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52 comments on “Ray Clowes”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Ray’s life with us, Kim’s words were truly beautiful. He is so loved by us and we will think of him when we see a ray of sunshine. Our hearts are with you both and Ray now and forever. Love Kristy and Sean xx

  2. Kim and Rahmie, what beautiful words from beautiful souls! Sending you all so much love and sunshine
    Chris and Stacey

  3. You guys are just really great people and my heart is breaking for you.
    The slideshow was great, he was a beaut!

  4. Dear Rahmie and Kim,
    Thank you for letting us take part in the loving service for your baby boy, Ray. We feel so privileged.
    You have so many friends who love and care about you, Brian and I are just two of them. It’s been said that when someone you love becomes memory, memory becomes treasure. We know this to be true.
    With love,
    Deanie & Brian

  5. Dear Rahmie and Kim,
    Thank you for letting us take part in the service for your special little baby boy, Ray. We feel so privileged.
    You have so many friends who love and care about you. Brian and I are just two of them. We have been told when someone you love becomes memory, memory becomes treasure.
    We know this to be true.
    Best love,
    Deanie and Brian

  6. Rahmie and Kim, after years of waiting for your little Ray of sunshine, I’m so sorry your time with him was so brief. Your words were so beautiful.
    Lots of love

  7. My heart breaks for you and I am so sorry for your loss. Your son will always be your little RAY of sunshine and may he forever shine bright in your lives. MaryAnne Bennie

  8. Kim and Rahmie, thank you so much for sharing. It was hard to watch, but was so beautiful to see how much love there is for Ray. A trooper of a boy with two amazing parents. Love, Ben.

  9. Dear Ray, we are deeply sorry your time here was so short, we had so much love to share with you, but your path was changed, you will forever be remembered and in our hearts, rest now beautiful boy, love Great Auntie Tracy and Great Uncle Wayne xx

    Dear Rahmie and Kim, what strength, courage and love you have, Ray’s Service was amazing and beautiful, you will always have a beautiful son, sending so much love your way XXX

  10. To our Ray of sunshine,
    You will always be loved and remembered, thank you for showing your parents a love they never knew without you. To Kim and Rahmie sending my warmest hugs and so much love your way, Ray is so beautiful, forever cherished
    Love the Foley’s

  11. Dear Kim and Rahmie,

    A beautiful, moving service for our little Ray, full of love. Thank you for letting us be part of it.

    Ray, we know you are now in your Great Grandma and Pa Fisk’s loving care. We love you, today and always.

    With our love,
    Mary and Vince xoxoxo

  12. Kim and Rahmie, sending you so much love. Such a beautiful service for such a beautiful little boy. Rest In Peace sweet little Ray.
    Maija. xxxx

  13. Ray, you will forever be loved and hold a special place in our hearts sweet boy.

    Kim and Rhamie, know that Ray will always be with you. Sending you all my love and light. Margi xx

  14. Fly high Ray, we will bless the sunshine you bring every day. Kim and Rahmie your words, poetry and loving tribute were just so beautiful and the “Tears In Heaven” song from Claire and Stuart was lovely too. Sending you and all of the family much love from us. XXX

  15. Kim and Rahmi, Thank you for having us at your loving, beautiful farewell for your lovely boy.
    We send you our love
    Ila and John xxxx

  16. Kim Rahmie and family. Thank you for letting us join you through technology on such a very sad day for you all but a very beautiful service to remember always. We are sending you our loving thoughts and much love. Glenyse & Bernie Russell

  17. Darling Rahmie and Kim – that was so incredibly beautiful. Our love and hearts are with you both – now and forever.

    Darling little Ray – bless your cotton socks – god speed little one – go find that perfect little ray of sunshine to shine down upon us all. x

    Our deepest love
    Em and Paul xxx

  18. Oh my lovely people, such a beautiful service for your darling Ray.
    Your words, strength and love apparent in every part. Ray is so very lucky to be born of two such gorgeous parents.
    Kim – I’d forgotten, but I remember several years ago when we had had a few drinks and my heart was hurting, out of nowhere you spoke the most amazing, uplifting and moving rap transforming the pain. All these years later the words and reason escape me, but your energy that night, the love and the power stays with me still. I hope that you have similar gifts given to you now when you need it most.

    In this time of darkness, I love that Ray will still be your sunshine, your light and ever present with your love. Sending hugs to all three of you today and always. xxxx

  19. Dear Kim and Rahmie
    We are so very sorry that your dear child, Ray had so little time with you. He is so loved by so many, as are both of you.
    With love
    Bella and Pete from Tassi

  20. What a beautiful service for your little Ray of sunshine ☀️thank you so much for letting us join the service online! It is so lovely because it now feels like we actually got to meet him Sending all of our love and strength your way and we really do love the 3 of you so so much! He will always be with you and watching over you both forever until you meet with him again! Lots of love from Me, Martin and the boys ❤️ Xxx

  21. Dear dear Kim and Rahmi, thank you for sharing Ray”s loveing service.
    I loved him, what a beautiful boy you created.
    Sending you our deep love.
    Ila and John.

  22. Dear Kim and Rahmie,
    Despite the sadness of the service, your love for Ray shone brightly, your bravery in the face of your loss was courageous and your commitment to nurture good memories forever was so beautifully expressed. May your love for each other and the support you have from family and friends foster you both throughout your grief and lead to peace.
    With love, Bronwyn

  23. Kim and Rahmie, you are both such amazing and strong parents. A beautiful tribute to an even more beautiful boy. Sending you so much love. Maija. xxx

  24. Beautiful and heart felt service for your dear baby Ray. Sending many big warm hugs and much love xxxxxxx

  25. Dear Rahmie + Kim. That was so beautiful. All our love always. Bye Ray, you beautiful bundle of sunshine. Sending hugs and much love from Fraser, Khari, Burton + Ethan

  26. Sending lots of hugs and strength to you both.
    My heart is with you all Kim Rahmie and Ray
    Love Nat and family xxx

  27. Such a beautiful service for a special loved little man. Fly free Ray. Love to you all

  28. Richard Fisk & Ngaire Delandre

    A wonderful Goodbye for Ray Scott.
    Our thoughts are with you, dear Rahmie and Kim.
    lots of love and hugs

  29. What a beautiful service xx
    A true celebration of life, may the force be with you Ray, fly high and free xx

  30. We love you Ray and we will never forget you. We are all here for you Kim and Rahmie. I’m sending all my love and strength. Thank you for letting me part of celebrating Ray and saying good bye. x

  31. Ray, may you receive all our loving energy and guidance as you navigate the stars. You are loved and we know you will be watching over your mum and dad.

    Kim and Rami, from afar, I send you each love and light as you move through this. Ang x

  32. I’m sorry Ray that I’ll not be able to teach you how to plough a paddock straight and true like you Great Grandfather Ken, my Grandfather taught me. To show you the farming heritage we come from. You can watch me the next time I sow.

  33. RIP little Ray. Big hugs and thoughts out to you Kim and Rahmie. We’re thinking of you.

    1. Little Ray, you ARE part of the family. And in great hands you are with Mum Dad, Marshal and grandma’s. We’ll look for you in our sunsets every night

  34. Such a beautiful and heartfelt poem Kim. We’re so sorry for your loss and wish we could be there for you. Big warm hug!

  35. Dearest Rahmie and Kim, words cannot express the immeasurable loss we feel with you both over the passing of your beautiful baby, Ray. Love to you both, Leslie and Lee xx

    1. My heart and thoughts are with you. Sending you love and hugs.
      Anthony xxx

  36. Sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy Ray, he’ll be watching over you from above a star in heaven. Love to you all Deborah and Roger.xx.

  37. So very sad for your great loss Rahmie & Kim.
    Sending thoughts & prayers, big hugs & kisses. Bless you little Ray, fly high little one & watch over your mummy & daddy ❤️❤️❤️

    1. A beautiful service to farewell little Ray. Rahmie and Kim we loved how you welcomed him into the family with warmth and love before you said goodbye to him. We’re sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you. Like you, we will think of Ray when we see the sunshine. Thank you for giving us the privilege to share in Ray’s life. We love you.
      John and Bernadette xx

    2. Dear Kim and Rahmie
      Such a beautiful service for
      Ray Scott -it was wonderful
      You had time with your precious
      little boy.

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