes out to you Prue, Sadie and family. xxooxx love Cathy

  13. Dear Prue and family thank you for sharing such a beautiful service. Thinking of you all at this very difficult time he will be missed by so many but our fond memories of him will remain. RIP Michael

  14. Dear Prue, Joshua, Noah, Sinead, Sadie and family, my heart goes out to you today. I’m so very sorry for your loss of Michael. That was such a beautiful and moving service. You are all in my thoughts.

    Sam Graunke and Family.

  15. A beautiful service for a beautiful soul, who at work spoke about his family with love & pride.. my heart goes out to them all, to Prue & their children.. having a child the same age as Sadie gave Michael & I that common ground to talk about at work.. I’d always ask “And how’s the little cleaning lady..?” 😉 He would talk about all the things you did together, going fishing etc your interests over the years; Minecraft, My Kitchen Rules.. He loved you so much, as he did all his children.. to lose a beloved Father so young is so deeply unfair.. but I know he will be watching down on you as you grow, with such pride forever Xx

  16. To All of Michael’s family and loved ones, my heart goes out to you all. I was privileged to have worked with Michael at Chalmers. He spoke with gratitude and a warm love of his family that ran deep. A genuine heart and such a kind charismatic man. I adored his laugh and the light he gave out when sharing conversation with him. He will be fondly remembered. Rest In Peace Michael

  17. What a beautiful service ❤️❤️. My thoughts are with you Prue and family my heart goes out to you in this difficult time . May Michaels beautiful heart sleep well RIP ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Dearest Prue,

    My arms are wrapped around you,holding you in your sorrow…. remember
    LOVE.NEVER.DIES and as a friend said to me GRIEF IS THE PRICE OF LOVE

    Love to the family, but to you sweet lady,I am so very sad for your sudden loss

  19. Dear Prue thankyou for letting me share in your beloved’s departure.
    I never met Michael but remember talking with you about him back at Lisson grove. I know he was such a big part of your life.
    You were lucky to find each other

    The service is a lovely honoring of a beautiful life.

    Love you xxx

  20. Dearest Prue, we have yet to meet and this is the saddest of introductions, I was 14 when Micheal was born, he was the beautiful baby boy who developed into the beautiful man he became. Our love and thoughts to you all, this is a chasm of grief that’s difficult to bear. Love, Sean/Sue xx

  21. Dear Prue and family,
    Our hearts are sore, but they are also full of love for Michael, for you, for Sadie, for all the kids and loved ones today. Your loss is great, but Michaels presence in the many beautiful memories shared today was a true celebration of his life. Our deepest condolences to you today. We remember Michael as a warm, generous, honest, gentle man with a true commitment to equality and social justice. We also remember and celebrate him as your beloved soul mate Prue, and a truly proud and devoted father. All our love, Hannah, Freya and the McHardy Bakker family. Xxx

  22. Dear Prue and family,

    Thank you for the opportunity to share this very sad time with you all.
    May you find through Michaels love peace in the time ahead .

  23. A beautiful ceremony and a tribute to Michael that he would be so proud of. Thanks for sharing so many happy memories,
    God bless you all.

    Elizabeth, Colm, Fergal and Cormac, (proud to be part of Michaels family) ❤️❤️☘️

  24. To Prue, Sadie, Sinead, Noah, Josh, Ryan, Kate and the rest of Michael’s large loving family, we wish you peace as you mourn the loss of someone so large in spirit and heart. We didn’t have the pleasure of getting to know Michael as well as we would have liked, but we know how much he meant to those we love, and for that we will forever have a place for him in our hearts.

    We are sending you our love and thoughts on this difficult day, and hope we can help you as you grieve.
    With love, Sam, Xanthia and Kyra.

    Ps. Throughout the service I continued to remember how safe I felt when Michael smiled at me, and that brings me much joy.

  25. Truly and as awkward to express Michael Burnie’s funeral was the most touching funeral i have felt.
    My respect for the Irish couldn’t get any bigger but it just did as I do for Michael his family and his chosen one’s.

    I do wish I had more times with him but I will and have never forgotten my night with him with Prue a long time ago..

    I will remember the great passionate man he is

    Best wishes to all..

    Steve Mandamadiotis

  26. That was a beautiful ceremony. Prue our hearts go out to you and all of your family. Michael will be greatly missed. All our love.

  27. My Heart goes out to Prue and all the extended family.
    I had the pleasure of sharing a house (2001)with Michael ‘O Michael (As i referred to him).
    He actually helped me through some trying times of a Marital Breakdown as he was experiencing the same. He use to quote the line and song title..’What becomes of the Broken Hearted’.
    His Heart was totally healed when he collided with Prue.
    Fond memories of a genuine man.

  28. to Prue and family, such a beautiful send off. such a lovely gift having great footage to look at and hear him. our heart goes out to you all. may your memories warm your hearts. big hugs, Zee & Steve.

  29. Thinking of all Michael’s family. He was a kind, gentle man who is sadly missed by all of his colleagues and the clients he cared for at Chalmers. What a beautiful tribute to the life he had. His infectious laugh and great stories will be something I always remember. Rest In Peace.

  30. Dear Prue and family, Such a beautiful service, and a wonderful tribute to Michael. Holding you all in my heart. From Jules x

  31. What a beautiful service, Josh and Prue you both spoke such lovely words. No doubt Michael was looking down on you all today. Thinking of you all and sending lots of love xxx

  32. Thoughts and prayers are with you all on this day as such a good man has left this earth loved by many, keep him well in your hearts. Lots of love xxxx

  33. A beautiful, warm service and sharings by everyone,
    Thank you for the opportunity to know more about Michael and his great love and gifts.
    Much love and hugs to you Prue and all the family. xxxxx

  34. What a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful celebration of uncle Michael’s life. He would have loved it.
    Rest in peace Michael

  35. Thinking of you all Pruie. So sad to say goodbye to the love of your life. Hold onto those beautiful years together. Love to you and the kids. Vonnie Brown

  36. Thoughts & prayers are with you today Prue, may your memories help you heal x
    Sleep peacefully Mike xxx

  37. Condolences Prue and family
    I have fond memories of Michael sitting on the back porch at May St Helping me Solve the world problems, Michael was always client focused and had a great report with staff and clients ,
    He was a good honest caring man who will be missed by many
    Thinking of you

  38. Dearest Prue, thinking of you and Michael’s loved ones at this time of loss and sorrow . My heart is with you an you celebrate his life and the love you shared. Xx

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