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One comment on “Penny Holthouse”

  1. To the entire Family and those closest to Penny,

    It was with initial shock and disbelief when I learned of the early passing of Penny.

    The Penny I came to know was a woman with a kind heart and big personality. Always one to speak her mind without using the social filters that many use to betray their true sentiments.

    I enjoyed the wit, banter, sarcasm and intensity of spending time with Penny. She had refreshing views on so many things and one does not often encounter a person with such innate integrity.

    My deepest sentiments and thoughts go out to All that will miss Penny the most. Of course, at the forefront of this list is my dear friend Bradgate. Of course this includes Beauregard, Imogen, Carsten, the entire Holthouse Family and the Scott Family.

    Your loss cannot be replaced – I can only hope your loss and hearts can be repaired.

    Penny has left her legacy in her children and those that she affected in life. Bradgate and Family are now custodians of her memory and virtues in death.

    With deep sorrow and prayers for a bright tomorrow.

    Adam Lacey

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