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53 comments on “Peter Starkie”

  1. A beautiful service. So sorry we could not be there to give our condolences in person. Pete will be sorely missed. You are all in our thoughts – the Surridge family.

  2. Dear Diana, I watched you place some white roses where Peter lay inside the car, and I feel for you so much. Soon Hopefully I’ll join you sitting in the sunshine and we’ll celebrate Peters life. I have such good memories of meeting up with you in Kalgoorlie and at Andrea and Peter’s
    Ginny Moylan

  3. Diana, a beautiful service and wonderful memories to hold on to . My sincere sympathy for the sudden and tragic loss of your partner Peter. Dalene

  4. May that which created the fragrant flower, the loyal dog, the wild horse, earths elements, the anti- venom for snake bite, humans ability to create, now design a safe and exhilarating journey on for you Peter. As mum would say with a cheek hug & kiss, “ Enjoy the ride, Peter. Do the right thing & take good care of yourself “! & Dad would say with a loving play fight, double hand-squeeze, roughing up hug! “Plan your future! Persist beyond comfort . Brush off any free loaders. Aim for the light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll be there to catch you if you fall!

    Huge love, respect & gratitude Peter.
    Our memories are held close at heart in my top pocket…and I’ll be impersonating YOU!!
    Fare Thee Well, Your sister, Jo

    1. Jo-Anne, Jan is probably the only one who knows who Meredyth is. Gail Starkie…..
      loved your words, reminds me of Dad, so much. Have missed out on a lifetime of stories and gatherings with you. Blessings to you all.

        1. I would love to catch up soon. I will leave it a week or so and be in touch.
          I hope you fill your home with flowers, say your goodbyes deeply. xxx

  5. So unfair so lost, He was my best mate a father figure it was only fathers day I wished you happy fathers day and had one of our long chats for hours, l will miss you pops.
    to d
    Diana girls and family my deepest condolences to you all….Steve and Joel young

  6. I only ever had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Peter once at Ruby and Pav’s awesome wedding. And although I have heartfelt sympathy for all of you that loved Peter, I wish to thank him for the wonderful job he did in raising his three beautiful daughters, two of whom I’m grateful to call my friends. Peter you have left this world a better place. The big splash that you have made and your positive energy, will ripple on through and beyond, the people that you have loved, and, the hearts, minds & souls of those you have touched.
    May the rest of your journey be brilliant.

  7. Pete was such a gorgeous human being and we are all so sad to hear of his passing.

    Sending much love and sympathy to Dianna, Ruby, Stella, Alice, Jan, Bobby, Jo and the whole family.


    1. Hi Lisa, I have replied to your text earlier…and now can’t find it . In case it doesn’t arrive on screen somewhere, here is another…
      I enjoyed hearing & seeing you speak your text in my minds eye. Fond memories.
      Thank you for the heart in your words. Peter was a good sort definitely…AND
      …he’d have had fun playing UP on the image of himself being
      ‘Gorgeous’ – Ha ha
      Yes, we will miss him!!
      Jo xo

  8. I’m going to miss catching up with Peter in Oakleigh where, together with Kevin, we would discuss music, guitars, ebay deals and politics over a souvlaki and coffee.
    My condolences to the family.

    1. Hi Andy, I didn’t know much about Peters working & social life. If you feel inclined…I’d be grateful for a call sometime. Younger sister, Jo. 0476023897

  9. Love you uncle Pete will miss your dad jokes and Diana laughing wildly with you, farm time with the girls and you jamming in the mornings see you on the flip side

  10. Deep sadness at the loss of Peter. Andrew and I were grateful to view the beautiful service. The tributes verify the qualities I have known in my nephew. His twinkling blue eyes and sense of humour remind me of my Dad His grandfather George.
    Sympathy to Diana, his children and siblings from Aunty, Jennine, Stephen and Lisa.

    1. Thanks Ainsworth, Andrew, Janine, Stephen & Lisa….I’ve always been grateful for that warm hearted , mischievous eye twinkle, witty word and playfulness , in my Dad & Peter, believing it to be George s Irish gilded gift in our family . Also you parents strengths of perseverance. And also Idas sensible, strong mind & will & resourcefulness, love of flowers has underpinned the security and beauty Dad created for our family.
      ‍♀️Love to you all, Jo XX

  11. we are broken hearted to hear of peters passing our sincerest condolences to Diana and the girls.
    I already miss hearing Dad chat on the phone to Starkie every weekend about there beloved St’s We loved you and will miss you always peter.

  12. I have lovely memories of talking to Peter at Ruby’s wedding, seeing the sweetness in him and the twinkle in his eye. It was wonderful to see him playing with Ruby and Pav and the other musicians, dancing and watching them all lost in the music, being in the audience with Stella, Alice, Meredith and Diana. You were all so blessed to have such a wonderful man in your lives.

    1. A beautiful service for a gentle and lovely man. He is “climbing the stairway to heaven” and boy oh boy what a great band there will be then. Always in our memories. Love to Diana and his girls.
      Lou and Lona

    2. Hi Richenda, Thankyou for your words.. I am in Maldon & wondering if it is your tasty veg meals I am enjoying in the community food pantry for those of us in COVID lock down . If it is, then thanks…I have been enjoying them since April…might have some for lunch today
      Jo Starkie-Rubys aunt.

      1. Hi Jo,
        Yes I was cooking for the pantry but not for a couple of months as my roster changed at Le Sel. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed them though. Maybe we could meet one day for a coffee, and a chat. Hope you’re well, my condolences for the loss of your brother.

  13. Pete will be missed dearly by all who loved him. He leaves us all with fond memories.

    Our thoughts are with Diana, Alice, Ruby, Stella.

    Xx Liss, Tim, Jasper and Lucinda.

  14. We are with you Pete in spirit and give thanks for knowing you in this lifetime. Its all been said so eloquently who you were and your many talents. I want to add for a rock star you had no ego. You were one of a kind in that you were a ‘gentle’ man. It was an honour to know and play music with you.

    Until we meet again love Imants & Bec

  15. Dear cousins, so sorry for you loss. Regrets I didn’t know Peter, reminders of work to be done in getting to know you all from now.
    Memories of Ron and Mary, Peter, Jan, Robert & Joanne visiting the farm in 1963, and stories over the years which remain precious.
    Rest in peace dear cousin. Clearly a wonderful son, brother, husband and father – friend and more.
    Meredyth Blackwell-Bell

    1. Thankyou Meredyth, I began to think there was a cousin I didn’t know out of wedlock Good to hear from you. I use the lessons you taught me in the 70’s , when you gave me tips with regard to flower arranging…was telling a friend last week to shorten /cut the long stems of her flowers under water to stop an extra air bubble going up stem -?to extend flowers life etc
      0476023897…If you’d like to catch up -Jo

  16. A wonderful service, so richly deserved…so good to see him play that tune at the end, and an honour to have the photograph I sent used in the slideshow. Farewell Pete, a lovely and hilarious bloke I was privileged to know. I’m glad we never talked about politics, only music! Sincere condolences to all four of his girls, Bob and the rest of his family. Cheers mate, Kev

    1. Hi Kevin, I wished I had talked to him about politics…I wanted to know why he got grumpy about people I thought were seeming to do a good job…I was going to talk it out with him next chat… Perhaps some of his friends know Peters views and can explain . Kevin it’s my fault I didn’t did deeper with Peter, but if you have any time to piece some of the puzzle of Peter together… I’ll be grateful.

  17. I shall miss my impromptu delightful concerts wafting from your window, through my orange tree and into my home. I’m sorry I missed the nude yoga sessions though. Little did I know I had such a star living next door to me. His star shall still shine brightly each evening in the night sky. RIP Peter. Condolences to all the family.

  18. So many thoughts & Preys & Condolences to Peters Wife Dianna & Girls Peters Family & all that Knew Him I’m So very Lucky & Proud to of had you as a Neighbour, Fair Well my Friend from The Woolley Family in Shepparton

  19. A beautiful service. Nearly eighty years ago Peter’s father and my mother formed a wonderful bond that lasted the rest of their life. Even though we saw each other in frequently, I have always sensed a part of that bond continued with Peter and me. He was both a gentle man and a gentleman, I’m sorry I didn’t spend more time in his company.

    1. David I always thought you were made of the same stuff.
      As the younger, on looker your kind, graciousness stood out to me. We loved your whole family. Mum told me once she was acutely shy or awkward socially . I think dad was too sometimes…But they felt at home with your family. As a young newly wedded couple, still living frugally , mum didn’t have a warm enough coat – it meant a lot to her when Enid insisted on giving her one of hers.
      I hadn’t ever seen dad so emotional and visibly shaken at Enids funeral, so much so that he couldn’t deliver the clear, on the money few words which I am used to from him. He was almost a blubbering mess! & So embarrassed…and ashamed. So I asked him , what was all this emotion about ?…he said Enid had been like a surrogate mother to him from when he came over as a young 18 year old soldier, (I am assuming Tom played a part… I realise as I write this that Dad had needed to cry his eyes out! I haven’t ever seen dad that close to tears.
      So much I didn’t understand because I didn’t ask. Maybe you can fill me in a bit David. I remember hearing mum and dad on the phone with your family…They talked about Enids news about you all with care & the love of family.
      Jo xx

    2. Hi David,
      Yes that bond was strong. At Enids death it was the first time I had seen dad overwhelmed with emotion. He couldn’t say what he wanted to say and felt. I realise now he needed to have first cried out his grief. I hadn’t seen him in such a state. I enquired about what it was…He said Enid had been a surrogate mother to him from when he arrived as a young 18 yr old soldier from WA…I could see the love between our families…but I hadn’t known the original history…and it’s evolution…The way mum & dad talked, your family was blood family.
      I was a lot younger…and just felt the vibes… I looked on you has having
      that gentlemanly
      kindness, David. I have the good memories and
      feelings of you all quite strongly. The light in my parents spirit was bright around you all. It was like spring to me to see my parents so happy and at ease. I loved Jenny’s full of life spirit. It gave me vim! There will be history & memories we can swap David. I’d love to hear from you.

    3. Thankyou for your words for Peter, David, He’ll share similar feeling, I think.
      That bond between Enid & Ron was very strong . And we all felt the radient goodness of it.
      I’d be grateful to hear
      from you David. Being younger I didn’t understand much of the early history between our families. Perhaps I will have a few memories for you! Best regards, Jo

      1. OOOOPS, each time I texted I thought the msg hadn’t gone through because I couldn’t find it!!! So I repeated!!! …Then
        all msg sprung up….Ha ha Better to laugh than cry!!!!!

  20. A gentle and delicate soul, Pete will always be in our hearts. A cold beer in hand, Tom the cat in his lap, laughter and great conversation that you never wanted to end. Our thoughts are with his beloved Diana and family. Till we meet again….Pamela and Bill

  21. What a beautiful funeral for a lovely man. Our heartfelt condolences to Diana and her family and Peter’s daughters and their families.

  22. Dearest Diana,
    our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you on this sad, sad day.
    With love,
    Karen and Tony Colliver

  23. So saddened by Peter’s passing. Although separated by distances almost all of our lives – we shared a beautiful time together at our property in Perth recently – and we knew it and felt it then, the bond as cousins, sharing the Starkie bloodline. Sincere condolences to Diana, Bob, Jan and Joanne and families.
    Gloria and Barry Buss

    1. Thankyou Gloria & Barry,
      It’s a terrible tragedy to loose Peter like this. Hard to take.
      Going over memories with family and friends enhances my understanding of his life .
      Treasure your days!

      1. Gloria and Barry,
        yes you are right, such a tragedy to lose Peter. Yes, distance has separated cousins. It is good you spent time recently with Peter.

        0429519699 if you would like to catch up ?
        Meredyth (Gail)

  24. I’ve only recently got to know Peter through lunches with Kevin Donnellan and other friends. Found Peter to great company, a very funny guy. I’m sorry I didn’t know him earlier. My sincere condolences to Diana and his family.

  25. Dear Diana
    Always in my thoughts and so many hugs sent to you
    Love and heartfelt sentiment to all of the family too
    Wen xox and Paul

  26. Such sadness falls upon our hearts now you’ve passed on Pete. Thank you for the beautiful memories. As Jackson says, Rest in Paradise. Love always, Nicola, Shannon, Jackson and Ayden xxxxooo

  27. Our sincere condolences to all of Pete’s family and friends and those who loved him. It is a sad loss of a beautiful, kind and thoughtful person.

    Love to all.

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