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  1. What a marvellous service that captured Paul so perfectly. I think you can all be re-assured that Paul would have thoroughly enjoyed the day!
    I first met Paul in 1972 at Puckapunyal (surely it’s not that hard to pronounce?). He and Peter Baker were immediate firm friends and we had quite a group of young officers that socialised and did wild things together! Paul was then and seems to have remained, a happy, talented, loyal, generous and personable bloke who instantly appealed to all who met him. He had a nickname in 73. It was “Chucka Kearney” I’ll leave it to your imagination, but it had nothing to do with cricket! Paul was always fun to be around. He had another side that was equally as appealing – the brave, strong, responsible and robust bloke who accepted and met every challenge.We followed a different posting stream, but still caught up from time to time in Canberra and Melbourne, and for one memorable houseboating trip on Lake Eildon in 1977 (with Peter Baker and others).We met again in the 90’s when he was with Smorgon’s, but then a gap until last year. Neverthless, I always felt close to him because Peter Baker always kept me informed.In Sep 19 we all gathered (at Paul’s instigation )at Albury to remember a mate who had passed, Greg Platt. Paul organised the weekend and we knew another aim of the weekend was for us to see his great mate Peter Baker, probably for the last time.
    Paul was as capable, strong and robust as ever. He always seemed so bullet proof! We drove to Beechworth on Sat 14 Sep with others for a morning tea. As a few of us sat in front of a bakery sipping coffee we chatted. We all commented that it was as though the previous 47 years had disappeared completely and we simply picked up where we had let off. We even told some of the same jokes. Paul confided in Clare and me that he had a “little bit” of cancer but we were re-assured that it was under control.
    We could not believe it when we heard of his deteriorating condition and his passing a mere 14 months later. He will always be remembered by all his old army mates. A truly good bloke and a great mate. Our deepest sympathy to Sue and the extended family. You all did so well at the service.Paul will be very, very proud.
    Thinking of you.
    Bill and Clare Denny

  2. Dear Sue, Amy and Nick

    Thank you for the opportunity to join this beautiful memorial celebrating the life of Paul that was so well lived and loved. He was clearly a remarkable person who gave so much of himself to others. Although we had only got to know Paul in the last few years he was a special person. We will miss the opportunity to spend time with him, his great sense of fun and generosity, his love of food and red wine and just his enjoyment of life. He did always look on the bright side of life and that is his gift to all. A wonderful man who we are sure will be missed by all who had the good fortune to know him. Rest well Paul.

  3. Dear Sue and all the family,
    Thank you for sending me the link of the service. I felt close to all of you.
    There is no language to express my deep sadness over the loss of Paul. I often think of the many beautiful moments we shared together in Melbourne, Italy and Switzerland and feel blessed to have you as friends.

    Thank you Sue, Thank you Paul you will be dearly missed.

  4. Thank you very much, Sue and Julianne and families, for those wonderful stories and memories of Paul, a beautiful man with many gifts which he so joyfully shared.

  5. Kearney, and I always called him, was one of the greatest, intelligent and funny men that I have ever known. As an old Air Force mate of mine always said “every 10 years you meet someone who has a real impact on your life” and he was one of those people. We worked hard together in DC, laughed, got drunk and made more noise than a regiment on the piss. Our catch phrase then and every time we meet after was ” a Pitcher of Double Diamond” the beer we drank at Mr Egans in DC. A truly great mate who will be sadly missed

  6. A beautiful farewell for a great bloke. Sadly missed by all. Our thoughts are with the family and friends.
    (Always look on the bright side of life)

  7. It was so lovely to be able to join in the celebration of Paul’s wonderful life.
    We will always remember him with smiles… Thinking of you all

  8. Thankyou so much that was fabulous!!! What a life you had Paul. I loved that Steve and I could be part of this……… Sleep well

  9. Beautiful service. Thank you Paul for the wonderful and special time you have given me in my life. I have so much left to say to you. I still cannot believe you are gone. Rest in peace.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary man. It captured his fun, his warmth, generosity and love. We feel lucky to have known him. Xx
    Rhonda and David

  11. A wonderful celebration of Paul’s life. His positive impact on all in his life will be remembered and felt forever. Love K, Ian, Miller and Alexander XXxx

  12. Dear Sue,
    Ange and I have great memories of many dinners spent with you and Paul over the years. We always thought Paul was such a fabulous person and really enjoyed his great sense of fun and enjoyment of life. We have been really saddened by his declining health over the course of this year. We were sorry that we couldn’t be at his service today to help celebrate the amazing person that he was. It was great that we could view the proceedings through watching the livestream. We were very impressed at the way you delivered your very loving speech in honour of Paul and your life spent together and we learnt a lot more about Paul’s life from the reminiscences of some of his many good lifelong friends. Jen and Kim are coming down for the weekend and we will share fun stories and raise a glass in Paul’s memory. Hopefully we will catch up in the not too distant future.
    Take care
    Jane Mooney and Angela Mangan

  13. A wonderful service. Everyone spoke beautifully about Paul, a truly lovely and funny man. We will miss his company in Paynesville and Mike will particularly miss his long chats and jokes.

  14. Just a beautiful service and looking from above his grin would be from ear to ear as normal, all our love

  15. What a wonderful celebration of a life well lived. He will indeed be sadly missed by his loved and loving family and by all his many friends.

  16. Beautiful service- it’s a very special man that still counts his mates from school as his besties. Thankyou for all the wonderful stories.
    Thinking of you all during this time. X

  17. Although I only knew him for a few years during our Army careers, Paul was a stand-out person. Once met, never forgotten. He will be sadly missed by family and friends. Sincere condolences to his family.

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