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6 comments on “Paul Berg”

  1. Many of us are lucky enough to have a painting of Uncle Paul’s in our home. Through his art, a little part of him remains with us.

    1. Hi Candy,
      This is John and Christina, glad you could be part of it.
      We had a Zoom meeting just now with DeeDee, Lisa, Barrie and families and we would love to have it again with you and the rest of the Berg family.
      Let us know if/when you can join such a call.
      If you would like to exchange contact details, let me know

      John and Christina

  2. I thought today was a lovely tribute to Paul, well done to all the family involved.
    He has left us all with an inspiration to learn more and do more!
    I am so grateful for the painting, I will treasure it. I love how the sun peeked out with a ray of sunshine at the end..I think he was delighted!

  3. Such a lovely tribute to Paul today, well done to all the family for sharing more about his life story with us. I will always remember him as a positive, happy person who took delight in the simple pleasures and enjoyed being present in the moment. I love the last glimpse of the sky..there was definitely a sparkle and a ray of his sunshine there! Thank you so much for the painting, it will be treasured and it will be an inspiration to live a good and loving life. May he Rest In Peace in the arms of his one true love

  4. My sisters and I have a wealth of fond memories of Uncle Paul – his warmth, his passion for painting and photography, his joy of travel, and his silly puns.

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