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47 comments on “Peter Waite”

  1. Beautiful service, for a wonderful person Peter whom has given so much to others and to his loving family. The first video before the service was outstanding and praise to the pianist for the beautiful music.

    My condolence to your Carol, Nicole, Meagan & Danielle as Peter/your Dad will be for ever in your hearts, never forgotten and his memories will stay alive forever.

    Rest in Peter, may God bless and keep you for ever.

  2. A beautiful service so send off a wonderful man who ment so much to so many. May you rest in peace Peter.

  3. Rest in peace Peter and may God bless And keep you in his care.
    We will always remember you.

  4. I saw Peter at most functions at Meagan and Stuart’s. My fond memories of him were that he was always up for a conversation. It didn’t matter what topic! He would always listen intently without interrupting and then add his thoughts.
    He spoke so proudly of all of his grandchildren and their milestones.
    What a beautiful and touching farewell service xx

    1. Rest in peace Peter and may God bless And keep you in his care.
      We will always remember you.

  5. Sending love to you all at this very difficult time.
    What a lovely service well read Megs, your dad would be so very proud.
    Fantastic photos full of wonderful memories.
    Love Marg xxx

  6. I will miss Peter standing at the church door with his amazing welcoming smile when next I go to church. My thoughts are with you all on this day.

  7. Although we only knew Peter for a short time, we will always remember him as a kind, gentle, humble and caring man. He always made us feel welcome at church services and was always willing to lend a hand. We are sorry that we will not get the opportunity to get to know him better.

  8. Thank you for making this service available to us.
    When I remember Peter I always think of his heart. My first duty in the parish was to visit him in hospital, and we often had to pray over his hospital visits. But if his heart was weak in one aspect it was so strong in others; Peter was a genuinely kind, caring, and generous man, a truly great heart. Peter was easy to like and to love.

  9. You will be missed very much at church and also the Op Shop. Rest in Peace and God Bless. My deepest sympathies to the family.

  10. You will be greatly missed Peter. We will never forget all the laughs at work. Much love to your family.

  11. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. You will not be forgotten Peter. Go well!

  12. Rest in Peace Peter. Heather, Glenn, Julie and I will miss you as will your family and all who knew you.. Will miss our Friday morning coffees

  13. So glad to be able to be with you all online. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. A lovely service for a wonderful person – Peter is basking in glory with the Lord now.

    We are missing you Peter, but confident we will see you again one day!

  14. Carol, Nicole, Danielle & Meagan, my sincerest condolences to you and your family. I am sorry for the pain you all must be going through, my prayers are with you all.

    God Bless!

  15. Peter may not have liked the fuss but he would be very proud of you all today. He will be greatly missed but there are lots of great memories there. It will not be the same, going to St Luke’s, to not have him welcoming at the door.
    Lots of love and hugs and may God’s peace and blessing be with you all.

  16. Beautiful Farewell for Peter.
    My thoughts and Payers are with you all.
    Sending lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses.
    Leesa Keith and Family xoxo

  17. Peter you will be missed. I will especially miss you at St John’s on Sunday mornings.
    So sorry I was unable to come and celebrate your life with the family, but thank you to the family for being able to follow on social media.
    God bless you Peter Waite

  18. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to you and your family in the loss of Peter. XXX Sue, Ang & Judy

  19. Beautiful service and beautiful words from all 3 of Peter’s daughters.

    Your Dad would be very proud of you all and smiling from above at you all.

    Fly high with the Angels Peter x

    Jackie & Rick Comfort

  20. Farewell Peter. We won’t see the likes of you again. A very special, humble and caring gentle man.
    A beautiful tribute from the family that meant everything to him.

  21. Carol, Nicole, Danielle & Meagan, my sincerest condolences, I am sorry for the pain you all must be going through. It’s such a sad time, my prayers are with you all.

    God Bless!

  22. Godspeed to your father Megsy.
    A beautiful service
    Take care and much love to you and your family xx

  23. That was a lovely service. I’m very sorry more of us couldn’t be there but we were there in spirit. Love Sue xxx

  24. Rest in piece peter Roger and Christine will miss you at church and when we come to visit you and carol and Rusty, I will keep an eye on Carol xxxooo

  25. Roger and I Christine will miss you when we go to church and visit you at your house, we will endeavour to keep an eye on Carol and Rusty Rest in piece xxxxooooo

  26. Rest in Paradise Peter
    You were a true gentleman in every sense of the word
    I’m sure you will live on through your beautiful wife and daughters
    I will always treasure the chats around the kitchen table in Hoop Crt and the great times at the local Youth Group
    Donna Italia

  27. Those who you love so deeply will never leave you. Rest knowing we are here to give comfort to all as we remember times with you and smile.

  28. I have fond memories of Peter, I was a child and although he was not my dad I looked at him as a father figure. I’m glad I can pay my respects from overseas on this live stream. My thoughts are with Meagan and all the family today. Xxx

  29. Rest In Peace Uncle Peter, gunna miss u heaps and thinking of all the family that are there today but remember u are always in my heart.

  30. The most important people are with you today Peter.
    The rest of us are with you in our thoughts and prayers!
    Sad day with lots of happy memories and stories among the family to be told!
    Go well Peter!

    1. Sad but beautiful service. RIP Peter. My thoughts are with you Carol Nicole Dannielle and Meagan

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