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10 comments on “Nancy Waddington”

  1. Nancy was Gold News for all who new her personally .

    Thankfully when she arrived working at NHS in charge of the Music Department ..

    We were just lucky to listen to Nancy Skills,

    Nancy just made it all work thankfully.

    Nancy advice any time on her recommendations / her natural comments were just perfect as gold news to fix anything on the spot quickly an simply music wise for any others with simple daily concerns,
    With positive suggestions only as an outcome ‘

    Nancy just help others out others perfectly just to succeed,

    Nancy did not seek any rewards for doing so her end .

    Via her natural teaching skills to simply teach others humbly advice musical in my eyes over many years at many high quality venues too just worked perfectly for many others .

    As a foundation Manager @ NHS ”

    Nancy is massively missed my end as a great friend / work
    colleague too.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Nancy. I have so many fond memories of Nancy from band, plays, basketball and other events in our youth. I remember her as being a sweet, caring person, more on the quiet side, but quick to laugh and staunch in her opinions (which usually matched mine). I also remember her parents so well, as it seems they attended every high school event that I participated in with Nancy. The words expressed at her memorial told me that Nancy never changed from her kind self of her youth. The pictures showed me that Nancy lived a full, happy life with a loving family; the beautiful musical tributes from her former students show what a dedication Nancy had to her students. My continued prayers for peace and comfort to her family. Nancy – may you Rest In Peace.

  3. The service was a beautiful collection of what Nancy treasured most – her husband, children & grands. Nancy touched many and will be remembered in a lot of different ways….Rest In Peace Sweet Nancy ❤️

  4. I greatly appreciate the many years of support and guidance that Nancy provided me with at Haileybury. The year I spent as Wind Symphony captain allowed me to spend more time getting to know her amazing sense of humour and who she was as a person outside of teaching. During my final year completing Music Performance, Nancy was my main support in organising the ensembles for my exam and I greatly appreciate her help as she was the pillar that got me through that subject. Knowing that Nancy was around comforted me in feeling that I always had someone on my side. Nancy encompassed the perfect balance of being pragmatic and disciplined, and also taking the time to be kind and enjoy the journey. Rest in peace.

  5. Dear Ernest, Kylie, Ian, Siska and families,

    Sincere condolences on the passing of Nancy. Thank-you for the lovely Memorial Service to Nancy today.

    Loving memories from the Yates family at Belmont High School, Geelong – 1986 – 1996. Jocelyn,(Clarinet.), Georgina, (Oboe.) and Laura Yates, (Trombone.) and Lloyd and Thelma Yates from the Band Support Group.
    Thank-you Nancy for teaching me the Oboe and mentoring me through exams, V.C.E. Solo Performance and Concert Band. I have many happy memories of our time together. – Georgina Yates

    Love and best wishes from,
    the Yates Family

  6. We, along with Christopher and Katherine, have just watched Nancy’s memorial live from Nossal High School. COVID complications prevented us attending, so we very much appreciate it being online. It was a very fitting tribute to Nancy both personnally and professionally. It evoked many fond memories of her at Belmont High School as an excellent teacher and administrator and as a family friend in Geelong.
    Our sincere condolences to Ernest, Kylie, Iain, Siska.
    From Joy and Kevin McAvaney

  7. Shocked and saddened to hear of Nancy’s passing. A beautiful person who had such an influence on so many people . A lovely tribute to a life well lived.
    Mary Brady

  8. My heart is full after seeing and listening to all the people who loved Nancy as much as I do. A beautiful service for a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing Nancy with all her friends and family, especially us across the oceans. May she Rest In Peace and her memory be a blessing to all.

  9. Thank you Nancy. You were a very large part of the Belmont High School music program and inspired many students to both study and appreciate music. Your legacy will live on in your students.
    Your family are in the thoughts and prayers of the Sokolov family.

  10. Nancy will live on in our hearts, our memories and all the people and students whose lives she touched.
    Wish we could have been there. Love and Hugs to all. Patricia and Ian

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