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5 comments on “Michael Farley”

  1. A very heartful and fitting tribute for a lifetime of so many events and accomplishments literally around the world.
    We are stunned at the advance of communication technology even since we arrived in the USA in nearly 1965 when an overseas telephone call had to be reserved at least a day ahead. Now to see and hear members of the family in such a fitting celebration of life is not only heart warming but also something that each of us will remember. .
    As with every other family, our early years were seriously disrupted by WWII in the UK and I can add to the well said words of Graham by adding that after the death of our father in 1941, Mike did not wait for the draft but enlisted in the army in 1942 when he was 17 and I was 7. My mother made sure that he met with all the family when he came home on leave from the front once a year. Also as mentioned by Graham, his reticence is borne out by the fact that I did not know he served in North Africa!
    I share with you words that bring some solace to our grief that I learnt some years ago from a priest at a funeral for some friends killed in a corporate plane crash:-
    “To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die”

  2. That was so lovely. Mike was very special and will remain in our hearts forever. He helped me by having me to stay with him in Hong Kong after I had been through a traumatic time in my life, he made me welcome, asked no questions just took me under his wing, we had a really fun time and a lot of laughs. He’s dancing with angels now, bless his heart. Much love.

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