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  1. Dear Paramdeep, Raymun, Shumsheer and family,

    Nirmal was a very special person to us who could be described as a diamond due to her many different facets, interests and beauty. Nirmal was very proud of her Indian heritage and enjoyed sharing stories of her background and culture. We always looked forward to seeing her dressed in her beautiful saris for special occasions. We were very fortunate in being able to experience and be educated about this first-hand in the many intimate dinners we shared together through to her involvement in celebrating Raymun and Corey’s wedding in India. Nirmal’s flare and good taste in decoration was evident in their home in Wakool Avenue and also in the farm where aspects of her Indian culture were blended artfully with a western touch. In coming to Australia though she also embraced the Australian way of life and was a strong advocate for the importance of integration while combining the valued aspects of her cultural background.

    Over our many years of friendship with Nirmal, there have never been dull moments and many long-lasting memories come to mind. These include when she spoke her eyes lit up and warmth radiated from her, she was compassionate and understanding, graceful, very energetic, well organized and determined to complete a task that she initiated to the best of her ability. Nirmal sought out and took the time to know people individually and continued to foster those friendships. Nirmal was well read and up to date with local and world issues and articulated her thoughts in a sensitive and well thought out manner as discussions arose.

    During Nirmal’s trip to Kenya to visit Henrika and Shadrack, her personal attributes really shone. Nirmal was keen to learn more about the local culture, try local food and explore the many different aspects of Kenya. Nirmal had an endless list of questions for Shadrack as well as countless discussions about everyday life for local people. On one particular evening, she prepared a delicious meal of mango chicken and insisted on ‘mothering’ us after a day at work.

    Nirmal’s personal attributes were an invaluable asset in her life and their intersection with those around her. This was evident in her being a successful businesswoman with her ‘finger in many different pies’ including her Airbnb properties, her partnership with Paramdeep and the physical development of the Farm from its beginning until how it is today. Nirmal was the ‘cornerstone’ within her own family unit and worked endlessly in this regard. Nirmal was also compassionate and was a strong community advocate and activist of those less fortunate, which encompassed people of all different backgrounds and situations. Nirmal was an incredibly generous person to both different causes she felt strongly about and on a personal level to those close to her.

    To us, to her family and those who were touched by her, we have all lost a very special person. Her memory and her lifelong achievements will never be forgotten. To especially Paramdeep, Shumsheer, Raymun, Corey and Kismet, our thoughts and love are with you today and always.

    Lots of love,

    Henrika, Helmut, Bronwyn, Alexandra and family xxxooo

  2. Nirmal was my son’s mother in law so I have known Nirmal for many years. We didn’t see much of each other but kept in contact through our children. Nirmal was a lovely person who was always friendly and happy to see me. We got on really well and I was impressed by her amazing spirit and love of life. We share a beautiful granddaughter, Kismet, and I will always remind of her Nana Nirmal so her memory will live on.

  3. Nirmal was a truly unique and special person, and I will always remember her with great fondness and gratitude.

    Nirmal was, and will always be, an inspiring example of someone who genuinely lived out their values, and with such hard work and persistence. Nirmal was dedicated to the most important things in life – caring for family, caring for others, and caring for the earth. Nirmal touched innumerable peoples’ lives, and therefore there is so much of her legacy that we can’t even see or know, but the effects of which will continue to ripple outwards.

    From when Raymun and I became friends as undergrads and I’d visit the Ghummans over the years, first at Mentone and then at the farm, Nirmal was always so welcoming, and caring in a maternal and practical kind of way. Nirmal always made me feel a part of things, and I have many fond memories of being included in the family goings-on, including (attempting to) help Nirmal out with making dinner, and then joining in with the post-dinner board games and very animated conversation that would entail Nirmal needing to oversee the judicious use of the Maasai talking stick. Nirmal had a great sense of fun and I will miss that particular twinkle in her eye when she was amused about something.

    Nirmal and family very generously had me live with them for about seven weeks (I think it was about that long – perhaps it was longer – it was a long time ago!) – when I was in between sharehouses in my early 20s. Nirmal really took care of me in all sorts of ways, from feeding me up with her delicious cooking to reminding me to bring a jumper with me as I headed out the door to uni on a cold day (as she full well knew I would forget otherwise). I think I can only fully appreciate now, looking back as a ‘grown up’ nearly 20 years later and living with young people/the next generation myself, how freely generous Nirmal was with her time, thoughtfulness and affection, and how that gave me a sense of stability and belonging during a challenging time of transition.

    I will also miss Nirmal’s energy and liveliness – she was always bustling about getting on with things and making what needed to happen, happen. The last time I saw Nirmal she made me laugh because I was chopping vegetables for dinner at a glacial pace, as I was distracted by participating in the conversation around me, and Nirmal just took the knife out of my hand and started whizzing through the rest of it. I might have found this overbearing if it was anyone else but I just thought it was funny, because it was just so Nirmal.

    I can’t imagine how painful this time is for Nirmal’s family. Thank you Param, Raymes, Shumsheer and Corey for creating such a meaningful, fitting and beautiful ceremony yesterday, so that we could join you in paying tribute. Am thinking of you all.

  4. From Nirmal’s other Cape Town family, what a beautiful and moving service, which captured Nirmal’s love for us all, unconditionally. She was the most beautiful person I have ever had the privilege of meeting, staying here with me at our guest house, for months on end sometimes, and yes, she took it upon herself to “drastically prune” the unruly bougainvillea and wisteria creepers in our garden here! I came home from work one day to find her neck deep in cut branches, oblivious of the devilish thorns on them, and smiling the biggest smile I have ever seen, so proud of her accomplishment! Where did you find those loppers Nirmal? Sneaky as ever …… Today the wisteria would be her pride and joy, as it blooms prolifically now every spring, that will always be my constant reminder of her determination to make things right in nature, you knew just how to do it Nirmal, as always! I will be forever grateful to you, for everything you did for us, and with us, being kind and caring, loving our family as your own. And every afternoon Nirmal was waiting for me to come home, dog leash in hand, to take Shelley for her daily walk around the neighbourhood, how special those times were for you and her. So although we are all devastated at your passing so soon, and we have very heavy hearts, you are here with us every day, in my heart, and in my garden. When spring comes later this year it will be a celebration of your life here, when the wisteria is prolific with flowers again. My heartfelt condolences to Paramdeep, Raymun, Shumsheer & Corey, and also to Jo, who I had the pleasure of meeting here too, as well as Raymun. The love she had for us all will carry us through these sad days, and we will always love the “Normal Nirmal”. You will be sorely missed by all of us who had our hearts touched by you. The heartfelt tributes were beautiful and although there were tears, they were also tears of such happy memories I will cherish forever. Love always, Anneli xxx

  5. “And when great souls die,
    after a period peace blooms,
    slowly and always
    irregularly. Spaces fill
    with a kind of
    soothing electric vibration.
    Our senses, restored, never
    to be the same, whisper to us.
    They existed. They existed.
    We can be. Be and be
    better. For they existed.”
    -Maya Angelou

    I had the privilege of meeting Nirmal and the family when visiting Australia with my brother in 1997. Nirmal was a beautiful, radiant light. I remember her expressing the importance of authenticity. She demonstrated this in how she lived and who she shared her life. Even on the phone, across continents, one could literally feel her sincerity and compassion.

    Although I only had a few interactions with her, she left an indelible impression on me. It is a sight to behold the many people she has touched. How beautiful to see a life so well lived and the love that surrounded her.

    As you navigate the difficult journey ahead, I wish you comfort and peace.

  6. We first met Nirmal and Paramdeep when they came to our house for a meeting of the families, the first of a series of rituals that ended with Raymun and Corey’s spectacular wedding in Chandigarh. Nirmal and Paramdeep came laden with sweets and gifts, offerings that were part of a colourful and happy morning that both celebrated the couple, and kick started our friendship. We remember Nirmal brimming with enthusiasm and vitality. It was immediately obvious that Nirmal and Paramdeep were fond of Corey and pleased to invite him into their family. What a gift when your future in-laws embrace your son!

    Over the following years, we would periodically meet for dinner and discuss our hopes and concerns for our children. We always valued Nirmal’s openness and honesty. We will miss her dearly.

  7. Dear Paramdeep, Shumsheer and Raymun,
    Thank you for the opportunity to come and say goodbye to Nirmal at the most beautiful memorial I have ever been to. It was so moving to hear each of you speak about your unique relationship with Nirmal and to know that she was also loved and celebrated by so many. Her life was so rich and it seems that none of her passions was at the expense of another. Wishing you all the best on the road you now have to walk without your confidante, fierce mother and guiding star. Thinking of you all and much love

  8. Farewell sweet lady. It was one of life’s great pleasures to have known you. Sleep well.

    To Paramdeep and family, our thoughts and love. And enduring friendship.

  9. Dear Paramdeep ,a fitting tribute to a wonderful person ..Shumsheer and Raymun spoke eloquently about their mother .
    Nirmal was an amazing person and touched so many lives with her kindness ,gentle demeaner,empathy and compassion , that she will be truly missed by society as a whole .
    Her love for her family knew no bounds ,as family was everything to her . She made life long friends and was a confidant to many .
    A wonderful human being our Nirmal was .She will be dearly missed .
    Our love and best wishes are with you as you and the family navigate life with out Nirmal .
    Much love to all of you .

  10. Dear Paramdeep ,a wonderful tribute to an amazing person .Nirmal touched so many people with her kindness ,generosity, humility and love of life .She was a stalwart of the family ,an amazing person ,kind and large hearted ,worked tirelessly for the good of all , inspite of her own illness .
    Her love of her family knew no bounds ,as so aptly spoken by Shumsheer and Raymun ,who spoke with so much affection for their mother .They paid a great tribute to her.
    Nirmal was a dear friend and will be remembered by all for her empathy and compassion .She will be truly missed by not only the family but by the society as a whole and everyone whose life she touched .
    Our love and prayers are with you and your family.
    Dear Nirmal ,you will be missed .
    .Rest in peace dear friend .

  11. What a beautiful service celebrating Nirmal’s incredible life. Thank you to everyone who shared such wonderful memories and tributes today. Nirmal touched my heart with her warmth and radiant smile every time I met her. I was inspired today to live my life with more of the love, joy, passion and service with which she lived hers. My thoughts and prayers are with Paramdeep, Shumsheer, Raymun & Corey as you mourn her loss.

    With love and blessings,

  12. Knowing Nirmal was a privilege. Sharing moments of effervescent Bonhomie with her during our I batch reunions are cherished memories forever.
    You must be spreading pleasure and cheers wherever you are.

  13. Nirmal and Paramdeep first came into our lives at a neighbourly get-together off Meakins Road many years ago; my wife Ana and I present as ring-ins. The warmth of Nirmal’s personality shone through from the outset.
    Some time later – with Nirmal still practising as a GP – she managed to diagnose a condition that my father had suffered from for some time and that various doctors had failed to fathom. Dad had never previously consulted a doctor that was so warm-hearted, charismatic and patient when working towards a diagnosis. And this with a patient who had inordinate difficulty in explaining his own symptoms to anyone, whether family or medico.
    As the years rolled by we had occasional, but far too infrequent, opportunities to meet at Nazaaray, in Melbourne and in France. On one occasion, Nirmal and Paramdeep came to dine with friends at our house in south-west France. While most came in smart casual clothes, Nirmal wore a striking green sari and Paramdeep a tailored Indian outfit and an especially bright turban. Both looked magnificent. Heads turned, conversations were stopped short and a vibrant evening was enjoyed by all. Another fond, warm memory.
    In 1999, though thrilled to receive an invitation from Nirmal’s parents to attend a family marriage in the Punjab, we were unable to make the trip due to prior commitments. The invitation did, however, result in hours of daydreaming about an exotic (for us) event and a missed opportunity to share some time in India with Nirmal and her extended family. Subsequently, more fortunate timing allowed me to attend, as part of a solo trip to Australia, the Aussie portion of Raymun and Corey’s two-country wedding. Another wonderful memory and more bright Indian clothes and colours … this from a sartorially challenged Australian-born bloke who nevertheless appreciates the finery of others.
    In 2020 I arrived in Australia with plans to travel extensively, including a further visit to Nazaaray, but had to cancel everything and turn back after just a few days due to Covid. As it turned out, I caught the last flights connecting Brisbane to Lisbon for what would turn out to be many, many months. Among other disappointments it was a missed opportunity to see Nirmal.
    My deepest, deepest condolences to Paramdeep, Shumsheer, Raymun and Corey.
    Steve Dyson for Steve and Ana (in Lisbon, Portugal)

  14. My dear friend Nirmal,
    I will be seeing you regularly when the Tigers of Central India come to drink water at TWL sites. Your love, passion and dedication to India’s Tigers will pass from one Tiger generation to another.

  15. Missing you very much dear Nirmal. Losing such a dear friend is very painful and heart breaking. The wonderful memories are the only comfort we have now. Your voice, your smile and your infectious laugh will always be with us. We cannot imagine the pain and heartache you are feeling Paramdeep, Shamsheer, Raymun, Corey. We also share in your sadness as all of us remember Nirmal. Sending you all so much love as you celebrate the life of beloved Wife, Mum and friend.
    We remember the 40 years of our friendship, getting together regularly with Nirmal and Paramdeep. Satya visited Melbourne first time in June 1983 from India, and Nirmal as usual a kind heart asked him to come home for dinner. When Satya reached Glen Waverley with a box of Indian Mithai he became an instant friend especially with Paramdeep and which will continue for ever. Nirmal and Paramdeep’ s stopovers in Bangkok were a treat for us. Their guidance and advise was very valuable for us to move and settle in Australia. Nirmal has always been a confidant, mentor and convinced us with her winning smile. During the trips to Melbourne Thai food was always on the menu for dinner at Nazaaray. Nirmal would get the list and keep all ingredients at home for me to cook and as they say “sone pe suhaga” accompanied with Nazaaray Wines. Nirmal, you will always be in our hearts and shower your blessings on all family and friends.
    Love, Satya and Jyoti

  16. Dear Paramdeep ,our sincere condolences on Nirmal’s passing .There are no words to describe what you and the family are going through .Nirmal has always been an amazing ,considerate selfless and gentle person — a stronger and determined person I have never seen.. Her interests were varied and touched so many aspects of life .She has always given her utmost for the family ,while she herself suffered from this terrible disease , without complaining .
    The tributes paid to her at this wonderful ceremony today brought back tears for an amazing and wonderful person that Nirmal was …a stalwart of the family kind and large hearted ,just quietly working non stop for the good of all…and with a smile …Her smile is permanently etched in my mind .
    Nirmal’s going is a great loss not only to you ,but to society as a whole ,and everyone whose life she touched .This was very evident in the messages today from you ,Shumsheer and Raymun . .They summed up her life beautifully .Glowing tributes paid by the kids is proof of the wonderful qualities they saw in their mother .
    She was one of a kind …loving ,caring and generous !
    May God give you and the family the strength to bear this loss .
    Love and best wishes as you navigate this difficult period .
    Alka and Ravi .

  17. What a poignant, joyful and touching ceremony celebrating Nirmal, by her very brave family.

    Sometimes in life, one is privileged to meet someone who touches our lives in a way one never forgets, despite distance and time. Nirmal was such a person for me, whom I first met with PDS in India in November 1980, when Shumsheer was an adorable toddler and I was visiting from USA. PDS and Nirmal were/are dear friends of my Twin and her husband, Kaveri and Pummy, who still live in Kolkata. Over the next 35 years our paths occasionally crossed in Delhi, Kolkata, till I visited them at Nazaaray 7 years ago and we met up again in Summer 2015 in France, where I then lived. For all these occasions the enduring memory of Nirmal was her serenity within her fun loving and yet very purposeful approach to life.

    The closing with the very endearing Hindi song, takes us Indians back to an era when as young couples we looked forward with tremendous hope and many dreams, several of which have been fulfilled, even as life teaches us again and again, that sorrow is around the corner.

    To PDS, Shumsheer, Raymun and Corey, I convey my heartfelt sadness at your tremendous loss. My new home in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is here for your future visits, even while I know that the magic of my visit to Nazaaray will be impossible to match.

    With warm regards from Baltimore,


  18. Paramdeep, Shumsheer, Raymun, Corey & Kismet, Thankyou for the priviledge of sharing this beautiful Service today at Nazaaray from afar amongst the gum trees. The words spoken were so eloquent, thoughtful, profound, & with the touch of humour that Nirmal loved to suffuse in to a situation.
    My heart too is sad . We will learn to keep Nirmal there and may we live out lives extending the love,friendship and wisdom she gave us , to others.
    With my Love Paula x

    , funny and

  19. This was a beautiful service to celebrate Nirmal’s inspiring life and the rich legacy she has left behind. Love to Paramdeep, Shumsheer, Raymun and Corey.

  20. Oh Dear Nirmal, You will live in our hearts for ever. Will never forget your beautiful smile.
    Let everyone gather
    With no heartaches or tears.
    Let the bright memories flow
    From all the past years.

    Let there be music,
    Familiar old songs.
    Let flowers stay in gardens
    Where their glory belongs.

    Let peacefulness reign
    ‘Til the evening sun sets.
    Let no words be unspoken,
    Then there will be no regrets.

    True love’s everlasting
    Through eternity.
    So brighten the world
    In remembrance of me.

  21. Dearest Nirmal,
    Words are not enough to describe the loss i feel at your passing. You are the quintessential friend, philosopher, and guide i depended on. Ever ready to help with advice and always kind and caring and most importantly supportive and encouraging. I have always admired your courage in standing up to life and all its challenges and your attitude of never giving up. i shall sorely miss our long discussions on life and listening to the music we both loved.
    Be rest assured you will always live in my heart and i thank the powers that be for having brought you into my life.
    rest in peace my dear friend
    Chitra Chahal

  22. Sheer Pleasure to have heard Shumsheer and RAYMON speak.

    Last I heard Shumsheer was when he was learning the alphabets

    RAYMON looked gorgeous

    Pavan Enu Jasmine Hans

  23. From Nirmal’s Cape Town family, love to Paramdeep. It has been a privilege to be part of Nirmal’s extraordinary life and to share from afar with you this service of celebration to an incredible woman. Shumsheer, Raymund and Cory, thank you for your heartfelt tributes, long may Nirmal’s presence influence all our lives. Love from Heidi and Russell

  24. Loved the service and the sensitivity. I only knew Nirmal for a brief period but she is not a person you forget easily! We are poorer for not having her amongst us but heaven is richer. My deepest condolences to the family.

  25. Excellent memorial service, gave us insights into Nirmal’s personality, and her life. Loved the words spoken by Paramdeep, Shumsheer and Raymun, and everyone else. We will always remember you fondly, Nirmal.

    And of course, I will never forget the first time that I went to meet Nirmal with ParamDeep in Calcutta, and her smile that impressed ParamDeep.


  26. It was a privilege to have known Nirmal. Lovely memories of when I worked for her at Cheltenham Medical Centre.
    Todays memorial was a beautiful tribute to Nirmal.
    Sincere sympathy to Paramdeep and family.

  27. Wonderfully conducted!

    Please to hear each of you PARAMDEEP, Shumsheer and RAYMON

    A great Farewell to our dear sister

    Pavan Enu Jasmine Hans

  28. It was such a beautiful ceremony, a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary person, who will remain in our hearts forever.

  29. I have so many nice memories of Aunty Nirmal growing up in Melbourne. She had a unique combination of fairness, no nonsense advice and warmth that I noticed even as a child. For many years after we left I looked forward to the visits with her and uncle and reliving childhood memories and stories.

    She’ll be missed but has left behind an awesome husband, son and daughter as well as extended family and friends for us to enjoy for many years to come.

    We’ll miss her but the good memories far outweigh the sadness.

    Lots of love from Sandeep

  30. HI Sis

    you will always be in iur hearts where ever you are …I have lot of loving memeories of you …In 1990 when I was there for my masters exams I had spent lot few days with you before proceeding to Sydney . I had lovely time at wakool ave house.

    Patch having good time with me basking the sun in the lawn, our trip to williamson promonitory,,,,and to willam ricket gallery …when my ship was in melbourne you help me shop and ofcourse the nana made by PDS bai ji these memories arestill fresh didnt know you will leave so fast …. Sonia remembers your kind words Jasbir if I dont care about you then who else I wll you are my loving brother ,,,, I wish you could had given us more time to be with you …

    Love you dearly Rest in peace my dear Sister…

    I can see how nazary has developed … I was there when we first sited and agreed to buy even though your colegues did not agree,,,,,….i remember cuttting the grass ,,,

  31. My very dearest Nirmal pehnji, you welcomed me into your life with an open heart. Your sparkling eyes made me confide in you. You kept my secrets close at heart & advised me. From the recipes you shared & the long talking sessions we had, I am gonna miss you so much. You will always be there for me. Love you & miss you.

  32. Nirmal was my partner in a medical practice . She was always calm and a very caring and professional GP.
    Her gentle manner , self confidence and good nature was therapeutic for her patients .

    Nirmal was a great support to me over those years working together .

    I will miss her.

    My best wishes to Paramdeep and the family .

    Warmest Regards

    John Lange

  33. Thinking of you all and sending heart felt condolences as you start the next chapter of your lives without your dearest Nirmal.
    Here in Japan cherry blossom represents the fleeting nature of life, people coming together in friendship and the beautiful/ precious time one has on earth. To me this symbolises Nirmal as I enjoy the beautiful blossoms x

  34. “You meet people who forget you.
    You forget people you meet.
    But sometimes you meet those
    people you can’t forget.
    Those are your friends.” Mark Twain

    We have many memories of Nirmal
    which we won’t forget and our thoughts
    are with Paramdeep and her family and friends
    as we learn to live without her smile.

    Cheryl & Greg Lee X

  35. Heartbroken at the loss of Nirmal. What an amazing woman that made all our lives better. Her example as a wife and mother was inspirational.

    So lucky to have had so many years of friendship feeling supported and loved. When everyone was stressed, she stayed calm. When we weren’t sure what to do, she figured it out. Our six-month trip to India went from a vague idea of ours to a magical experience teaching in the Himalaya’s and other adventures. Nirmal organised us; all the while being embraced by her and her family in India. It all happened in a whirlwind. We didn’t have time to change our mind, which is just as well as we may have missed out on an experience of a lifetime.

    We did not get enough time together with Nirmal. We will always miss her smile that lit up a room and the wisdom and fun she bought to every situation. The world is better for having had her in it and she will be forever remembered by how she touched our lives.

    Heartfelt condolences to Paramdeep, Shumsheer, Raymun and Corey.

  36. I will always remember Nirmal,
    Her kindness and hospitality were unmatched.
    I miss her always making me my favourite Masala Chicken, even if I was the only who requested it.
    I miss staying with her in her family home in India.
    She never didn’t have time for others and the world will miss her.

  37. Aunty Nirmal is a remarkable woman of medicine. When confronted with pain she chose duty.

    She left her mortal shell being forever proud of her:

    – husband who built a successful wine business and is clear in instruction to farm hands;

    – son who stuck to his original vocational path no matter what;

    – daughter who skillfully crafted her medical career}

    She can rest easy knowing her family is in such good standing.

    Now her family must take the next steps with her not by their side,
    but with her looking down from Heaven as a guiding light.

    Be bold. Be brave.

    With deepest respect,

    Raj )

  38. Nirmal was one of those rare people who would have made a difference to all those whose lives she touched. She was strong and tender, fierce and loving, lively and intelligent, unshakeably resolute, and with an irresistible enthusiasm for life and living.

    There is a beautiful prayer of the Hopi tribe with which we would like to remember our dearest Nirmal who will always have a special place in the deepest recesses of our hearts.

    Do not stand at my grave and weep;
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.

    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there,
 I did not die.

     – Mary Frye

    Our hearts go out to Paramdeep, Shumsheer, Raymun and Corey

    Kaveri and Pummy Narang

  39. Nirmal was an exceptionally intelligent lady. My wife and I had the immense pleasure of spending time with her in Oct last year. She was recovering from her trip to India. It was obvious she was trying her utmost to get over the setback. Nirmal was determined, hopeful, full of life and an inspiration to anyone who met her. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with her which we will always cherish and remember.

    Param was an exceptional host and the carer to Nirmal. He made sure he was at hand and met her needs proficiently and affectionately. There was so much to admire in their camaraderie and love for each other.

    I happened to mention that I sometimes get cramps in my legs. Nirmal immediately gave me a handheld roller to scrub my legs. She then also insisted that I take it with me. That was her intrinsic personality – thoughtful and caring.

    The Almighty must have granted her eternal peace in His Abode. We will always miss her and will never forget her graciousness and warmth.

    Anoop and Jyoti Singh

  40. Our condolences go to Nirmals family.

    Although we did not know Nirmal very well.
    We were appreciative of the love and friendship she extended to our daughter Sharon and her family. A friendship that was treasured.

    Our memories of Nirmal are of a serene lady always welcoming and entertaining and serving delicious food.
    Thinking of you Hilda & Haydn Delaney

  41. Nirmal was the personification of grace, intelligence and beauty. She and Paramdeep were frequent visitors to Main Ridge Estate as Nazaaray developed and they became dear friends. An unforgettable event occurred when Nirmal participated in a Grade 6 “Indian Day” at Red Hill School, transporting the children to magical India with films, stories and legends. She brought along several visiting students who wrapped every boy’s head in a turban and played games. The girls were draped in saris and silks, the contents of Nirmal’s pantry transformed a classroom into a spice market and created an exotic lunch as Indian music wound its thread around us.
    Another sector of our community has recently benefitted from Nirmal’s sparkling charm when she accompanied Paramdeep as he addressed Flinders Probus on “Water for Tigers”. Nirmal kept him on track and provided quiet prompts if she judged him likely to digress!
    We will miss her from our lives and send our love to you, dear Paramdeep and your family.
    Nat and Rosalie White (Main Ridge Estate)

  42. My deepest sympathy to Nirmal’s family who she spoke of with so much love and affection. I have beautiful memories of Nirmal as she was a kind and caring person, who was so generous in sharing valuable words of wisdom, in so many areas of life. I will always remember Nirmal for her warmth and inner strength. I feel very grateful to have had Nirmal in my life, and hope her family can feel joy from their memories of her. Take care, Kim

  43. For me, knowing Nirmal was a privilege. Right from the early days in tourism on the Mornington Peninsula, our lives intertwined in many ways. Nirmal was so kind, generous to a ‘T’ and a real force of nature. She always jumped in with both feet! Keen to explore ways to be more creative, more entrepreneurial and more in tune with changing visitor tastes. No use just standing by – you were quickly caught up in her whirlwind of ideas, passion and creativity.
    We worked together on so many mini projects: B&B refurbishment ideas, wine tourism marketing, photo shoots and overall strategic marketing. A highlight for Nirmal was hosting the MasterChef (India) judge at Nazaaray. Her contribution to tourism networking functions was unparalleled with many occasions held colourfully with Bollywood dancers at Nazaaray and delicious Indian-inspired treats.
    So much fun to be had when Nirmal was in our midst! Her joy as she came up with another idea, the twinkle in her eye as we explored possibilities of how to make it work…. She was persistent and overcame so many obstacles to bring her ideas into reality. I stood by in awe, so many times.
    I shall miss her joy, fun and downright steadfast entrepreneurial streak very much. I am filled with gratitude for the many opportunities she gave me to work on her ideas. My heart is heavy with sorrow as I reflect on what a sensational person she was. It is just too, too sad.
    Sincere condolences to Paramdeep and the whole family.
    With love and best wishes as you navigate the sad journey ahead, Alva xx

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