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17 comments on “Nicholas Laughland”

  1. I was so terribly sad to hear of Nick’s passing. Nick was an incredibly kind and lovely man. Gentle and thoughtful to everyone. Nick was also a really gifted director, I was lucky enough to edit three films for Nick on the Midsomer Murders series and these episodes mark a high point from my time on that show. He had a heightened visual sense and the creative ability and confidence to allow others to contribute and this made working with him a joy and a gift. His sense of humour was always at the ready and he used it to be kind and warm. I smiled when I spotted ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young on his playlist, this was the song he selected for a particularly grizzly murder and the contrast between visuals and music was striking. He will be missed by many and my thoughts are with his children and I am so sorry for the pain of the separation that kept them from Dad’s bedside.
    I will play some Neil Young and think of Nick.

  2. Dearest nick,
    How we shall miss you.
    You breathed life back into Midsomer and trod the line between humour and seriousness to perfection resulting in some of my favourite episodes.
    I shall remember your childlike glee at discovering new tricks the dog could do and then working out how to film a scene to incorporate them. You encouraged interaction and input from everyone and it was hugely appreciated.
    What a beautiful service celebrating a life filled with love- we were lucky to be a small part of it.
    Fe xx

  3. Thank you Nick, for being you.
    I met Nick as a Stand By Art Directer many many moons ago on Peek Practice, and we got on like a house on fire both with the same devilish humour. I was so excited to go to work, and learnt so so much from him he helped me and encouraged me to be as creative as possible and push them TV budgets as far as we could. I remembered then this is a Director I would love to work with again and again which does not often happen in our industry. But I was one of the lucky ones and are paths crossed on many productions and eventually Nick joining me on Midsomer, where I had become Production Designer he was so pleased for me, and always told me it was down to him.
    Thank you for letting me be involved in this service and saying my own goodbye to the most Wonderfull Director and friend, and most of all for putting up with my spelling of the last 20 odd years
    RIP Nick

  4. I had the great pleasure of working with Nick over many years, from Where The Heart Is to Wild At Heart via UnderThe Greenwood Tree and he was so talented and funny and kind. And grumpy! A tremendously underrated director, despite his long CV. It was an honour to have known you and worked with you, Nick. I’ll see you in the Bundu Bar.

  5. Wow Nick what a wonderful insight into your amazing life.
    It was always such a pleasure and a joy to work with you on Midsomer Murders, you always allowed space for wit and creativity.
    We will all miss you but your inspiration will remain.
    Sue xx

  6. RIP Nick- the only man to request (unsuccessfully!) a Captain Beefheart track for Midsomer Murders.
    A lovely man and a delight to be around with the best sense of humour. I feel privileged to have known him and to have worked with him.

  7. Thank you for sharing this wonderful service remotely with us. I too worked many years on Midsomer Murders with Nick and echo all the tributes, that he had an extraordinary sense of humour and generosity to all crew members. He always made you feel important and special. I was truly amazed and proud, that despite his illness, he came back to direct the circus episode and did such a fabulous job, despite being a shadow of his former physical self. He will be greatly missed

    Sam Winter xx

  8. A wonderful, moving, heart warming service for the kindest of men. It’s clear he was adored by all who knew him. It also clear how much he adored his children & extended family. I’ll miss him very much but I’ll think of him often. Truly, the loveliest of men. Lou Cross.

  9. Dear Nick, I have never met a more beautiful person. We met at Midsomer and you made such an impact on me and still do as you were always so generous, outrageous and playful.
    Your spirit had such an affect on everyone, I had never experienced such a calm and playful set.
    Your work reflected this joy and sparkle, it was extraordinary.
    You always talked about your children with such love and everything they were doing. They are so lucky to have you as their Dad.
    We are all lucky to know you, to have brushed with you.
    Thank you dear gorgeous man. You are a rare thing.
    Ella x

  10. What a lovely service for a lovely kind man who was full of fun and laughter.
    I had the privilege to work with you Nick on two well known British TV series “Lewis” and “MIdsomer Murders” we had such fun discussing the characters looks and how far we dared go with the more gruesome details of the stories, I will alway remember the way you made everyone on the Set feel welcome and part of it all.
    Your warmth and lovely smile will live on.
    Love and sympathy to all your family
    Vanessa x

  11. Dear Nick, It was an honour to sit next to you for all those years on Midsomer. I always had a spring in my step going to work when you were directing the block!! We struggled to make sense of the “Ley Lines” Episode. We counted the extra half a leg in the “Bride in the railway basket” Episode. We laughed so much. His giggling would set me right off and often we had to hide under the black cloth at the monitors. He was kind and thoughtful and every single crew member absolutely adored him. Nick, you will always be in my thoughts. Love you. Alex xx

  12. What a lovely service. You have so many wonderful friends & family. I’m going to miss popping in for coffee when passing the end of your road. I’m going to miss being your 1st AD. I loved working with you, never a dull moment, you giggled at everything. It was always a happy set. Have a fab time on your new adventure & stay naughty. All my love Bella. Xx

  13. Nick “number 16” was incredibly important to us all in countless ways. As I type this, I can hear at least four different variations of him laughing. I think his guffaw was my favourite (shiny eyes and sideways glance). Imagine, all we had to do was move in two doors down and we got Nick. We seriously lucked out.

    With so much love,
    Paul, Kate, Harriet and Tom at “number 20” xxxx

  14. Goodnight dearest Nick. May sweet dreams come to you. Thank you for being part of my world and for being the most kind and generous friend and colleague. I will miss you terribly, but your mischievous smile will always be with me.
    My heart goes out to all your beautiful family and especially Oliver and Izzy.

    Take my love with you Nick, wherever your next adventure begins. xxx

  15. Nick was a truly lovely and generous man, with a wicked and naughty sense of humour. I feel truly honoured to have known and worked with him. I wish I had known him longer. I believe the mark of someone special is their ability to inspire oneself to live up to their values. Nick you inspire me to try to be as kind, patient and generous as you always were with me.
    I will always remember you on our famous helicopter recce.
    All my love

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