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12 comments on “Noel Edward Fitzpatrick”

  1. Noel left such a positive influence on so many lives. I have many wonderful memories that have helped me live my life for the better. A beautiful tribute to an amazing man who shared his wit, wisdom and love of life with his family, colleagues and friends. Love to you all from Brisbane.

  2. It was a pleasure knowing you Noel. I will always remember you for your kind heart, generosity and wit and love of life. The first time I met you was at Michael and Anna Maria’s wedding and I felt your warmth immediately. Everyone that crossed paths with you should feel privileged to have met such an amazing man in their lifetime!

  3. A truly touching service that encapsulated the incredible man Noel was. Noel, you will forever be my favourite pharmacist, mentor and friend. Thank you for all the wisdom and support you gave me over the years I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you.

    Helen and family thank you for allowing me to be a part of his service, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Noel always loved to talk about what you all were doing and it was clear the love he had for you all. He was a man who touched the hearts of so many and gave so much to others but never asked for anything in return.

    Until we meet again Noel xx Shaan

  4. Helen
    My time spent with Noel at MRHS and then later working with you both on your properties in Macedon will be treasured. I have such fond memories of the many hours spent with you both. It has been a privilege.
    Please accept our most sincere condolences.
    Keith and Faye Pattinson

  5. Noel would be so blessed, outstanding by all people that contribute . Thank you so much for putting it on line.

  6. What a moving and heartfelt service. Beautiful words and beautiful thoughts. Thank you for letting me a part of the celebration.
    Much love and sympathy to you all.
    He was a great bloke!!

  7. A truly beautiful service to honour the life of a beautiful soul.
    Thank you Noel for everything you are and everything you gave.

  8. Awesome tribute to a wonderful man who had such a wonderful life.
    Love to Helen & Meg & family.

  9. A wonderful man and the best role model anyone could ever hope to have met. To look back on his influence on our family and see the outcomes he made possible fill me with pride and love for everything he did for us.

    Thank you Noel, Helen and family.

  10. Love you Noel!!
    Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and guidance in life and I hope we meet again xxx

    Helen and family thank you so much for including me in this beautiful service, sending lots of love from Canada. He spoke so highly of all of you, always so proud of his kids and grandkids achievements and learning curbs.

    He has instilled his pure of heart spirit in all of us and I don’t think anyone can ever measure just how far reaching of an impact that has made and will make in this world.

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