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  1. My favourite memories of Mike centre around music – singing, playing piano, concerts – and all with great gusto. I’m grateful to have studied, joked and performed with him.

  2. Dearest Michael – it was thanks to Matthew that we began an enduring friendship which now goes back more than two decades. One of my great joys when visiting Australia was the chance to meet up with you, usually at some well-chosen cultural event but also for some lovely gossipy brunches.
    You were such great company, I loved your wit, you were a man of few words, never using a dozen when one would do.
    I was so very happy when you spent a few days here on my island of Gozo; sadly that was to be the last time we would meet.
    Our friendship has meant so much to me and I will miss your company when I come again to Australia – it won’t be the same without you. Rest in peace dear friend

  3. So thankful to have the opportunity to join in the celebration of Mike’s life. I have many great memories and although we lost touch once I left Australia I was able to catch up with Mike again in the last few years. He will be greatly missed.

  4. I met Mike in med school. He was such a sweet and friendly guy.
    I have many wonderful memories of dancing with Mike at various balls, parties and night clubs.
    He loved to travel and we went on a road trip together and also diving in the Maldives. He was such a fun traveling companion.
    We would go ice skating once a year. It was our thing to do. He would skate rings around me while I tried not to fall.
    I always felt comfortable around Mike and could just be myself.
    I will always cherish the times we shared together. He was truly a wonderful friend to have.

  5. I have great memories of Mike from Melbourne and London. I met his as a young lad when I dated his best mate – we ended up becoming flat-mates and then friends for the subsequent 30 years attending many a party as well as quiet catch-ups. I miss him greatly. He holds a special place in my history and heart. With love to you Mike, Brett.

  6. I wish I could join you to celebrate Mikes life but it’s past midnight in my part of the world. Here are some of my memories of him.
    He was one of the few guys at uni who actually had a sense of rhythm and was great dance partner at the various balls, discos, night clubs and parties. He just loved to dance and I loved dancing with him.
    He came out by taking me and another girlfriend to a gay night club. We already had our suspicions but he confirmed it in dance.
    He had a beautiful singing voice and would participate in the medical students review.
    Mike had a wonderful sense of adventure and loved to travel. We went on a road trip with a bunch of friends and I think Mike compulsively washed and dried all dishes every night.
    On a trip to the Maldives where we went to scuba dive, the other people we hung around with were honeymooners who thought we were a couple as well. Mike would just roll his eyes behind their backs whenever they said something intolerant or stupid. He really had a good eye roll. Almost as good as my teenage daughters.
    Once a year we would look for an ice rink and go skating. He was a really good ice skater and could skate backwards and do small spins. I could only skate forwards and tried not to fall.
    Mike always made me feel comfortable being just myself. I always felt safe when he was around even when he dragged me to the seediest parts of town.
    He was truly a wonderful friend to have and I will cherish all the times we shared together.
    I will miss him and the way he could always make me laugh.

  7. We are so very saddened to hear of dear Mike’s passing.
    Mike & I first met through my brother Mat, they had met each other in Australia not long before Mike was due to come to the UK. I had the pleasure of sharing my home in Balham with Mike when he moved over to the UK for a while back in the 1990’s. He arrived as a stranger and left as a friend. Little did we know back then the life long friendship that would be forged between Matthew and Mike.
    So I was thrilled when Mike got in contact a couple of years ago to say he was back in the UK very briefly, I am so glad we managed to meet up, it was so lovely to see Mike again after so long.
    Thank you for making it possible to share in this celebration of Mike’s life.
    Rest in peace dear Mike you are in our thoughts.
    Our love, thoughts and condolences to Mike’s family and friends
    Sarah & Gary

  8. I have so many great friendship memories of Mike including attending his 13th birthday party when we were in year 7, turning the sheet music pages for him when he was accompanying the choir and being amazed by his ability to adapt tempo and even key as he played, his incredible French language skills, playing cards in the breaks at school and many many laughs. He is a loss to all who knew him and is held in the hearts of us all. Sincerest condolences to everyone who loved him.

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