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  1. Dear Kathryn and Rob and gang
    Thank you so much for sharing the service with us. Thinking of all of you right now. We enjoyed the energy and fun loving nature Patrick and you all are in our thoughts.
    Love Canada
    Deb Keith Chris and thank you so much for sharing the service with us. Thinking of all of you right now. We enjoyed the energy and fun loving nature Patrick and you all are in our thoughts.
    Deb Keith Chris and Ian

  2. To Patty’s family and friends,

    Where do I start? Well, I was going to tell you how I met Patty but I see my darling brother Sami has already given you a “brief” recap on the beginning so I’ll continue where Sami left off.

    I’m Sonia, the lucky sister that got to live in a car and drive around BC with Pat for 6 weeks at the start of summer 2017. What a time that was as he brought so much love, joy and laughter to that trip. His eclectic taste in music, fascination of water falls and love of nature made him the best tour guide and travel companion I could imagine. I feel so blessed to have made such beautiful memories with Pat in such a glorious part of the world.

    Last year, I sadly lost my father around the same time Patty received his diagnosis. Patty still made time to call me and message me to see how I was doing. For this I will always be greatful.

    Thank you for sharing the service, it meant so much for me and my family to be part of it. Patty’s zest for life and love of nature will live within us all forever.

    My thoughts and love are with you ❤️

  3. A beautiful service, celebration and farewell to a beautiful young man. Thank you for taking the time to include us when your pain and grief are so acute. Sending our love and prayers from Deb and Tony

  4. Dear the Wilson family,

    My name is sami haddada and i was blessed with the chance to spend the most incredible winter with Patty in BigWhite which I’m sure guys have heard the stories about. But if we can do a quick recap, I’m from scotland and tunisia and spent the my working visa in canada with my brothers and sisters from 2016-2018. If we rewind to December of 2016, I was able to secure what was then known as Chateau 210 on the ridge as accommodation for my whole family ( me, ramsay, sonia, sara and liam (siblings and step brother)) We were all there on the working holiday program, however the problem with renting in canada is that it can be quite steep so we had to bring in some more people so at that point a guy called Charlie replied to a post and we automatically clicked. By january the place had went from having 6 people to 10 people mainly from scotland and Australia. Of course the landlord was losing his mind and was threatening to kick us out but we were one big family at that point and we had no intention of going anywhere. Charlie spoke to me at some point and said Sami, I have a mate from Australia whos coming over and would he be able to spend a couple of nights. Theres no way I was going to turn a mate of charlies but lets see if he fits in and take it from there. Thats when patty comes into the picture and the energy he brought with him was just incredible. I remember after one of the parties we had patty spent the whole of the next day cleaning up and that was that. He was part of the family.
    I got quite close with patty over the coming months and when I was down he always knew and would come up to me and ask if i wanted to do something or he would offer me something like the cap that I always wear now which is a milwaukees beer hat that he got a thrift store. His love, empathy, genoristy, zest and for life would always light up the room. His smile like no other and his energy contagious. After big white patty, charlie, sonia and john would road trip and me and my brother ramsay would head to whistler. At some point during that summer a girl i met asked if i wanted to go to philips back yard brewrey which was a beer festival in victoria. Long story short i got left on the island by this girl and by chance i was able to connect with patty and we were able to make it to the festival together. What a night it was and in the morning we woke up all snuggled together in that Marvelous GMC he had by a AW drive thru. We got breakfast and just reminisced over the good times. I knew he was the real deal then. I was able to meet patty one more time after that and that was when he was so generous to lend us his GMC when my mum came from scotland to see us and were able to use it all over the island. At no point did he ask for money but just asked that we had a good time and take lots of pictures.

    But, after watching that service, and seeing the whole family there, it broke my heart. He was too young and had so much more to offer. Im crazy about tennis and the last coversation we had was about us going to the melbourne open together next year. He fought untill the end and im so proud of him and I cant wait to see him again with his new balances tied tight and coca cola hat sat loosely on his head. I have never met any of you but I am sending every ounce of love from Canada and I prey that you have the strength to get through these hard times.
    I am so sorry but I know that patty left the biggest mark on people that he touched and he certainly gave me a new appreciation for life.
    My deepest condolences,
    Sami Haddada
    Chateau 210

    My email is

  5. Sending our love and prayers to Pat, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Rob and all the boys. Only fond memories from Mexico as kids to your recent visit to Canada. Thinking of you.
    Stephen and Nicole

  6. Sending you so much love from Calgary. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful life. Thank you for letting us be with you in spirit xxxx

  7. I met Patty in winter of 2016/17 in Big White while he was living with Charlie Ford and some other friends at the time. We went snowboarding together often that winter and spent nights at their lodge or in the ski village making new friends and enjoying the ski season.
    In the fall of 2017 I went on a road trip with Patty throughout British Columbia and parts of Alberta. It was one of the greatest trips I have ever been on and it would not have been so great if Patty had not been there with us. All of us on the trip had such a great time travelling together, hiking, checking out waterfalls and exploring western Canada.
    We ended up together in Tofino, B.C. at the start of the summer before Patty went just North of Victoria to spend his summer working. Patty came to visit me during the summer in Tofino and I was able to visit him as well, we became good friends and always looked forward to hanging out.
    Patty had a great sense of humour and was always looking forward to the next adventure. I consider myself extremely lucky to have known him and to have been able to share such a great experience with him. My heart goes out to Pattys’ friends and family, he will be remembered.

  8. A beautiful tribute to a very loved son, brother and friend. Sincere condolences to all for this too soon loss. I so appreciate we were able to watch the service here in Calgary Alberta. Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful service for a beautiful soul. Patrick, I will always cherish our visits growing up, you were truly one of a kind. It was amazing to see the lives you impacted with your selfless attitude. Your memory will live on among friends and family forever.

    Love always,

    David and Lyndsay

  10. Aunt Kathy, Uncle Rob, and Family,

    Thank you for allowing us to be part of this service by viewing from Canada. Patty will be missed, but never forgotten.

    Our sincerest condolences.


    Gillian and Scott

  11. We are so sorry for your loss. Patrick was such a wonderful and warm person; he will forever live on in our hearts. Our deepest condolences to the Wilson family and to the many lives Patrick touched.

    Thank you for allowing us to share in today’s beautiful service from Canada.

  12. All my love is with you today and everyday forward Auntie Kathy, Uncle Robbie & The rest of the Wilson Family. It was a stunning service and Patrick will be in our hearts and minds forever. Patty’s memory will shine bright through every sunrise & sunset across the world!

    Thank You for allowing us to be a part of today, even from 8,620 miles away.

    I love you endlessly

  13. Patty you were such a beautiful soul. I only got to spent a few months with you but the time we spent together in Canada was incredible. You will forever be missed.

  14. A beautiful service for a beautiful soul. Thanks for all of the kindness & the good times. You will always be a brother to me. BDMC for life

  15. You are a total legend, Patty. Not soon forgotten and loved by many. Thanks for being an inspiration and always a good friend. R.I.P ❤

  16. Pat was such an amazing soul. We had the best times in Canada and I can only be thankful that I got to meet such an all round, great guy, and make the memories I did with him. Sending all the love to his family

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