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After watching the service online, if you can leave a guest message to let the family know you have joined into the service, that would be greatly appreciated.

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6 comments on “Petrus de Leeuw”

  1. Dear family , thanks for the beautiful memories of my dear uncle Piet
    Tender thoughts for all of you
    With Love

  2. Dear Oma, Everine, Liz, Michelle, Mat, Addy, Henry, Gary and family,
    Thank you for this very special opportunity to watch this service live from Queensland today. I got to see some lovely, familiar faces and of some people I have not seen in a while. I felt it was an absolute privilege to hear Opa’s life story, even from Opa himself, to see all the beautiful photographs and to learn some amazing facts I did not know. Whilst I cried a lot, I also laughed too. I believe Peter would have felt extremely proud and like mine, his heart full. A life well lived and full of love. Sending all my love and thoughts to family and friends of Opa here in Australia and abroad.

  3. Dear family, it was an impressive funeral for uncle Piet! We wish you much strength in the coming times!
    RIP uncle Piet!
    Hans en Jacqueline Dielemans

  4. Dear family,

    We were so greatfull to follow the service with you at the same time. We wish you a lot of strenght.

    Bea and John

  5. Dear family,

    It wa a beautful service. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to watch the service live.
    I hope to see you soon. All the best



  6. Dear familie in Australië,

    We hereby send you our deeply heartfelt condoleances with the loss of Ome Piet. We sincerely wish you all the strength in the world in the coming time.

    Arnoud en Maartje Jespers

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