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33 comments on “Ramila Munshi”

  1. Dear Parul and Himashu,
    Deeply saddened to hear the loss of your mother. My condolences to you. God bless the soul to rest in eternal peace, and give you the strength to bear the loss.My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  2. Jai Shree Krishna, Parulben, Himanshubhai, Shefali and all the grandchildren, please accept our deepest condolences. Much as we are all saddened by Masi’s passing, we will fondly cherish her magnanimous personality. She lived a glorious life and even passed at her own terms. She deeply touched anyone she connected with. She is definitely at a better place. May her soul rest in peace. Aum Shanti…….

  3. Our condolences and sympathies are with Parul, Himanshu, Vedant, Nupur, Shefali and Komal. May Her soul Rest In Peace.

  4. Nikhil & Susan

    We remember RAMILA DIDI with love and affection and pray that her soul will rest in eternal peace.
    Our deep condolences and love to Shefalididi, Paruldidi and the family

  5. Beautiful funeral service. Sincere condolences and may God give Parul and Shefali the strength and courage to bear the irreparable loss.
    Jai Shree Krishna

  6. Hello kaki , felt so emotional and anguished as we attended the last rights of nani.
    You are lucky to be blessed by such an inspiring person in your life .
    Your words expressed the gratitude you had towards her and the way she was a courageous and a motivational person for all females including me

    I too will consider all the life lesson taught by her in my life which will help me go through my life with more courage, power and confidence.

    My heartfelt condolences to you, Komal di,Parul kaki,Nupur di and Himanshu kaka from Shaunak Desai and family

  7. Our deepest condolences to the family May her soul rest in peace .om shanti shanti shanti

  8. Mummy, as i always addressed Smt. Ramilaben Munshi, was not only my Mother in Law, but my greatest inspiration too, besides my own biological parents. She had always been my great support too.

    I admired her multifarious knowledge in almost all disciplines, and her courage & strong will to make a way through any adversity. She single handedly raised Shefali & Parul with her hard work & great dedication.

    I am indebted to her for all her kind blessings, love & care. She not only performed Shefali’s Kanyadan to me, but frankly as Shefali herself has conveyed, it was her mummy who sprouted in her a deep love for me, which resulted in our wedding. I greatly value her moral support at all stages of life. Her appreciations & encouragements meant a lot to me.

    I am thankful for her continued blessings & kind words each time I spoke to her even until few months back, as Shefali always generously connected me to her. I thank Shefali for according me her last Darshan too.

    Her fond memories, blessings, love & care shall always remain a precious treasure in my hearts, and shall continue to inspire me.

    I render my apologies for all & any of my acts and behaviour that would have hurt her feelings.

    My deepest condolences to Shefali, Komal, Parul, Himanshu, Vedant & Nupur. Pl. take care.

    My Brothers Hiranya & Nachiket, alongwith their families have also joined me in conveying our deepest condolences, and in paying respects to her.

    Mummy, I miss you.

    My prayers for her to rest in eternal peace.

    Kartik Umakant Desai

  9. Dear Parul and Shefali,
    Poojya Ramila Aunty was such a sweet soul! Always lively and ever so loving. She will always be fondly remembered and dearly missed by all in our family. We have a leaf to take from the book. Just see how strong their childhood bond was, that their friendship lasted throughout their lifetime! May God bless her soul with eternal peace and bliss and me you and your families find the strength to endure this personal loss. OM Shanti
    Nishu on behalf of Usha and her family.

  10. Dear Parul, Shefali, Himanshu and the children
    Please accept our heartfelt Condolences. It was a joyful event when i met Mrs. Munshi a couple of years ago, after decades. School life always holds dear to us all, when we age. She always held a special place within me and will continue to do so.

    OM SHANTI…..

  11. Our deepest condolences to Parul – Shefali and all the grand children.. our prayers to almighty god to give you all the strength to bare this loss..It was such a beautiful, an emotional and heart
    touching ceremony.. she was such an inspirational lady for younger generation.. we will always remember her as a very brave and happy person…. Aum Shanti .. JSK

  12. A very dignified and moving farewell to Ramilamasi. A very remarkable and inspiring lady. Our heartfelt condolences to the family.
    May her soul rest in eternal peace.
    Om Shanti Om.
    Dilip and Nila Desai

  13. We will miss our respected teacher. However we were lucky to meet her in Melbourne almost a year ago. Refreshed our memories with her. May God give courage to Parul & Shefali to bear this irreparable loss of their Dear mother. Our condolences to the family members.
    Jai Shri Krishna
    Rajiv & Parul Sheth

  14. This was a beautiful ceremony celebrating the life of my school teacher Mrs. Munshi. The photos and the speeches revealed an amazing life and deeper insight about her. You have travelled all over the world, beaten the big C and have been a feminist. Mrs. Munshi, Rest in Peace. Condolences to the family, Shefali, Parul, Himanshu and the grandchildren.

  15. RIP Ramilamasi.

    Our heartfelt condolences to the family and prayers that you all be given strength at this difficult time.

  16. Dearest Parul,Shefali and family
    Please accept our deepest condolences.
    Beautiful ceremony and lovely Heartfelt words by all the grandkids and daughters.
    Your mum would be so very proud of all of you.
    I have only known your mum for a few years but Aunty was always gracious and soft spoken.
    Stay strong and wish you courage to see you through this time.
    RIP Aunty
    Nandita and Nilesh

  17. Feba – rest in peace

    Deepest condolences to Parul, Shefali, Himanshu bhai, Vedant, Guddi, Nupur

    Jai Swaminarayan

  18. May her soul reach higher realms and may the divine give strength to her very loving family to bear her irreparable loss.
    Om Shanti

  19. Om Shanthi, Nani. Our final respects to you. Heartfelt prayers. ❤️ Love to Komal and Shefali Aunty.

  20. Our deepest condolences to the family. May Masi’s soul Rest In Peace. Om Shanti Om

  21. Jai Shree Krishna May you Rest In eternal Peace Ramila Masi you will be missed by all in Melbourne but your graceful kind nature and smile will never be forgotten

  22. Hi Shefali and Parul,

    Beautiful ceremony. Hope to see the rest of it as there seem to be some tech issues.
    Pray for mum’s soul to rest in peace.
    Take care.

  23. Ramilaben was a quite person with smile on her face.
    She was always happy despite her health problem.
    She will be missed by her family & friends
    We pray her soul rest in peace.

    Rekha & Kirit

    1. Pls accept our condolences. I had the privilege meeting Aunty just a month back. RIP

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