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42 comments on “Neil Maclean”

  1. Dearest Jo
    Leo and I made a point especially for you an your beautiful family to say our goodbyes to Neil with a glass of wine as if we were together for one of our dinners !
    We Salute Neil

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be virtually present and see the wonderful legacy that this amazing man has left behind, and you have certainly made him proud
    Our love to you, Sarah and Ian and your beautiful grandchildren
    Enza,Leo, Enrica and family

  2. A lovely service you have all done him proud .A lot of memories flooded back to me tied up with rope walking out from Hotham love to you Jo Sara and Ian tanne Xxx

  3. Dear Jo and family,
    Thank you for making it possible for me to attend Neil’s virtual funeral.
    It was clear that a much loved husband,,father and grandfather,
    who led a full a happy life
    Much love

  4. What a wonderful service for a wonderful man – such a fitting tribute.
    Liz and I were chatting – it really does seem like the end of era for us. The Maclean’s have been such a big part of our lives.
    So many wonderful memories from the great string of Neil’s life pictures at the end.
    Love to All – farewell Neil xx

  5. Hi Neal,

    I just want to express “may you rest in peace in the hand of God”.
    You are one of the Baptcare residents who always remember my name “Wan” and sometimes we share our experience in life and talking about golf as your hobby as well.
    Your departure really make me sad and shocked, you always be polite and show a nice personality toward me as your carer.
    Good bye Neal, may the rest of the family be strengthened especially Joe.

  6. This is the first funeral that, mid-service, I’ve gone to pour myself a scotch. Not a Glenfiddich mind you; but Johnnie Walker substituted nicely.

    What a good life. I’m glad to have known you, Neil.

    And in the spirit of men being open about their feelings, I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear during the beautiful eulogies.

    Love, Joel

  7. I am grateful to the MacLean family for the opportunity to hear and see their moving tributes to a cherished husband, father and grandfather. Neil was a great friend, was my best man, and a USC stalwart . His talents and achievements were enviable and he will be sorely missed.

  8. Fabulously well-spoken by all of you. Neil was one of my heroes, for many of the reasons you have given, and more. And he would have been immensely proud of your family as his legacy. We both stood and joined in with the Salute 🙂

    Ying tong idle I po !!!

  9. Dear Jo & Family,

    What a wonderful tribute you all gave Neil.

    Thank you for making it possible for me to share it with you, it was very clear Neil was a much loved husband, father and grandfather.

    Love to you all, Glenda

  10. We’ve been sitting here working our way through a box of tissues ☹ But fabulously well-spoken by all of you. Neil was one of my heroes, for many of the reasons you have given, and more. And he would have been immensely proud of your family as his legacy. Ying tong idle I po !!!

  11. My deepest sympathies and love to Jo, Sarah, Ian and grandkids. Such a beautiful service, thank you for sharing your memories and stories of Neil with us.

  12. Dear Jo, Sarah, Rosa, Freya, Ian, Lachie and Dylan
    tears and laughter during this most moving tribute to and honouring of Neil – beautiful words, memories, dance and thoughts. Neil would be proud yet again of you all

    I too am a recipient of his & Jo’s generosity in many ways and particularly through our skiing adventures.

    What a life lived in struggle and joy along the ‘Quest’ and what a wonderful legacy he leaves in you all
    much love Liz

  13. Jo what a beautiful farewell to a beautiful man.
    I was so pleased to listen to such special tributes to your Neil, and to ‘meet’ your children and grandchildren whom you’ve spoken about so often at our Camcare Lunches.
    You have so many marvellous memories to treasure always.
    Thank you for inviting me to Neil’s virtual funeral to hear his amazing life story.
    Looking forward to catching up soon.
    With lots of love,
    Sally xxx

  14. Thank you for the opportunity to learn so much about the richness of Neil’s life and the love he experienced and gave to so many. It was a beautiful farewell, so personal, relative and fitting. My love and sympathy once again, I send to you on this eventful and special day. Vale Neil.

  15. Dear Jo and family….I was so honoured to be a part of Neil’s funeral even though it was from afar. It was a very loving tribute to Neil from you all and I can now see why he was so proud of his family. Also, I am very pleased that I have known Neil for 54 years, and attribute my work ethic and achievements to him for expecting the best from me which carried through all my working career with great success. Neil certainly made the most of his life from what I heard the family say and he can leave you all with your love and happy memories.

  16. Neil has been an important part of our family gatherings over the years and we will miss him. He was such an intelligent, kind and generous man. Apart from being Scott’s uncle and most senior male in our MacLean line, he was Russell’s godparent.
    Neil and I share a love of family history and I have valued his impressive research which he shared with me. He was very proud of his Scottish ancestry and all the associated branches of the MacLean family tree.
    Today, I am planting a beautiful native climber called ‘Happy Wanderer’ in memory of Neil.
    We will not forget you.

  17. Our sympathy to Jo, Ian and Sarah.

    Many thanks for the invitation to a very moving service. It was very nice to be included and good to learn of some of Neil’s finer points such as his wine appreciation. There were many highlights in the service eulogies including Freya’s dance. The use of technology was brilliant.

    Neil was certainly an outstanding individual.

  18. Dear Jo and family .. such a beautiful and moving tribute to your beloved Neil .. thank you for sharing with us at this difficult time and in this unique way.
    Our love and thoughts at the loss of your beautiful hubby, father and Pa .. from Margie B and family.

  19. A lovely service – watching from afar. It took me back to happy memories of the extended family. tI is likely that Neil and San are having a great catch up. Farewell Neil.

  20. Jo, Sarah, Ian and families, thank you for including me in a celebration filled with love, humour, improv and metaphor fitting of a man who gave so much joy to others, a man who lived well and died well. It’s an honour to know you all.

  21. This is the first funeral that, midway through, I wandered off to get a glass of Scotch. Not Glenfiddich I’m afraid. Had to settle for Johnnie Walker.

    What a good life. Nice to have known you, Neil.

    I enjoyed those eulogies and I think it’d be appropriate, in the spirit of men expressing their feelings, to admit that I shed a tear with you.

    Love, Joel

  22. What a beautiful service notwithstanding the small group.

    We now understand better the meaning of “I will dance on your grave.”

    Love to all the family and safe travels Neil!

    Lynley and Chris Roff

  23. Thank you everyone for your beautiful words and sharing with us so much about our Great Uncle. We will be thinking of him.

    1. My thoughts and love are with you all. May you cherish your beautiful memories always – farewell Neil xx

  24. Fabulously well-spoken by all of you. Neil was one of my heroes, for many of the reasons you have given. What a fine family he has and had around him. He would be immensely proud to have you as his legacy. Ying tong iddle I po !!!

  25. Neil was a wonderful man and a great friend to mum and dad. I was very fond of him and always enjoyed talking to him and being around him. A lovely man. Thinking of Jo, Ian, Sarah and families at this time and sending condolences, love Caroline, Bill, Layla & Kiera.

  26. Farewell to a great friend. We have had such adventures together over many years. We will miss you!

  27. So grateful we can all be together at the same time to be part of remembering Neil, our much loved family member and Great Uncle.

  28. Our family new Neil since the days of the Mt Bogong club. I still have the archive of their very first meeting in 1968 with Keith Fizelle, Mick Hull and others. Dad and Neil were lifelong friends who shared the love of the outdoors and mum and Jo were very close. Sorry that we can’t be their in person, but we’re there in spirit.

  29. my relationship commenced at ICI, later at Kew Golf. it was a good connection and I am grateful for our lengthy association

    geoffrey davey
    aka as the Duke of Deepdene

  30. This is a time to cry and feel sad and empty, but it is also a time to smile and be both grateful and proud of all that Neil meant to all his family and many friends. Let’s cherish our memories of Neil.

    1. We are sitting reading your messages and appreciate all your comments and love enormously. Thank you so much, Sarah, Jo and Ian

  31. Neil – what a long, full and happy life you have enjoyed with Jo and your great family! I have so many wonderful memories of the times George and I spent with you and your friends, skiing, hiking or just socializing – you were always cheerful, ready for a good conversation or, at times, a challenging debate on some topic of current interest! I also treasure your portraits of George and myself – painting another of your many talents. Our friendship spanned 6 decades and you will be greatly missed. It has been such a privilege to be part of your life.

    Pat Phair

  32. As my godfather, Neil offered great guidance on our camping & skiing trips when I was younger. He had a wonderfully progressive outlook on the world, and genuinely cared about the problems of the world and how to solve them. I’m glad that Neil was able to live a long, rich and fulfilling life.

  33. Neil, you were Groomsman at our wedding, Godfather to our son Andrew.
    Together we went skiing, golfing, walking, water-skiing, travelling, coffee-ing for over 60 years.
    A life-long friendship.
    We will miss you.

  34. I knew Neil through Jo with whom I worked at Kew & later at Camcare. I understand that golf was a very important pass time for Neil.

    I finally met Neil when I returned to Melbourne for a visit from Tasmania where my husband & I returned to in retirement.

    I visited Neil & Jo in their family home as well as their beautiful current property in Kew.

    I am sure that Neil will be very sadly missed & our condolences go to Jo & the whole family.

  35. Neil has been a constant in our lives for almost 50 years, since our kids were at pre-school in Deepdene.
    Jo and Neil were in the Camcare orbit for so many years it’s hard to remember.
    Golf at Kew with Neil was always an enjoyable event, not only to enjoy watching his timeless swing with a good deal of envy, but also for his down to earth conversation. No BS with him.
    Neil spent several of his retirement years giving Barry valuable help with the accounts and finance at Murray Goulburn Co-op. He enjoyed that second career.
    We often remember the rather long cruise to Asia with Jo and Neil. Neil particularly enjoyed quizzing the Americans on board about Barack Obama, who’s election we think was inspirational to him.

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