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8 comments on “Paul McEwan”

  1. Paul, you leave the world a better place. You were hilarious, but also had real moral compass.

    You were great to supervise, though as Harry said (who likewise carried me for years), you weren’t much into the paperwork. You were a terrific team player and innovator, kept our morale and sense of purpose up during our darkest hours, and you played a critical role in some of our biggest wins.

    One target had lured a creditor to a motel room for the purpose of murdering him, and dismembering his body, which he then dumped into a river. You were great at pulling chicks, and your masterful turning of his former girlfriend enabled us to have him arrested and jailed overseas, saved her from being the recipient of any more domestic violence, and we never even had to put a brief together.

    Similarly, when we needed information from an inmate in a foreign jail, who was not otherwise accessible for interview, who but you could have persuaded one of his lady friends to smuggle a mobile into the jail, by which means he was able to disclose all that he knew.

    You made the workplace a pleasure for the team to be in every day, you were a very reliable friend to all your mates, and stuck with them like glue, whatever the political correctness pressure placed on you to disown anyone. The American cops who we worked with in 1995-96 loved you for good reason.

    You were such a live wire, and such a fundamentally good person, that it’s hard to believe that you’re gone. Rest in peace mate, and will write to your family so that they’ll know how acutely their sorrow is shared.

  2. He was an amazing man, I’m going to miss my hugs and always complaining how much stuff he had in the girls locker room ❤️R.I.P Punky

  3. I worked closely with Paul back in the mid 1990’s when he was ‘attempting’ to become better with all that police paperwork, especially the preparation of affidavits and briefs of evidence. His attempt was only partially successful 🙁 Paul was at his best talking to people (work-mates, witnesses, human sources, offenders, whoever), getting them on-side and encouraging them to cooperate. Paul’s skill-set was his open and honest way and that he actually cared.

    Paul, you’re a good man gone much too soon. Thanks for the memories.

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