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26 comments on “Peter Rhodes”

  1. That was a really lovely tribute to your dad Vicki. Thank you for sharing it. I feel like I have come to know your dad more through the wonderful life experiences that were shared.
    Thinking of you and your family through this difficult time.
    Love Robyn

  2. Dear Vicki and family
    A beautiful farewell to your beloved dad, Pete. Your words painted a picture of his life and captured his spirit lovingly. We learned a lot about his life and the fun you enjoyed as a family.
    Love and condolences
    Maryanne & Peter

  3. Such a lovely service for Pete. My thoughts are with you all. My family have very fond memories of the Rhodes families coming to stay at the Guesthouse. So many summers and all the times in between. There was such a strong bond between Pete and Alan. All my love Donna Xx

  4. A beautiful and loving tribute to Pete, especially from Vicki and Sonya, so sorry Russell could not be there at such a sad time , Sonya as well. RIP Pete you will be sadly missed, love Val

  5. A beautiful celebration of your life Uncle Pete, with many years of fond memories shared within our close family unit. Much love to Vicki, Russell, Sonya and Family’s

    Love Corinne, Graeme, Val and Family xoxo

  6. Hi Vicki, Thank you for sharing such a lovely farewell to your dad. Many treasured memories in the words spoken and those photos with so much more meaning in them for you personally. The poem DASH read out by Bianca brought tears to my eyes. Love Keith xx

  7. Dear Vicki, Deena, Justin and All family..

    Very beautiful ceremony and tribute celebrate Papa’s life..He is very nice and beautiful person. so beautiful speech..very touched..
    I am sure He is in peace now… especially know that you all love him very much..please be strong to everyone in family

    Love and hugs,
    Kartika and Family

  8. Dear Vicki and family,

    Thank you and other family members for sharing so many joyful stories of Peter’s life today.
    I have fond memories of Peter, Connie, Val and Alan at car rallies and jazz jam parties with Mum and Dad (Jan and Ken McKie) in the late 60s and early 70s, when I was growing up. Peter and Dad together with Connie and Jan had a great friendship and I always enjoyed Peter’s friendly nature too. I appreciated catching up with him at my Dad’s funeral in 2002 and my Mum’s funeral in 2014. I have photos of Peter playing alto sax in a band with my Dad on drums in the early 60’s, but I always regretted that I hadn’t heard him play, until today, seeing the video of Peter playing clarinet so beautifully! May he Rest In Peace. Gary McKie

  9. Dear Vicki and family,
    what a beautiful service of commemoration you created for your dear Dad.
    During the first 40 years of our friendship I never met your Dad, but certainly heard a lot about him and your many trip to Lakes Entrance to be with him.
    During the last couple of years I loved meeting him at your home when my Dad and I visited from Adelaide. It was so sweet seeing our old Papas sitting on the couch together chatting and getting on like they’d always known each other. Two real gentlemen, reminiscent of a bygone era in which they grew up, loving fathers, good providers, both kind and considerate of others.
    I know it was a precious time for you having your Dad live with you and an honour and you will always treasure not only the good memories, but the knowledge that you and Tom did a great thing in having him join your household ..
    These final years provide so many precious opportunities to come to know our dear ones in ways we may not have in the earlier busy years…so glad you made the most of that and may you continue to be enriched and blessed by these memories.
    Well done all, hope your raising a glass or two to Pete , then can have a big rest…you’ve certainly earned it.
    May Pete rest in peace. God bless you all

  10. Dear Vicki and Family,

    The Service was very moving and a fine tribute to a “Life Well Lived”.

    When we met your dad, we instantly felt his warmth and kindness and were engaged by his beautiful smile. He was a lovely man.

    We feel your sadness and loss but please know that we are here for you should you need anything.

    “The Song is ended, but the melody lingers on..”

    With Lots of Love,

    Sue and Peter and Merle and Charles xxoo.

  11. Beautiful service Vicki and family. We enjoyed sharing in so many memories of your dad and especially loved Pete’s final tune. x

  12. Well done everyone on a beautiful and meaningful Service.
    It gave us further insight into the joys of Pete’s life “dash”.
    We remember him as a happy chappy!
    With love Tanya & Rob

  13. Dear Vicki, Sonya and families. It was a beautiful service and great to hear about Peter’s happy life. I have fond memories of those days at the beach, jam sessions and bbqs growing up.

    Loved seeing all the photos, and of course, seeing my Mum and Dad looking young and happy. The cars and the fashion and the music were great to see also.

    Your Dad had a long and happy life and your have lovely memories.

    Love Gayle (Mckie)

  14. Thank you Vicki, for sharing your beautiful farewell for your much loved dad. The warm family tributes built a picture of a man who welcomed people and created friendships wherever he went. Indeed you will miss him. Much love, Barb

  15. Dear Vicky, Tom and Family,
    I was very moved to attend the goodbye funeral for your Dad Pete, to hear of his long life, interests and to see the story in pictures. I only met you, Pete, near the end, and you were always cheery! Thankyou for all the jazz!. It was great to see his little great grandchild at the service. A full life well lived!

    Love and Care, Marylin

  16. What a lovely tribute to your Dad Vicki. He seemed like a very loved dad and friend to many having lived a very full and interesting life. Many condolences to you, your family and Peter’s friends. Love Rae & Graham.

  17. Dear Vicki and family,
    This was a wonderful touching tribute to Peter’s life his qualities and achievements. How beautiful to have images of the river in his final resting spot, and wonderful to hear his clarinet.
    Thinking of you in your loss
    Libby and Gary

  18. Deepest condolences Vicki and family, What a lovely service. He was a lovely man.

    Love Leila Woods

    Beautiful service Vick. Love to all.

    Wendy xx

  19. What a wonderful tribute to Peter and I loved the photos. I feel I know him much better now. He did indeed live a rich and full life and you are blessed by your experiences and memories of him. It was all well done. Love Zoe 🙂

  20. That was a most enjoyable slideshow and your Dad had a really wonderful, rich life. I feel like I got to know him better. A great tribute to your Dad. It was well done and thank you for sharing your love for Peter with us.

  21. Dear Vicki and family,

    Branko and I were very sad to hear of your Dad’s passing.

    Although I only spoke with him a couple of times, I will remember his cheeky smile and kind, gentle manner.

    Take heart in knowing he went “quietly into the night”.

    Please let me know if I can do anything to support you at this time.

    Lots of love your way from us,


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