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52 comments on “Nicholas Massie”

  1. Dear Sue,

    It’s difficult to express what a loss you must be feeling now that Nick isn’t beside you. The only memories that I have of you both were as a lovely, jovial and funny couple – someone I was glad to visit when on school holidays with Mum and Alan, even if sometimes the atmosphere was a bit shaky. I remember when I started my work life, that I did look you up and found that you’d both left the city and were ensconced in Landcare activities, amongst many other things in your new home and surroundings. I was amazed at what Nick did with his work life, I had no idea what he even did. I only remember that you had to get his clothes ready as he’d pick the wrong colour tie and you having to take your name off the electoral role because of the “fans” in your work environment. Anyway, I have been with my husband Noel now since 1999 and we’re living happily in Ballarat. The picture you made for us of the bird that you gave as a wedding gift is still hanging in our kitchen as it always has. It’s a lovely memory of such beautiful people. Anyway Sue, I give you all of my deepest, nicest thoughts in this time and know that there will be plenty of people to surround you and get you through this. Keep well and just think that the next little Fantail that comes and perches and swishes his tail at you on your verandah, could be the reincarnation of Nick saying that he could always choose his colours by his own self.
    Love Rachael Orval (Pitcher).

  2. Dear Sue,
    What a wonderful eulogy and a fitting tribute to such an accomplished man.
    Nick would have been very proud of you, as indeed are we.
    With much love,
    Lindsey and Roger X

  3. Dearest Sue,
    The service was a wonderful tribute for a most wonderful man. We learnt what an impressive legacy he left from his professional life, even before all his remarkable contributions to your community. We are so glad we saw some of this at our visit and cherish the memory of that day. Nick’s kindness and sense of fun then, and over the many years since Jan and I, “the girls”, first came to Australia forty years ago to stay with you both and you took us to Hanging Rock – my visit with David just months ago brings us full circle. Always a joy to see you together.
    We will miss Nick very much, and send you our deepest sympathy and love – you were incredible in your tribute, as you were all your life together

  4. Dear Sue,
    We are deeply saddened to learn of Nick’s passing. I have great memories of my time working with Nick on the RBA asbestos removal/refurbishment project at 60 Collins St. Nick’s friendship and professionalism inspired me to spend the last 15 years of my working life with the City of Melbourne in the administration of that organisation’s Capital Works Program, a far cry from the conventions of banking where it all started.
    Please accept our sincere condolences.
    Peter & Brigitte Osborn

  5. Dearest Sue,
    You are incredible and what a beautiful celebration of your Nick!
    Damien and I both have such special memories of starting our work lives, being with Nick, learning from him and then keeping in touch with you both as our careers moved on and our family grew.
    My skills in creating piles of paperwork were learnt from the best and he will forever have a special place in my heart. His love of my mum’s fruit cake was also well known!
    We are thinking of you and sending you all our love.
    Kate, Damien, Jordan, Lily and Alex xxx

  6. Such a great man of character and integrity. I will miss the Dees chats. My thoughts are with you and the family Sue. Rest in Peace Nick – you above all deserve it.

  7. Dear Sue,
    Thank you for the opportunity to share in your very moving service for Nick. What a resume he had and what a wonderful legacy he has left behind. You two had such a remarkable relationship and your love was so evident in your words and in your care for him this past year. We have shed a few tears here but will remember how much we enjoyed having you both here in Calgary over the years – especially being able to celebrate Nick’s 70th birthday together.
    Sharon and Robert

  8. Sue,
    That was a lovely send off for Nick. It was amazing to hear the scale of his professional achievements, and of his great contribution to Newham, his adopted home. Hidden depths….a lovely, modest guy.

    All our love

    Simon, Alex & Lou

  9. Dearest Sue,
    It was a lovely service, a great reflection on all Nick’s amazing achievements and his kindness, honesty and integrity, but above all, to a wonderful kind man.
    We will miss him greatly.
    All our love,
    Jan, Nick & family

  10. Dear Sue,
    I am so sorry for you loss. You shared Nick’s story and your shared journey succinctly and compassionately. You are in my thoughts. Love Joan

  11. Hi Sue…..It’s me, Chris ….now in the Territory…..thanks for letting Nick come to Deni with us, and the concert in Bendigo….he so did love to party with us folk that loved both kinds of music….Country and Western! I remember when I sent out an email saying we were heading to Broome….Nick sent one back in 5 seconds flat saying that you were coming over…..dinner together was great xx We were glad we got to see you both at Christmas, and then again when I was down in February. Sorry that you didn’t get to come and see us here in Darwin and see your beloved Melbourne team play…. where ever Nick is now, I’m sure he is listening to a great country tune.
    Much love from us here……Keith, Alexander and Chris xx

  12. Dearest Sue
    We are so sorry that the times we live in didn’t allow us to be with you today at Nick’s farewell.

    What a wonderful kind, generous, thoughtful & courageous man our Nick was. You certainly did him proud today with your beautiful eulogy – your strength an pose was remarkable – I am so very proud of you Sue.

    Nick will always be a soldier of our Celtic Connection and he will be remembered for as long as we are all together be it pre, post or during games. I will miss his post game analysis and just his undeniable love for our Club and the game itself.

    God speed Nick – we shall miss you our faithful Demon.

    Our love always Sue ❤️

    Gary, Sinéad & Gemma Wise

  13. Dear Sue so sorry for your loss of dear Nick. Watched the lovely service that honoured a gentleman (wiped away many tears). Just wished we could have been there to give you a big hug. Take care lovely lady and hope to catch up one day soon.
    Marie & Paul xoxo ❤️

  14. Dear Sue,

    That was a very beautiful service, and a wonderful tribute to Nick. It was perfect! Thank you so much for thinking of others at this very sad time, it has been an honour to watch this service from England. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us; what an amazing life you’ve had together. ❤️❤️

    Lots of love,

    Jeanne xx

  15. Dearest Sue

    That was a wonderful commemoration of Nick’s life, and I am very glad to have been able to witness it through the live-stream. You spoke beautifully about Nick, capturing all his various dimensions and your deep love for each other and rewarding life together.

    It was a privilege and a pleasure for me to have known Nick, who I met through you and our shared passion for the Melbourne Football Club. It is testimony to Nick’s gentleness and humour that he not only coped with, but genuinely seemed to enjoy, the predominantly female constituency of our player sponsorship group, Celtic Connection, of which both Nick and you were founding members. I will miss Nick at our footy get togethers, functions, post-match debriefs, and pre- and post-season celebrations. Notwithstanding, it we will be my privilege and pleasure to always raise a glass in fond memory. May Nick rest in peace.

    My love and sympathy,
    Penny Mackieson

  16. What a lovely service for Nick. Beautiful words from all, especially Sue (loved hearing about how you two met). Thinking of you Sue, and all of Nicks family and friends. Lots of love,
    Linda & Steve

  17. Michael and I would like to pass on all our love and thoughts to all of Nick’s family, but especially to Sue. Sue, you spoke beautifully, and it was so lovely to hear about how you both met and your travels which brought you to Newham. We also share wonderful memories of coffee and chats with you both.
    With all our love,
    Emma and Michael

  18. I don’t even have any words to express my emotion right now. Absolutely beautiful service and it is true, Love Never Dies. And like i have said our hearts will beat true for the red and the blue forever xx Kendra aka the favourite niece or so i would like to think. Sending lots of love to Aunty Sue right now and one day we will be together again and i cannot wait for that day. He was a wonderful man and uncle and I will miss him dearly.

  19. Beautiful service. No words can express just how proud I am to have known such an amazing man. Forever in our hearts.

    As we do in the garden we take the most beautiful flowers so does the powers above, they take the best and most beautiful here.

  20. What a privaledge to be able to join you today. What an amazing man and someone that anyone would have loved to have known. Only knowing him from conversations with you as we share our stories at our beading classes, we know how much you loved and admired him. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Our love and prayers are with you at this time and always. Love Heather

  21. A lovely service for a good man. He will be sadly missed by all . RIP Nick. Take care Sue our thoughts are with you
    Lots of love
    Bruce and Maureen

  22. A beautiful farewell to your beloved, Nick.
    Sue, thank you for sharing.

    I send my sincere condolences.
    Dearly woven wreath and the daffodils from your garden.
    Precious words , memories and tributes to Nick.

    Rest at peace, Nick.

    Love to you, Sue.

  23. The car with the Dees’ emblem on the plates has been a familiar sight at every community event we attend in Newham. It took three years to start to get to know Nick, and we’re sad that’s been cut short.

    Our thoughts are with Sue and the rest of the Newham community.

  24. A beautiful service, a wonderful tribute to a good man and a life well lived

    Much love xxx

    Adriana & Elliot
    Stamford Hill, London

  25. Dear Sue,
    Sending you warm hugs and all our love at this very sad time. The service was beautiful and Nick was a very special man to many.
    All our love Glen, Dianne Erin and Claire Thompson xx

  26. Sue, you were bloody amazing!

    Mark and I send our best to you, and to the Newham mob, we miss you and cant wait to get down to the hall to have a drink in honour of Nick.

  27. Beautiful service, sending you love and hugs Sue. Our family catch ups in Nannas porch will never be the same without Nicholas.

  28. My dear Sue,
    What wonderful tributes for the Shropshire lad. You really did him justice and we are so proud of you.
    With love, Karen and Peter x

  29. Dear Sue
    A special goodbye for your very special Nick, it was a privilege to be able to share the service this morning
    My thoughts are with you.

  30. So sad to hear of Nick’s passing. In the times we met at family events, his kind and warm nature were clear to see. Honoured to join the service today and hear of his generous life shared with the local community, friends and family. Our thoughts and prayers are toward you Sue, at this time.
    Love from David and Sandy Morgan

  31. Dear Sue
    Our sincere condolences on the passing of Nick. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.
    You did an awesome job in speaking about Nick. You are both an inspiration.

    Wayne and Julie Gunn

  32. What a lovely service. Such kind words which truly epitomized Nick to the fullest. What projects are you working on already Nick? Feel privileged to have crossed your path at Macedon Ranges Shire Council when we completed our Leadership Training in the same group. Condolences to Sue and all of Nick’s family. Rest in Peace, Nick.

  33. Dear Sue,

    The farewell to Nick was wonderful. Thank you for having the service streamed. It meant a lot to me to be able to say farwell to Nick. I loved the opening hymn, a personal favourite. You spoke so well, I dont know how you did it. Your love and respect for each other really came through. As did the respect and esteem of work colleagues and village friends. What a huge contribution you and Nick have made to your community. Nick will be remembered for a long time, the community has certainly benefitted from his involment.
    Looking at the photos of Nick it is easy to see what a wonderfully warm, friendly caring person he was. It was a pleasure sharing many footy functions with you. I often was seated next to Nick and I always learned a lot about football and our team from him. He was an easy and fun person to spend time with. I will miss him at our events as as a member of the Celtic Connection, much love and warm wishes Jenny

  34. Our sincerest condolences to Sue on Nicks passing.
    Nick will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

    Lynne Rodda – Ex Infrastructure Dept -MRSC

    1. A beautiful, sensitive service for a remarkable and lovely man. How lucky that we got to share in your life.

      Sending you all our love, Sue.

  35. Sue, that was a lovely farewell for Nick. It was interesting to hear about your earlier lives together and all the great things Nick did for his community. He will certainly be sorely missed. I will be thinking of you.

  36. Dear Sue How brave you were in your eulogy for your beloved Nick, the life story you both shared is so precious I am in awe.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
    Love Toni Harris Wisemans lane ❤❤❤❤

  37. He would have been at the Newham Hall tonight, for us BOARS. He would have opened up, put the party pies out, arranged the cheese platter, been part of sparkling conversation, then helped clean up, then closed up. Fourth Thursday of each month. You’ll be sorely missed, mate.

  38. I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of Nick. I remember his big smile at work and how he was always happy to offer his help at MRSC. My thoughts are with you all at this sad time.

    Regards Matt

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